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Due to my peanuts salary, it was ages before I was able to afford this month's Internet subcription. I've missed this blog so much that I could'nt wait to go back to it. But I hadnt counted on the lastest post being another obituary.

` I heard the news of Gary Coleman's death yesterday and  I was and am very, very sad. The sitcom he starred with Todd Bridges (Willis), Conrad Bain(Phillip Drummond) & Dana Plato(Kimberly), Diff'rent Strokes was a never to be missed programme as a child, I could never stop laughing at their antics- especially Gary's character, Arnold. The last time I saw them together again, minus Bain, was on VIBE in 1999 with Sinbad and I was so psyched seeing them all grown up and nostalgia hit hard when some memorable scenes were played on the show. 

Words just can't express my sadness; years back Dana died at the young age of 34- it's amazing and frightening just how life is unpredictable and fragile. It was just yesterday that I…