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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Due to my peanuts salary, it was ages before I was able to afford this month's Internet subcription. I've missed this blog so much that I could'nt wait to go back to it. But I hadnt counted on the lastest post being another obituary.

I heard the news of Gary Coleman's death yesterday and  I was and am very, very sad.
The sitcom he starred with Todd Bridges (Willis), Conrad Bain(Phillip Drummond) & Dana Plato(Kimberly), Diff'rent Strokes was a never to be missed programme as a child, I could never stop laughing at their antics- especially Gary's character, Arnold. The last time I saw them together again, minus Bain, was on VIBE in 1999 with Sinbad and I was so psyched seeing them all grown up and nostalgia hit hard when some memorable scenes were played on the show. 

Words just can't express my sadness; years back Dana died at the young age of 34- it's amazing and frightening just how life is unpredictable and fragile. It was just yesterday that I was watching the show and laughing at the three of them. It's true they had their problems long after the show wrapped up but then again it's one of  the harsh realites of life. But now and always, Gary will always be Arnold just as Dana would always be Arnold and Willis' loving, warm hearted sister; Kimberly. 
May Gary's Coleman's soul rest in peace and may Almighty God grant him and Dana His infinite Mercy. AMIN.