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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mientras Haya Vida final episode snippets

This was what I was able to dig up, I'm very sorry it's rather short but I had to translate it first. By the way, the actual meaning of this telenovela is 'When there's life, there's hope.' To continue....

Gael is shot at when he's in the park with his wife. At the hospital, Romina gave Ophelia tea to soothe her nerves, having added a few drops of a strange potion into it to make her lose her baby. Minutes later, Ophelia is very ill and is take to Intensive Care...

Gael and Ophelia suspect that the loss of their baby was Romina's handy work. Gael later went to the department store and found Romina with Rosaura excahging a package of drugs, after a loud argument was shot by Gael. Romina was later taken to a psychaitric ward. Alejandro confessed that Gael was a murderer and he had proof of everthing he'd done. Gael later went to a warehouse where Elisa supposedly was and fires...

Hector and Jimenez hurry to the cellar where Elisa was reported to be but only find Gael's body, who had been struck with a pistol and left unconcious. Ophelia had died and Gael had wanted some one to blame for her death.

Six months later...

Elisa was now walking about again and getting set to marry the man she loved. Hector had distanced himself from Maria; but she paid an unexpected visit to tell him she still loved him which made him break down and admit he wanted another opportunity with her. They embrace and kiss, tears in Maria's eyes.

The telenovela ends with the younger couple; Elisa & Sergio walking along hand in hand and a final kiss between them under a tree- after a loving exchange of promises. FIN

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Before I give you the gist of this next telenovela, I must add something I left out in my last post. Margarita Rosa De Francisco who played the original 'Paloma' in Cafe, Con Aroma de Mujer also played Maria Montero , Hector's beloved in the 2007 telenovela currently airing on AIT, UNTIL MY LAST BREATH(Mientras Haya Vida).

In 2007, Televisa produced a 2nd remake of Cafe, (the 1st remake being Cuando Seas Mia produced by TV AZTECA) this one is called Destilando Amor(Distilling Love), also known as 'Essence of Love'. The story line is very much the same except instead of coffee being produced it is (yuck!) tequilla; the collectors gathered blue agave (a cactus-like plant) instead of coffee beans. The protagonists are Teresa 'Gaviota' Hernandez (Angelica Rivera) and Rodrigo Montalvo (Eduardo Yanez). I don't have to narrate the story line all over again except for a few differences. She and Rodrigo first saw each other face to face at Don Amador Montalvo's funeral when they both knelt down at the altar in front to pray for him- their eyes immediately met. After Gaviota escaped from the brothel in Paris, she fainted in front of a restaurant where its kindly Italian chef/owner, Benvenutto(who later married her mum Clarita), gave her food and money for her fare to London after hearing her story. She did see Rodrigo in London, at a distance, and very excited she ran across the street towards him but ALAS!!! she was knocked down by a car! Rod saw the the whole thing but did'nt know it was her; he was about to hurry over to the scene but then his cellphone rang and he got the terrible news of his parents' untimely death in a plane crash. By then other people had gathered round poor Gaviota and he had no idea the victim was his fiancee or that at that moment she'd lost their baby. On getting back to Mexico and finding Gaviota gone, he married a friend of his cousin's(Aaron) wife Minerva- a woman called Isadora who never succeded in seducing him as he was obssessed with finding Gaviota. When he did find her, she was Aaron's right hand woman in the family company and had legally changed her name to Mariana Franco and unlike Paloma who had given Diego a wide berth on seeing him, Gaviota allowed Rodrigo to embrace her joyfully (in private of course). After everything was at last settled, they got married of course.

A few similarites:

-Rodrigo's sister, Sofia(this version's Diana) dated a British (or is it Irish?) man called James O' Brien before marrying a gold digger who was sleeping with Isadora, Fransisco de la Vega (Miguel) and the younger one, Daniela dated and later married a black man, (this one wore his hair in braids but looked handsome all the same).
-Aaron(Fabian) has a mistress as his 'baby bearing backup', her name is Pamela.
-Gaviota's boss at her second place of work, this time called the 'Consejo Regulador del Tequila', is also called Roberto Avellaneda.
-Isadora also tried to pass off a child that was'nt her husband's as his own. When he later found out, he still wanted to keep the little boy.
-Aaron of course tried to frame Rodrigo & Gaviota in shady exportations deals he was involved with.

MARIANA(Gaviota) & Rodrigo exchaging secret
love messages over the phone in the office.

                                     Rodrigo surprises Gaviota in Manzanillo

On their wedding day. Rodrigo showed up on a horse, looking so handsome and dashing in his suit & sombrero, family and friends cheering. A few minutes later, Gaviota showed up in a white carriage, looking so lovely in a breathtaking white wedding dress. During the service, she made the Padre call her Gaviota instead of Mariana and the couple exchanged kisses before they were instructed to do so! (Ha! Ha!)

                                                  Rodrigo & little Gaviota 8 years later.

I'm just so psyched about this post; I'll always regard it as the best I ever put together. Although all three guys were absolutely great actors I can't help but compare them- each guy has his own version of good looks and charm. Diego(Sergio Basanez) is very handsome, the image of the quintessential hero with his curly hair and macho yet sensitive features.
Sebastian(Guy Ecker) is what I can say classically handsome with his blond hair(and I'm not usually into blond guys except for a few exceptions) and his stance, stately.
Rodrigo is much bigger in stature than the others, handsome as well but there's something about him that reminds me of a lovable teddy bear- he's so sweet and sensitive and you'd just want him around you all the time. Some women just have all the luck, (sigh...)


Angelica Rivera (Gaviota) is the protégée &  former sister-in-law of Veronica Castro- “Marianna” of THE RICH ALSO CRY fame and is currently married to the 57th president of Mexico; President Enrique Pena Nieto. She's retired from the world of acting.


Just when we thought we've heard enough about the telenovela that will forever remain in our hearts, there a few more things to know about CUANDO SEAS MIA. It was a remake of a 1994 Columbian telenovela CAFE,CON AROMA DE MUJER [Coffee, with the scent of a woman], produced by RCN TV. Margarita Rosa De Francisco and Guy Ecker played Teresa 'Gaviota' Suarez and Sebastian Vallejo who met after the death of Sebastian's grandfather. Cuando Seas Mia fans know the rest- they fell in love and he promised to return and marry her. But Gaviota took advantage of a modelling job in London to find him so she could  tell him she was having his baby only to discover she'd been sold to a brothel. During her long absence, Sebastian listened to false rumours about her and married a woman he wasn't in love with nor even slept with. After escaping the place thanks to a kind Italian,(who later became her stepfather) she however lost her baby and returned to face heartbreaking disappointment before deciding to move to the city with her mother, Carmenza and later worked at the Vallejo company, CAFE EXPORT- legally changing her name to Carolina Olivares(in Cuando Seas Mia , Paloma changed her name to Elena Olivares) moving up the corporate ladder and running into Sebastian, who stubbornly refused to listen to her angry statement that it was over between them. After many trials and endurance they finally came together as husband and wife.By the way, about the pet names 'Gaviota' and 'Paloma'... Gaviota in English means 'sea gull' while Paloma means 'dove'.

                                       GAVIOTA &  SEBASTIAN IN THE BEGINNING 

                                GAVIOTA IN HER NEW IDENTITY, CAROLINA OLIVARES



                                     GAVIOTA & LITTLE GAVIOTA 7 yrs LATER