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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mientras Haya Vida final episode snippets

This was what I was able to dig up, I'm very sorry it's rather short but I had to translate it first. By the way, the actual meaning of this telenovela is 'When there's life, there's hope.' To continue....

Gael is shot at when he's in the park with his wife. At the hospital, Romina gave Ophelia tea to soothe her nerves, having added a few drops of a strange potion into it to make her lose her baby. Minutes later, Ophelia is very ill and is take to Intensive Care...

Gael and Ophelia suspect that the loss of their baby was Romina's handy work. Gael later went to the department store and found Romina with Rosaura excahging a package of drugs, after a loud argument was shot by Gael. Romina was later taken to a psychaitric ward. Alejandro confessed that Gael was a murderer and he had proof of everthing he'd done. Gael later went to a warehouse where Elisa supposedly was and fires...

Hector and Jimenez hurry to the cellar where Elisa was reported to be but only find Gael's body, who had been struck with a pistol and left unconcious. Ophelia had died and Gael had wanted some one to blame for her death.

Six months later...

Elisa was now walking about again and getting set to marry the man she loved. Hector had distanced himself from Maria; but she paid an unexpected visit to tell him she still loved him which made him break down and admit he wanted another opportunity with her. They embrace and kiss, tears in Maria's eyes.

The telenovela ends with the younger couple; Elisa & Sergio walking along hand in hand and a final kiss between them under a tree- after a loving exchange of promises. FIN


  1. sorry, i dont undertsand, do you mean she ended up not marrying Sergio? Pls can you fill in the gaps for me, cos where i stopped was when she started undergoing physiotherapy and Sergio left her...Thanks

  2. I'm sorry, I made a mistake earlier; i watched the episode again- Elisa ended up with Sergio.

  3. This one is different because girls like Elisa (from a humble backgroud) in mexican soaps usually end up with the filthy rich Alejandro for example

  4. what happen to gina and daniel? pls where can i get the dvd. i want to buy it. im in nigeria.

  5. daniel died minutes after marrying gina

  6. What was the poem read at the time daniebl and gina were getting married?!


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