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Friday, October 02, 2009

Raquel's embarassment: it gets worse

Tonio was told the whole story by Raquel. Evil Max told him what he'd already done, clearly pleased at his ex- girlfriend's discomfort. Raquel and Tonio go to the guest bungalow to ask Daniel what really happened. Tonio is very angry with Raquel for keeping such a thing from him and asked her to go back to the mansion; which she did quietly. Back in the Big House, Raquel scolded Max for mentioning the incident in front of Tonio in the first and angrily brushes  his hand off her cheek, storming into her room. Daniel narrated the whole story, filled with remorse he'd embarrassed his daughter and pleaded with Tonio to arrange for Chucho and Mercedes' bail. Getting back to the house, Tonio called Pablo and sent him to the police station to pay the bail. He then went up to Raquel's room; she asked if he was still angry with her, he replied yes. What really made him cross was that his wife had felt too scared to confide in him after his promise of always looking after her; why had she lied to him, of all people? She humbly apologised to him- she had felt too ashamed to tell him as it was scandalous to the family she'd just joined and was still trying to adjust in. Tonio understood what she meant and forgave her but made her promise never to be too scared to confide in him, he was her husband after all. She eagerly promised, filled with relief. Tonio decided they would go out for lunch and to Max's anger, they left the house, hand in hand- Raquel throwing a brief look of triumph at Max.
As the couple were having a cosy time at the restaurant, Maura and Rod stopped by their table; Raquel managed to control her fury as her rival kissed Tonio on the lips again but abruptly walked out on them when Maura (deliberately tactless) mentioned the unfortunate incident; she'd read about it in the papers. Tonio of course had to go after his wife.
Back home, Raquel is furious; she told Tonio she couldn't stand Maura at all, it was bad enough

she flirted shamelessly with him but now she'd started humiliating her in public. Vicki appeared with the day's newspaper in her hand and showed the couple the article; she couldn't understand how the press got wind of it since Max had assured her he'd fended them off at the station. Raquel is very upset at the whole thing and her husband consoled her, telling her to think of more positive things, like himself- making her smile. He kissed her and surprised her by saying he was going to Maura's house. When she asked why, he replied it was time he straightened things out and left. Camilla came in to confirm what she'd heard but neither her brother nor her sister-in-law deigned to discuss it with her, Tonio walked out. Camilla however asked Vicki and was disgusted at the smear Raquel's father had caused. Raquel had to leave the room.
Pablo got to the station and bailed Chucho, Mercedes and her friend out. Chucho asked him if Tonio had sent him money; was coldly told no. Chucho escorted Mercedes to her little house and was introduced to her bed ridden brother, Gabriel(Lucia Mendez's real-life brother, Abraham Mendez) - he had lost the use of his legs after hit by a bus some months back.
At Maura's house, Tonio was blunt with her; he was tired of her deliberately offending Raquel all the time , he loved his wife very much. What he and Maura once had was over and from now on she must treat his wife with the respect she deserved and stop causing mischief. He took his leave, Maura sullen and angry at what he'd said.
Back at the mansion, Tonio found Raquel outside waiting for him despite it drizzling. She asked him what he'd told Maura. He replied, 'that I love you.'

As they kiss passionately, neither of them notice Evil Max watching them, sheer bitterness and rage written all over his face...
Daniel was delighted to see Chucho out of jail. Chucho was still upset about the loss of his precious money. Daniel promised to talk to Raquel in the morning.

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