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Sunday, October 04, 2009


Well so far so good; Raquel & Tonio seem to always work out their problems each passing day. But die-hard telenovela fans know better than to sit easy- a mistake my family made when we first watched NO ONE BUT YOU several years ago. Raquel and Tonio(thanks to a lot of third party interference) had more and more problems that threatened their marriage greatly and it
took a lot of strength from the couple to overcome them. Max had another plan to wrestle
Raquel away from his step-brother & sworn enemy and he was going to use an unlikely source, Raquel's sister, Martha.

Maura, Tonio's spiteful ex, also had something else in mind and the funny thing is, it began as a prank but started an unexpected chain reaction. Read on...
N.B: once again, for the final episode of LA REVANCHA, PLS CLICK HERE
The next morning, Maura, smarting over what Tonio had told her informed her younger sister
Carla about it. Carla had a sudden idea...
Luis(one of the chauffeurs and Max's henchman) and Martha went for a drive and Luis suggested she take the wheel and learn how to drive. Martha eagerly accepted and to her surprise found it easy. Daniel consoled Chucho who was still upset; he wasn't at all sure Tonio would help him again after hearing about the previous night's debacle. Daniel is still confident Raquel would be able to influence Tonio, for his sake. At the mansion, Raquel and Tonio are having breakfast. She remarked they've been married for a month now yet she still didn't even
know more about his line of work. He asked if she was interested in the business but she wasn't,
she was more interested in him. She suddenly asked what had run through his mind the fateful night he  first saw her.
Tonio looked at her seriously and said he'd thought,' who is this beautiful woman?'
Raquel laughed and asked him to be serious, but he insisted that he was and he'd fallen in love with her each passing day. He then asked her what she'd thought when looking at his photograph. Embarrassed, she asked how he knew about that.
He replied Ernest, the servant who had given it to her, told him. She explained that she had wanted to see how the real Antonio looked like and had found him attractive and felt sorry his life had suddenly been cut short, it came as a surprise to find him alive. As they smiled at each other, Ramon appeared with the phone, Raquel had a call from Guadalajara. Raquel took it from
him and said 'hello?'
No answer. That was because it was Carla on the other line; she grinned at Maura then hung up.
Very puzzled, Raquel stared at the receiver, saying that the person had hung up without answering. Tonio asked Ramon if the caller had given a name. Ramon replied the person was calling for a Mr. Roberto Aguirre. She said she didn't know him. Tonio is surprised as well but accepted the answer. (trust me folks, that fictional chap caused more trouble than you could ever imagine).
Meanwhile, Max and Luis met in his room; he asked if Martha had been going out with Luis as planned ; he said yes and he's found an actor willing to go with the plan they'd hatched. Max ordered him to make sure Martha agreed to go on a date with him as soon as possible for everything to work. They left the room and went outside; Raquel, alone in the living room, watched them leave. Daniel tentatively, from the look on his daughter's face, she still wasn't pleased with the trouble he caused.
Tonio paid another visit to Oscar, who still felt hostile towards Raquel. Tonio insisted he wasn't a  love struck little boy; he knew what he was doing and he and Raquel loved each other very much. Oscar asked him if he planned on having children with her; the answer was a firm yes, though they were yet to discuss the topic- Raquel was going to be the mother of his children. With that, he left.
But later in the day, Tonio, unable to concentrate at work, called the house. Ramon gave the
phone to Raquel, she asked if all was well. Tonio said nothing was wrong, she knew why he was calling... Raquel blushed red. He asked her what she was doing and she replied she was waiting for him to come home. He then told her to instruct Ramon to start the yacht; they would go on a
boat ride that afternoon. He hung up, after saying he loved her. Raquel put down the phone and went to the kitchen.
After another talk with Daniel, Chucho decided to approach Tonio himself but hoped Raquel would still put in a good word. Martha agreed to go on a date with Luis. Raquel and Tonio spent a very romantic and pleasant afternoon in the yacht. Meanwhile, Maura told Rodrigo about the prank because she wanted to take it further; she asked Rodrigo to get someone to pose as Roberto Egere over the phone. He agreed to do it.
On getting back to the house, Raquel was informed that some flowers had arrived for her and Mr. Egere had called again. Tonio told Raquel that he had sent the flowers but he wanted to know who this Roberto was. Raquel again said she didn't know any Roberto Aguirre, maybe it was a crank caller. Tonio believed her but by nature he was rather jealous and possessive, so these strange calls didn't please him at all. In his study, he asked Pablo to find out all he could about Roberto Aguirre.
Later he joined Raquel in her room, where she was admiring the flowers he'd sent her and suggested she'd enjoy them the same way if they and her things were moved into his room.
Going downstairs they found Chucho, who pleaded with them to help him again; reminding Tonio how he'd saved him, he was willing to do anything around the house. They decided to give him a servant's job and he thanked them gratefully.

Luis met with the man who was to carry out the plan Max had hatched, which would involve Martha.
Raquel and Tonio finally started sharing the same room instead of going back and forth all the time. Raquel also decided to pay him a visit at his office and see how he worked. Chucho eagerly started work as a servant, very proud of his clean
clean, white uniform.
Later in the day, Raquel arrived at Tonio's office- Pablo watched her admiringly as Tonio showed her some blue prints of a hotel being built for a client.
In the evening, Martha prepared for her date, lying to her sister that she was going out with Claudio and some of his friends. She and Luis had an uneventful time at the restaurant and nightclub and drove home afterwards. Half way there, Luis suggested she tried her budding driving skills again, which she happily agreed to and took the wheel. As she drove slowly along the road, the hired actor came out of the bushes and pretended to trip, falling against the front of the car and onto the ground.Martha screamed and pulled over. Luis got out, pretended to examine the man and ran back into the car, saying the stranger was dead. Martha is very frightened at what she'd done- Luis took over the wheel and they drove off. However, someone had seen the whole thing! As the man began to get up, who should hurry over to him but Chucho, who was returning from his visit to Mercedes(or Meche as he preferred calling her) and Gabriel. He hurried to the man, asking if he was alright. The man ran away instead of answering him, much to his surprise. Martha was consoled by Luis, who led her into the house then told Max everything had worked according to plan. Meanwhile Chucho, getting back, is very puzzled to find the runaway car parked outside the mansion...


  1. Thanks so very much for taking the time and effort to post these great episode recaps of Tu O Nadie. I'm from Australia and I have Tu O Nadie on dvd that another kind Tu O Nadie fan sent to me but there are no English Subtitles and I don't speak Spanish. I used to watch this series when it was our television station SBS during the early 1990s so I do know the story and loved every minute of it. It reminds me on a classic Mills and Boon plot. Ahhh I can just see sexy alpha Antonio and sensual gentle Raquel on the cover of one of these romance books. Ahh that mansion is to die for, sooo exotic and the music from this series is just beautiful too. I hope you keep posting episodes of Tu O Nadie for us all to enjoy. I copied them out and read them together with watching the thanks once again.

  2. thank you, you are very kind. will continue doing my best

  3. I really enjoyed this story-no one but you and is it possible to buy?

  4. its not yet available on DVD as far as I know but i suggest you check Amazon.


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