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Carbo Music

Well... Peter has now exited DAYS *sob* and how we all miss him already!... after over two decades as Bo Brady in DAYS OF OUR LIVES; it's just not going to be the same without him... or Crystal Chappell. Bo and Carly remain the uncrowned signature couple of DAYS and their fans will always remember them as that. As another tribute to them; I got to thinking about the lovely music used for their scenes back in the 90's  and decided to compile them here. I don't remember all of them of course so pardon me if I missed a few! 

WHEN I FALL IN LOVE (original version sung by Doris Day); the song Bo and Carly danced to at her brother Frankie's send-off party.

BLOWING KISSES IN THE WIND by Paula Abdul ; The song played in the background when Bo and Carly were feeling miserable after he lied he didn't love her

ONE DREAM:(Days of Our Lives Music/Bo and Carly's theme song); The song Bo and Carly danced to on Isabella's roof, the most memorable of all their scenes! 


CARBO PICS: 90's; 2009-2011



On getting home with Aurelio, David and Lorena walk in on a party going on; a celebratory party for Aide on her upcoming wedding. She is very shocked to see Lorena on David's arm and naturally demanded an explanation; Elena, Cinthia and Sophie, Aide's mother included. David calmly told them that Lorena was his wife again. Aide flew at Lorena in great fury but David pushed her away from his wife, sternly telling her to behave herself. Elena called him aside, telling him he did wrong hurting Aide and refused to believe what he told her about Marcelo. Aide poured insults on David and Lorena before leaving the house with her mother and sister in tears. David consoled an unhappy Lorena, cuddling close her in their bed as they go to sleep; her diamond wedding ring flashing on her finger.
Cinthia and Aide later warned Lorena that they were going to make life very unpleasant for her. Lorena coldly tells them she wasn't scared of them- Cinthia is furious when Lorena throws her own …

Peter's last days in DAYS

Yes, it's officially confirmed, according to Kelly Moneymaker's tweet, her husband Peter Reckell (Bo) is leaving Days of Our Lives for the third time and apparently for good this time around. Since his co-star's Crystal Chappell departure( correction, firing) I stopped watching DAYS; I was simply too disappointed and furious at the abrupt end of Bo and Carly's love story and the fact KC refused to embrace a whole new chapter.
Now Peter, who's been in DAYS for over 20 years is leaving too. I don't have the honor of  knowing  him personally albeit a few tweets with him at Twitter and, like I said before stopped watching DAYS last February so I only hear a few bits and pieces about his storyline after Carly(CC) left, so I won't state the reasons why he's leaving since I don't know exactly. BUT I will say this; I am NOT surprised, DAYS is simply not the DAYS of the glory days; romance, pure angst, romance, romance and MORE romance! And there was pure r…