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Sunday, July 08, 2012


On getting home with Aurelio, David and Lorena walk in on a party going on; a celebratory party for Aide on her upcoming wedding. She is very shocked to see Lorena on David's arm and naturally demanded an explanation; Elena, Cinthia and Sophie, Aide's mother included. David calmly told them that Lorena was his wife again. Aide flew at Lorena in great fury but David pushed her away from his wife, sternly telling her to behave herself. Elena called him aside, telling him he did wrong hurting Aide and refused to believe what he told her about Marcelo. Aide poured insults on David and Lorena before leaving the house with her mother and sister in tears. David consoled an unhappy Lorena, cuddling close her in their bed as they go to sleep; her diamond wedding ring flashing on her finger.
Cinthia and Aide later warned Lorena that they were going to make life very unpleasant for her. Lorena coldly tells them she wasn't scared of them- Cinthia is furious when Lorena throws her own marital problems in her face. Elena is cold towards Lorena as well, to her distress. David assured Lorena that Julia was welcome back to their house; however they both agree not to let Julia live off them, she was going to be given a job instead. Lorena is not at all pleased to see Marcelo who still feeds his mother with lies and has the audacity to extend the hand of friendship to Lorena, according to him he wanted nothing but peace between them(Yeah right)
Lorena finds Julia at German's. Julia is stunned that Lorena is ready to forgive her but is furious at David and Lorena's decision- she was to work with Power Girl selling condos at David's hotel.
Marcelo cornered Lorena on getting home; Lorena is hostile towards him, demanding that he tell his mother the truth about what he tried to do to David and how he almost raped her. He insisted that he did but Elena didn't believe him. Alas, Elena was by the door and heard the whole conversation! Marcelo stared at her in horror and started choking like a caught fish...

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