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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Carbo Music



Well... Peter has now exited DAYS *sob* and how we all miss him already!... after over two decades as Bo Brady in DAYS OF OUR LIVES; it's just not going to be the same without him... or Crystal Chappell. Bo and Carly remain the uncrowned signature couple of DAYS and their fans will always remember them as that.
As another tribute to them; I got to thinking about the lovely music used for their scenes back in the 90's  and decided to compile them here. I don't remember all of them of course so pardon me if I missed a few! 

WHEN I FALL IN LOVE  (original version sung by Doris Day); the song Bo and Carly danced to at her brother Frankie's send-off party.

BLOWING KISSES IN THE WIND by Paula Abdul ; The song played in the background when Bo and Carly were feeling miserable after he lied he didn't love her

ONE DREAM: (Days of Our Lives Music/Bo and Carly's theme song); The song Bo and Carly danced to on Isabella's roof, the most memorable of all their scenes! 

WICKED GAME: by Chris Isaak  the song Bo and Carly danced to in the garden during  Victor's birthday party

LOVE WON'T LET ME WAIT: by Luther Vandross ;  the song playing in the background during Bo and Carly's very first love scene (when they finally consummated their relationship) 

WHEN YOU TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME  by Diana Ross; song playing in the background when Bo and Carly were on their honeymoon in Mexico  

GARDEN OF LOVE: by Schascle ; The music playing in the background during the famous Bo and Carly 'One Stormy Night' Love Scene

COMFORT ZONE: by Vanessa Williams; one of the songs Bo and Carly danced to at the New Year's Eve party at THE WINGS 

Comment made by a viewer- "Their passionate and deep love was stronger than any other love I've ever seen a couple have on "Days"."

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