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Monday, August 06, 2012


Elena was shocked at what she'd just heard and the stunned, guilty look on Marcelo's face confirmed all was true. Lorena on the other hand looked dismayed. Elena berated him for his lies, for his misdeeds including making her believe Lorena was a liar- she was very disappointed in him. Casting an apologetic look at her daughter-in-law, she abruptly left the room, sobbing. Marcelo glared at Lorena, furious. Later on, Lorena told David what happened, feeling sorry for Elena; David in turn told her that their best friends Oscar & Power Girl were now officially a couple, to her delight. Elena and Marcelo get a surprise visitor... Marcelo's father! Elena had told Marcelo he was dead but in actual fact; Marcelo's Dad had abandoned them both so Elena had divorced him. Marcelo is very cold towards him.
Humberto, a good friend of David's- arrives to Acapulco on business and David proudly introduced Lorena to him as well as Julia. While taking a walk, David told Humberto what's been going on with Marcelo, adding he was still investigating and Marcelo had begged for another chance. Cinthia is currently unhappy; she's pregnant and alone. Aide begins her plan by first  'apologising ' to an incredulous Lorena and then seducing Raul, David's personal assistant as she needed a spy.

 David and Lorena live their love everyday and Elena is warmer towards her daughter-in-law. Marcelo decided to court and marry Aide's younger sister in order to distract everyone's attention from him.  Humberto is rather attentive towards Lorena, which makes her very uncomfortable. Elena begins to plan David and Lorena's church wedding; including hiring a  top designer to make Lorena's dress.
Humberto confessed to Lorena that he's fallen in love with her; to her amazement and horror. She reminds him she's married and in love with David! Unfortunately, Humberto was overheard by Cinthia and Aide who later told David. David is very angry that his best friend would throw himself at his wife and told him to leave his house. Lorena assured David that in no way did she encourage Humberto and David in return said he believed her; he just never thought someone else would want to draw them apart. The clothes come off again and there's no more talking.

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