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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Remembering Bo & Carly: Carbo love montage (continued)

Every day Carbo fans miss this golden couple completely and our nagging sense of loss is expressed via tweets; fan sites, forums, fan fiction and more and more  montages. Perhaps we are all obsessed but it's an altogether healthy obsession because Bo and Carly had such a powerfully deep love and a lovely story line yet were never given a real chance. And once again I call Ken Corday very unreasonable for the path he chose for this iconic couple; a sudden and abrupt end. But  carbo fans can't forget them; not for a very long time, especially with the beautiful montages lovingly made by supporters. As long as we have them and the old carbo clips, they will always be remembered. Here's my latest Carbo montage: BO & CARLY: KISS FROM A ROSE; also view on Youtube

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