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Thursday, September 06, 2012

CARBO FAN FICTION- Return Journey: Chapter 1


 Lawrence used Carly’s amnesia to his advantage which led to her going back to him, but she and Bo shared one more day of passion on the boat before she left Salem. She and Lawrence got married but then all fell apart a month afterwards when he became ill and was pronounced sterile by his doctors. His disappointment led to rage and an abrupt switch back to the Lawrence Carly had despised. To make matters worse, she discovered she was pregnant. On the birth of the child in Paris, Lawrence clearly saw that the baby girl couldn't possibly be his and accused Carly of betraying him with Bo after she’d committed herself to him and Nicky; ordering her to give the baby up for adoption and never have contact with her or he would kill ‘Bo Brady’s bastard’. Luckily for Carly, the lawyer Lawrence chose to handle the adoption secretly met with her- he had a cousin who was a nun in a convent; located in a town several miles from Paris, he would hand over her daughter to the Mother Superior and she will be safe until she could get away from Lawrence. After years of secretly visiting her child without Lawrence finding out; Carly stabbed Lawrence in self defence when he viciously raped her one night and the authorities didn't charge her. Finally reunited with her daughter, they went to Salem and Bo was introduced to his daughter and he and Carly fell in love again to everyone’s disapproval, as he and Hope’s marriage was on the rocks. But then Hope got into serious trouble (as we all know) so Carly later found herself heartbroken... and more. P: S- In this story, Daniel and Carly didn't have a one night stand but they knew each other in medical school. Melanie is Max’s biological sister and dating Nathan after her divorce from Phillip. Since Days have indulged in SORAS to the point of ridiculousness (e.g. Stephanie is technically older than Phillip) Carly and Bo’s daughter is in her early twenties- a few years older than Chelsea; Bo's daughter with Billie Reed.  

Carly groped in her purse for her keys and let herself inside the house. It’s been a month since the painful breakup with Bo and just when she was coming to terms with the fact that she and Bo will never be together; she heard from Adrienne that he and Hope renewed their vows... a far more vicious slap on the face than the kiss she’d accidently witnessed between them, the same place Bo had told her for the first time since she arrived with their daughter that he loved her. But he loved Hope more the whole time and now they were stronger than ever; and the whole of Salem probably laughing at her for living in a fool’s paradise. Salem was neither the same nor the people- it was like she never existed in their lives, with the way they’d disapproved of her. Sighing, she dropped her purse on the couch and opened the French windows, walking to the pool house she’d redecorated into a studio. ‘Hi honey.’ She said, entering the sunlit room.
Darcy turned, smiling. ‘Maman ... how was the surgery?’ she asked in her thick, musical French accent. Of all of Bo’s children; she was the only one who really resembled him- the same cocoa-brown eyes, the same black hair; straight, long and silky like an Asian’s, her features softer but definitely his. Shawn Douglas had his features too but Hope’s eyes; Chelsea was all Billie, Ciara, all Hope. Darcy’s strong; artist hands however were her mother’s- beautiful tapered hands with long thin fingers and they were the same height.
Carly shrugged. ‘Another day’s good work.’ She closed the door behind her. ‘I hope I’m not interrupting.’
‘No, not at all.’ Darcy stepped back for her mother’s inspection. Carly looked at the painting carefully, nodding appreciatively at her talent. ‘It’s beautiful.’
‘It’s not finished though.’
‘There’s more?’
‘Wait till you see it.’
Carly smiled, kissing Darcy’s forehead. ‘I can’t wait to. But come... let’s sit for a bit, I want to talk to you.’
Wiping her hands on her paint stained smock, Darcy sat down opposite Carly. ‘Is anything wrong?’ she asked worriedly, brushing back a few strands of hair from her forehead.
Carly sighed, rubbing her nose. ‘No... Not really. I’m still in shock.'
‘Tell me.’
Carly took a deep breath. ‘I’m pregnant.’
Darcy gasped. 'Mon Dieu...’ she whispered. ‘That’s why you’ve not been feeling well all this time.’
Carly nodded. ‘I’m three months gone. After everything that’s happened I find myself carrying Bo’s child again, and I don't know what to do.’
Darcy’s eyes stayed on Carly. ‘You don't want this baby?’ she asked, touching her mother’s arm.
‘Exactly what sort of future is this child going to have?’ Carly demanded, her tone bitter. ‘Your own family’s barely able to look you or me in the eye, how are they and the rest of town going to react once I start showing? The first thing they’ll accuse me of is using this child as a weapon... to drive a wedge between Bo and Hope! Bo will never give up Hope for this child; he’s back to where he always wanted to be!’ She pressed her hand to her mouth as her eyes filled with tears at the memory of that terrible day at the pier. ‘This child has no room in Bo’s life and will have to face scorn and God knows what as he gets older.’
Darcy bit her lip. ‘When you two got together I was worried that he was on the rebound. But he told me after Madame Horton’s funeral that he really wanted to be with you and I believed him. He had no right making promises he didn't mean and you didn't ask him for anything when we came here... he chased you but everybody thought you were setting out to ruin his marriage; I heard that gossip Maggie Horton talking to Justin about how Ciara wasn't having both her parents because of you and Justin agreed.’
Carly sighed, shaking her head.
‘He’s hurt and humiliated you and I’ll never forgive him for it. But this baby is yours, you can’t allow what people will say make you decide if you want to keep it or not. You are thinking of having an abortion, no?’
Carly got up abruptly, pacing. ‘I just didn't... didn't expect Bo to treat me this way...’ she said, her voice shaking before beginning to weep. Darcy hurried to her, hugging her close, upset at her mother’s distress.
I’m here and I love you Maman.’ She said, tears pouring down her cheeks. ‘Don't make a decision you will regret forever; please! Listen... we don't have to stay here, we can move to England where Nicky is or anywhere else... far away from these people.’
Carly pulled away, shaking her head. ‘I thought of that after...’ she swallowed, ‘after Bo’s wedding and I even told Lexie I wanted to resign but she begged me not to; that I was invaluable... whatever that means. And I owe you a steady home after all this time of having to hide you from Lawrence.’
Darcy shook her dark head. ‘I’ll follow you anywhere; if you want us to leave Salem I’m more than ready! Just... don't think of doing what I think you want to do. This baby is a part of us and he deserves to live.’
Carly reached for a box of Kleenex on the table nearby and wiped her eyes. ‘This is just so confusing and unsettling. I need to lie down.’
‘You go now and rest. I’ll make you some soup.’
‘I’m not hungry but thank you, darling.’ Carly smiled faintly, stroking Darcy’s hair before hugging her. ‘I honestly don't know what I would do without you.’
‘Our relationship has always been unusual but it kept us very close.’ Darcy replied, pressing her face against Carly’s shoulder. ‘We weathered one storm and we will weather this one, together. Let’s get you to bed now.’
In her bedroom, Carly meekly allowed Darcy to take off her shoes and slip the blankets over her. ‘Thank you, cricket.’
‘It’s alright, Maman... go to sleep.’ Darcy closed the curtains before switching on the air conditioner. ‘I will go down to the store now to get some things for dinner, alright?’
But after Darcy closed the door behind her, Carly couldn't sleep; her mind and heart heavy with sorrow and worry. Sad that Bo lied to her and then moved on without a backward glance, worried about what the future held for her unborn child. The only time she’d really been happy was with Bo; more so when he’d asked her for a second chance together. She never expected it although she knew she loved him and like Darcy, she’d assumed he was on the rebound from Hope. But he’d pressed her until she gave way and then came the months of bliss; the heated nights and days of love on this very bed.
‘Oh Bo... Bo...’ she wept silently against her pillow, her body shaking with sobs.
Darcy placed another item in her shopping cart and wheeled it along the aisle. Having lived in a convent for most of her life; it had taken her a while to adjust living outside its walls but she’d found the world more than fascinating. Salem was a lovely place like Carly had described but the people were not. True, the Bradys had welcomed her into their midst but their attitude towards her mother had baffled and infuriated her to the point that she flatly refused to attend any of their gatherings; why should they expect her to be where her mother wasn't welcome. All because of that self righteous woman who had caused her own problems in the first place! The thought of her make Darcy scowl darkly as she threw three cans of Heinz peas in the cart. How she longed to scratch her face, Bo’s as well.
‘Darcy, hi honey.’ She stiffened at the sound of his voice behind her but didn't turn; instead she moved on, pushing her cart in front of her.
‘Darcy, you can’t keep this up forever; you’re going to have to talk to me sometime!’ Striding up to her, Bo took hold of her shoulder, forcing her to stop. ‘Come on...’ he urged pleadingly. ‘I know you’re very angry with me and you have every right...’
‘You’re correct. I have every right and I’m sure that my English is good enough for you to understand what I said the last time we met... you are dead to me so leave me alone; I have nothing to say to you. You should’ve known that when you betrayed Maman, you betrayed me.’
Bo bit his lip, staring at the angry brown eyes so like his own. He’d adored her from the moment Carly had presented her to him- loved everything about her including the way she’d called him ‘Papa’ like Shawn D did. Ciara had been thrilled to discover she had another sister, especially one who was a talented artist. Darcy had patiently taught her how to draw and colour better; guiding her hand the whole time. He hated the idea of Carly bottling up her sadness and Darcy so angry and bitter with him.
‘You just don't understand how complicated relationships can be, Darcy. I swear I never meant to hurt Carly.’
‘Just because I lived with nuns for most of my life doesn't give you the right to patronise me. What I understand is that Maman’s had nothing but heartache and pain all these years- worrying that Lawrence would discover where I was and kill me; sad over what might have been if Vivian hadn’t drugged her and buried her alive. You of all people knew her, knew what she went through but you still went ahead and hurt her so much! How can you bring yourself to look me in the eye and tell me you never meant to hurt my mother!’
‘Okay! I did and the damage’s already been done!’ Bo shouted back, feeling like a cornered animal. ‘We could go over this many times over but in the end there’s nothing I can say except that I’m sorry! It’s not that I never loved Carly... I did but no one can forget a marriage of twenty five years or deny a connection that was still there!’
‘Mon Dieu!!! Is that what you told her?’ Darcy cried in disbelief. ‘After leading her on, that’s the excuse you came up with? Why didn't you make amends with Hope in the first place instead of subjecting Maman to slander by the whole town; how dare you expect me to understand! How dare you; Judas, liar!’
Feeling helpless, guilty and angry in the face of his daughter’s rage Bo couldn't say anything; the same way he’d felt the last time he spoke to Carly at the hospital; when she’d accused him of only staying with her until Hope wanted him again. What else could he say expect that he was sorry; these days he avoided her, not wanting to see the pain on her face. But Darcy- he couldn't cut their long awaited child out of his life, Ciara too was upset that her sister no longer visited her. Caroline too missed her but the whole situation was just too uncomfortable- Darcy simply refused to be friendly towards anyone who had wronged or badmouthed Carly.
Darcy shook her head, tears falling down her cheeks. ‘I just can’t be around you.’ she sobbed, moving away with her cart.
‘Darcy please... Darcy wait, wait!’ Bo took hold of her arm again. ‘Just listen to me for a minute. I’m sorry Carly’s hurting and I’m sorry for disappointing you.’ He touched her hair. ‘Please... I know it’s hard to do but you have to forgive me somehow and get past it. I don't want to lose you, I love you very much.’
‘Well that’s unfortunate, Bo.’ She laid heavy emphasis on his name as she shook his hand off. ‘I find it very hard to love you now ; I don't want to have anything to do with you. If you can pretend Maman never existed in your life like the rest of those horrible people who judged her and never bothered to know just how much she suffered under Lawrence, you can pretend I don't exist too.’ More tears poured her cheeks as she spoke.
‘Darcy...’ Bo whispered, devastated by her words.
‘You broke my heart as much as you broke Maman’s so I have nothing to say to you, leave me alone!’
‘Well now...’ an amused voice made them turn. ‘Nothing more domestic than a father and daughter outing. You looked bleary eyed Darcy; I hope nothing’s wrong?’
Darcy’s eyes narrowed into slits; her lips tight as she glared at Vivian. For a moment Bo thought she was going to fly at her like and braced himself to grab her. But instead Darcy spat out some French words he didn't understand but judging from the way Vivian’s face went red they struck a nerve. Without another word, she strode away, angrily pushing her cart.
‘Carly obviously neglected to teach that girl some manners!’ Vivian muttered.
‘Lady, just why are you still in Salem?’ Bo asked, through gritted teeth.
‘This is as much as my home as it yours and Carly’s and your brat.’
‘You watch what you say about our daughter, Vivian.’
Vivian raised a cynical eyebrow. ‘Oh? I wasn't aware you and Carly still use the word ‘our’ since your sudden defection back to your wife- which by the way surprised me profoundly. After that impassioned speech you gave at the pier I wouldn't have dreamt for a second you would take those words back. Carly obviously managed to warm your bed for a while.’
‘Carly’s still the mother of my daughter and you better be careful Vivian; if I find out anything happened to them and you are behind it- I won’t be responsible for my actions.’ Bo took an ominous step towards her. ‘Mark my words, I mean what I say.’
‘Oh Bo, we both know that you have a hard time sticking to your promises!’ Vivian mocked. ‘Stop trying to protect Carly, she’s nothing to you... you’ve more than proven that!’
‘I’ll prove this, you old bitch!’ Bo seized her by the arm before she could move away, his fingers like steel, eyes blazing. A few shoppers stood by, watching them curiously.
‘Let go of my arm, you ruffian!’ Vivian hissed, trying to twist away from him but his grip was too strong.
‘I’ll be watching you Vivian Alamain, make sure of that! Touch Carly or Darcy and I’ll make you pay and your fate will be ten times what I would’ve done to Larry, you got that? I haven’t forgotten how you almost killed my mother and then drugged and framed Carly when she caught you or that you ruined both our lives after you and Larry took her away from me.’ Bo tightened his grip. ‘ Whatever your evil mind is thinking- Carly and Darcy are still under my protection and not Victor or any connections you’ve got will save you from me, understand?’
‘I’ll have your badge for this.’ Vivian said slowly.
In reply Bo let her go, dusting his hands as though Vivian was covered with grime before matching away to find Darcy.
‘How dare he!’ Vivian raged, utterly furious as she drew up her sleeve. His painful grip had left a vivid bruise. ‘Oh I’ll show you Bo Brady! By the time I’m through with Carly, you’ll live in guilt for the rest of your miserable life, just you wait!’
Carly dozed fitfully after crying herself to sleep; waking up when she heard the door open. Darcy walked over to her, carrying a tray.
‘I’m not hungry, Darcy.’
‘You’re now eating for two; please eat something. And I made some almond mocha for you, your favourite.’
Reluctantly Carly sat up and Darcy placed the tray on her lap. She watched as her mother nibbled at the food, deciding not to tell her about her run in with Bo at the supermarket, she personally was still sore about it.
‘You know... maybe we should leave here. I know you were once happy here but it’s not longer home to you- there’s nothing but bad memories here now. Dr. Carver will have to understand that we can’t stay here any longer. We can go to England and raise this child, and we’ll be near Nicholas. Let’s leave Salem Maman.’
Carly put down her spoon and reached for the mug, taking a sip. Her face was sad and pensive but Darcy saw something in her beautiful green eyes; a look of determination. ‘It will be easy for us to leave... me going away to lick my wounds. But you know what cricket? It would only make it look like I actually came here to ruin Bo’s marriage- everybody’s unfair assumption will be proven if we did leave and I will not give them that satisfaction, not at all. I didn't let Lawrence break me and I won’t let the whole of Salem do that. We’re going to stay here and weather the storm... just like you said earlier.’
‘But what about the baby?’ Darcy asked, dreading the answer but vowing to support any decision she made.
‘This baby deserves to live... so I’m keeping it. And... I now know how I’m going to handle it. But in the meantime,’ she cupped Darcy’s cheek. I know you’re sad and very hurt by what Bo did. Every day I wake up, wishing I could hate him. But then I look at you and I remember I have you... my beautiful, wonderful blessing who keeps me going. How long you’re going to hate Bo, I don't know but I really hope you’ll be able to shed it off in time. Because hatred blackens the soul and you have a beautiful one under there.’
Darcy scowled, looking exactly like Bo when he was disturbed about something. ‘I don't know if I’ll ever shed it off.’ She muttered.
‘Time can be a very good friend, Darcy believe it or not. And I hope it will be one, for both of us.’ She kissed Darcy on the forehead.
‘So... are you going to tell Bo about the baby?’
‘Only when he notices. He’s bound to ask.’
‘And you will tell him?’
‘I’ll confirm that I’m pregnant.’ Carly’s face wore the look of deadly calm. ‘But I’ll also tell him that the baby isn't his.’

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