Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birthday Reflection

Today happens to be my birthday; another year on earth. I thought about it all day and I went over the good things in my life. True I can't afford rent, I'm short of money often, I don't have a job at present  and I'm yet to finish my part time course at the University of Lagos; a huge ton of work. But several years ago I was involved in a car accident which killed the driver and I... who sat next to him that day was saved and I was able to celebrate my 21st birthday with my family. Since then, I keep reminding myself I was given another chance by God so I mustn't complain about the stressful times in my life. I'm  alive, my first children's books were published in 2006, I still write and I hope my next book and the books that follow  will be a very huge success. I have my friends and family, even sweet and friendly ones I chat with via Twitter. Today I thanked God for another year on earth and for everything I have achieved since that fateful day in 2000. Life is a precious gift and we must never take it for granted. When there's life; there's hope and with absolute faith in God; one can achieve just about anything and everything.
So I thank God for another birthday; and I pray for many more birthdays so I can serve him Better. He knows more than anyone that I'm not perfect but He's always been there for me. And by His Grace; everything good will come. Amen

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