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Saturday, September 29, 2007


It's totally amazing how the good ones are so badlymisunderstood, lied against and unfairly accused ofcrimes they didn't exactly commit, whereas the bad ones are seen as "good friends" and epitomes of Virtue and Honesty in CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN; the whole state of affairs just pisses me off completely. Cat shed tears for Sebastian and Martina's (apparent) loss oftheir father, even calling him 'a good man' in spiteof his nasty and unfair attitude towards her yet getsblow beaten when she tried to offer her condolence. On the other hand, sickly sweet, EVIL Jessica (who is Carmelo's partner in crime of forging the Will) is the "decent one" whom Sebastian is parading as his girlfriend, just so that Cat would "show her truecolours" if she found out he was poor, then she (Jessica) will have him all to herself besides the money Carmelo promised her. If they only knew poor Cat just wants to lavish Sebastian with love and comfort as well as refusing to demand a share of his
inheritance like her parasite mother insists she does, but no…. she's labelled the enemy by everyone, except for Petra who is a witness to the contrast between her and Adela through observing the heated arguments and Panchito (who seems to unfailingly know how a person
is on the inside) who is still her most loyal friend. Mrs. Philomena has posted hints about how this stupid programme will end in TELENOVELA GARDEN but I hopes she soon posts Sebastian's reaction when he finds outhow he'd wronged the WRONG woman and kept the evil one by his side, he'll feel like a total fool and RIGHTLY so too!
Toni is another matter; the only name I can use to describe her is "a walking contradiction," I've never seen a more pathetic, Inhuman woman than her in my life. When I saw her weeping over Lupe's disappearance, I thought, 'finally, some human emotion' only to be later disgusted on discovering that the only reason she was upset was the idea of Lupe dying without fulfilling her revenge on him, at the same time (as Panchito gently pointed out) she had never stopped loving him yet bitterly hating him as well for refusing to return that love (na by force?)all of which has given her an unhealthy obsession.
Mrs. Philo's mention about Cat's absurd sacrifice disturbed me a lot, although I can't say I was
shocked; she loves Daddy's boy more than life itself,the only thing that exasperated me is that Sebastian only saw her action as a means of getting the Mendoza fortune instead of it being for his and Martina's benefit, once again adding 2 and 2 together and making 6. Heaven knows how this telenovela will really end because from what I'm seeing, Cat would have to be a real saint to forgive and overlook the injustices she had experienced at the hands of the Mendozas. The question of whether Cat is expecting Sebastian's baby or not or whether Lupe will survive
his ordeal and ask for her forgiveness as well as how the whole truth will eventually come out, only Timewill tell, I just hope we won't have to wait too long...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



I felt so very sorry for our Cat yesterday- the way she cried over Daddy's boy's cruel declaration that he no longer loved her and then fainting like that; either the beginning of a nervous breakdown OR she's carrying the first of a new generation of Mendozas. Except, it's  established being  that Daddy's boy AIN'T a Mendoza so heaven knows what surname their baby (if there's a baby) would bear after he or she is born. Probably a boy because in the photo of their SECOND wedding here,you can all see a little boy standing between them, holding Cat's train. So, Cat is going to be a Mummy!
Ricardo and Adela are so shameless; they don't even bother to hide their plans to get money at all costs and ironically it's partially Adela's fault that her daughter is suffering yet again- making Daddy's boy believe that they had known all along he wasn't a foreman and I really wish Romero HAD beaten Ricardo up. Now that Sebastian has seen them in their true colours, he's now being refered by them as "that rancher" instead of the "handsome millionare". Sour grapes folks, Heaven knows how they'll react when they find out he's not Lupe's son afterall, probably order Cat to abort her pregancy so that "the real heir" (Creepy Carmelo) can finally marry her.
The possibility of Cat expecting Sebastian's son (why must they think it's a boy first??) is both good and bad... Cat willl have the child to console her at least but that fool could declare her an unfit mother and use his money and connections to have the child taken away from her custody- not a good scenario AT ALL.
Daddy's boy on the other hand irritated me with his sulking over Lupe's apparent peference for Creepy Carmelo and he and Romero(if that boy doesnt know anything he should shut up) unfairly blaming Cat for his present disharmony with Lupe, as if Carmelo wasn't already crazy before he and Cat ever even met. "Creepy Carmelo"s playacting irritated me furhter especially since the ranch people felll for it, including the stoic Panchito.
Toni is another case entirely, like Cat, she's suffering from a guy's abandonment but I don't feel sorry for her; she loves Lupe yet hates him at the same time and only hopes he's alive so that she can fufilll her bloodthirsty revenge- talk about the woman scorned, she SERIOUSLY NEEDS therapy. Personally, she should just stay FAR AWAY from Cat's baby.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Yesterday, i(and probably other fans of this increasingly RIDICULOUS telenovela, 'Catalina y Sebastian') witnessed yet another showdown between Cat. and Sebastian;Sebastian is so full of self pity, going out of his way to humiliate his soon-to-be ex-wife to the fullest despite her obviously hurting. At least Amelia is now directing her poison at someone else(Jessica, who is in no way better than her) while Cat herself is laying the foundations of starting afresh.
The accusation of her having an affair with Eduardo sounded so silly coming from Sebastian's mouth, considering he finally took Cat's virginity on their shortlived honeymoon, I just can't fathom a man who can be so stupid and guillible like Sebastian Mendoza, personally, i wish Jessica and Amelia joy of him; if he's so into conniving man-eaters like those two, Cat is far far better off without 'Daddy's boy.' I liked him better as Diego.
Another wahala is Lupe's accident, most likely he now has amnesia and 'Creepy Carmelo' for sure will milk this situation for all its worth except I'm trying to get the answer to these 2 questions...
Is Carmelo doing this for Lupe's love ONLY or for the money as well? Did Lupe sleep with (ugh!) Toni and Caremelo is his son afterall?(Lupe is always anxious to defend him).
For those who still do me kindness by visiting this blog, i need your opinions.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Catalina y Sebastian: a see-saw relationship

I humbly apologise folks, for my break in trasmission;being a teacher, writer AND a student is no easy job not to mention being ill for a while. And... for a while i'd felt I was'nt being appreciated, no one commented on my last few posts and i considered deleting 'MY FAVORITE THINGS' but changed my mind. It's probably never going to be as popular as 'TELENOVELA GARDEN' nor as sophisiticated but at least it will have some flavour of its own. From now on, it's going to be both a telenovela and movie blog since movies are one of 'my favorite things ' as well.

My thanks to those who voted in the polls, at the moment, i'm thinking of another suitable subject for everyone to vote on.

I dont know how many people would agree with me that 'CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN' is absolutely ridiculous; i've never heard of a more gullible bobby like Sebastian, allowing himself to be manipulated and dictated to. And i'll admit it, i dislike Lupe as much as I dislike Creepy Carmelo, fixing his mind on something and never letting go of it. And heaven knows WHAT THE HELL is in that damned letter!

Cat. and Sebastain's marriage is most defintely like a seesaw, up and down, up-down, up-down and only time will tell when they'll finally be happy. As for me, i'm fed up with both of them; Sebastain should start acting like a man in love and not a bewildered little boy, Cat. should stop humiliating herself and divorce him and wait to say ' i told you so' when he comes crawling back. That's what i'll do, believe me.

What's more real right now is 'LA USURPADORA' , ONCE AGAIN,please check the labels for episodes and the GRAND FINALE on this blog.