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Monday, September 03, 2007

Catalina y Sebastian: a see-saw relationship

I humbly apologise folks, for my break in trasmission;being a teacher, writer AND a student is no easy job not to mention being ill for a while. And... for a while i'd felt I was'nt being appreciated, no one commented on my last few posts and i considered deleting 'MY FAVORITE THINGS' but changed my mind. It's probably never going to be as popular as 'TELENOVELA GARDEN' nor as sophisiticated but at least it will have some flavour of its own. From now on, it's going to be both a telenovela and movie blog since movies are one of 'my favorite things ' as well.

My thanks to those who voted in the polls, at the moment, i'm thinking of another suitable subject for everyone to vote on.

I dont know how many people would agree with me that 'CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN' is absolutely ridiculous; i've never heard of a more gullible bobby like Sebastian, allowing himself to be manipulated and dictated to. And i'll admit it, i dislike Lupe as much as I dislike Creepy Carmelo, fixing his mind on something and never letting go of it. And heaven knows WHAT THE HELL is in that damned letter!

Cat. and Sebastain's marriage is most defintely like a seesaw, up and down, up-down, up-down and only time will tell when they'll finally be happy. As for me, i'm fed up with both of them; Sebastain should start acting like a man in love and not a bewildered little boy, Cat. should stop humiliating herself and divorce him and wait to say ' i told you so' when he comes crawling back. That's what i'll do, believe me.

What's more real right now is 'LA USURPADORA' , ONCE AGAIN,please check the labels for episodes and the GRAND FINALE on this blog.



  1. i was wondering when you will start blogging. I want you to know u are doing a great job, with time it will pay off

  2. hi honey,

    i appreciate what you are doing. i love to be a blogger too (you know, doing what you are doing as well) but the pressures of my demanding job would not allow me.

    what about postings of "second chance"? i want to think that people will frequent your blog if you have that on,(and on a regular basis as well) cos as the case is, that is probably the one soap that is meaningful and interesting right now. the storyline is just superb. i for one will not miss checking your blog out if the "second chance" tale is being told on it.

    have a nice time

  3. thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. i'm not promising anything but i'll do my best to start posts on 'SECOND CHANCE'.In the meantime check the postings for 'USURPANDORA' on this blog, ieven have the finale episode. Peace


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