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Wednesday, September 26, 2007



I felt so very sorry for our Cat yesterday- the way she cried over Daddy's boy's cruel declaration that he no longer loved her and then fainting like that; either the beginning of a nervous breakdown OR she's carrying the first of a new generation of Mendozas. Except, it's  established being  that Daddy's boy AIN'T a Mendoza so heaven knows what surname their baby (if there's a baby) would bear after he or she is born. Probably a boy because in the photo of their SECOND wedding here,you can all see a little boy standing between them, holding Cat's train. So, Cat is going to be a Mummy!
Ricardo and Adela are so shameless; they don't even bother to hide their plans to get money at all costs and ironically it's partially Adela's fault that her daughter is suffering yet again- making Daddy's boy believe that they had known all along he wasn't a foreman and I really wish Romero HAD beaten Ricardo up. Now that Sebastian has seen them in their true colours, he's now being refered by them as "that rancher" instead of the "handsome millionare". Sour grapes folks, Heaven knows how they'll react when they find out he's not Lupe's son afterall, probably order Cat to abort her pregancy so that "the real heir" (Creepy Carmelo) can finally marry her.
The possibility of Cat expecting Sebastian's son (why must they think it's a boy first??) is both good and bad... Cat willl have the child to console her at least but that fool could declare her an unfit mother and use his money and connections to have the child taken away from her custody- not a good scenario AT ALL.
Daddy's boy on the other hand irritated me with his sulking over Lupe's apparent peference for Creepy Carmelo and he and Romero(if that boy doesnt know anything he should shut up) unfairly blaming Cat for his present disharmony with Lupe, as if Carmelo wasn't already crazy before he and Cat ever even met. "Creepy Carmelo"s playacting irritated me furhter especially since the ranch people felll for it, including the stoic Panchito.
Toni is another case entirely, like Cat, she's suffering from a guy's abandonment but I don't feel sorry for her; she loves Lupe yet hates him at the same time and only hopes he's alive so that she can fufilll her bloodthirsty revenge- talk about the woman scorned, she SERIOUSLY NEEDS therapy. Personally, she should just stay FAR AWAY from Cat's baby.

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