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CARBO FAN FICTION- Return Journey Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Shawn Douglas went back to his parents’ house the following day only to get his backpack and that was after Bo had left for work; so he left a note telling him he was staying with Carly. It wrung Carly’s heart to see her beloved foster son alienated from his parents and family but Shawn Douglas flatly refused to discuss them or go to the Pub, although he did insist that the current situation wasn't Carly’s fault at all; his family’s behaviour had shocked him so much that he simply couldn't be around them for now.

CARBO FAN FICTION-Return Journey Chapter 11

Chapter 11
Frankie’s usually genial face was contorted with anger as he paced up and down the waiting room; very anxious about his sisterand vowing all sorts of revenge if Carly lost that baby. 


Marcelo  immediately went into hiding but kept taunting David over the phone about enjoying Humberto's money with Lorena and living happily ever after with her. During a business trip in Mexico City David's personal assistant Raul (egged on by Aide who was furious that David was still in love with Lorena) surprised him in his bedroom with a gun. David then realised that Lorena and Julia's warning had been true but  he hadn't  expected Raul  to be  a conspirator at all. A  very nervous Raul insisted he only wanted to kill him so that Aide would be free to marry him but David  said she was playing him for a patsy; she would go free and he would go to prison for murder! In despair, Raul fled the room.
Back in Acapulco, David confronted Aide about her plot to kill him and share his wealth with Marcelo, for Enrique and Irasema's murders and for breaking up his marriage to Lorena. The family tried to intervene as Aide denied his accusations but David angrily told them t…


Marcelo falls ill in prison; not used to such harsh conditions. Humberto apologized to Lorena- realising that she had merely followed her heart so he could not hold it against her, he had been too hasty and anxious to win her. Aide's sister informed their mother about finding Aide in bed with Marcelo, which Aide loudly denied.
Marcelo got paroled and stayed in the mansion, to David's anger. He begged David to let him stay for a few days as he is very ill. David angrily agreed, not knowing his wife Aide was hiding behind an armchair.
David was furious to see Humberto who came to see him to put things right between David  and Lorena by telling him Lorena was still in love with him. But David was too angry to listen and told him to leave, vowing that he would get his comeuppance soon for putting the moves on Lorena. Elena advised Marcelo to repent his evil ways; he had really hurt her so she'd had no choice but to get him arrested.
Humberto is killed when his car explodes! (…


Devastated that David had married the woman who wrecked their marriage, Lorena decided to agree to Humberto's proposal- she will move to Miami and marry him.
Marcelo causes more trouble in the office, informing David that Elena had signed over her shares of the company to him, But when she is questioned by Oscar, Elena said she did no such thing- how had Marcelo gotten hold of them?
At the airport, Lorena said goodbye to her father Aurelio and Julia, flying to Miami with Humberto. Elena angrily questioned Marcelo about the shares- he had found a way of stealing them! Oscar contacted David on his honeymoon with Aide in Madrid about the matter. Power Girl informed Lorena  over the phone about what Marcelo did and that Elena was very ill because of it. Lorena dreads her upcoming wedding.

After giving Marcelo a sound thrashing, David ordered Marcelo to be thrown out of the building. Elena cannot believe her own son would do such a thing to her. David advised her to take legal action …


Enrique resumed his affair with Irasema, not wanting his brother in law to have her. But then they are both murdered during a drive; Marcelo had ordered men to tamper with the brakes!
Full of remorse, Julia promised her sister that she will make things right. German is not in support of Marcelo harming Humberto as well- after all he'd gotten what he wanted at last; she and David were no longer together and there was no way she would ever go back to Marcelo but Marcelo angrily tells him to shut up.
David gets worried when Irasema does not answer his calls. Lorena, still in love with David, told Humberto she was not in love with him.
Cinthia is devastated when it appeared that Enrique had left her again and this time she was pregnant. Power Girl advised Lorena to move on with her life. David is furious to hear that Humberto is pursing Lorena, feeling sure she was encouraging him. In actual fact, Lorena was spending lonely nights thinking of her now ex-husband.
Julia went to David&#…


After the shock came the rage. In great fury David darted at Marcelo, grabbing him by the neck. 'Bastard!' He shouted. Lorena, now awake, watched in great confusion. Aide is very pleased with herself.
Lorena pleaded with David to listen to her; she would never, ever cheat on him.. she got drunk and Aide helped her to bed, that's all! Marcelo shamelessly begged David to forgive them both, it was out of love they had slept together all this time, Lorena screamed at him to shut the hell up- she never slept with him! David beat up Marcelo, calling him trash, Marcelo retorted that he could do and say what he liked to him but he'll never take Lorena from him- she loved him, not David. Furious, David threw him out before turning on Lorena; accusing her of being a liar and a hypocrite. Lorena wept bitterly, pleading with him to believe her, she loved him... only him but he does not listen to her. Marcelo's wife is shocked to see his nose bleeding.
Power Girl hurries into …


Meanwhile, Aide and Marcelo carefully hatch out their plan of separating the happy couple. Aide had heard from her spy Raul that David was travelling to the States on a business trip and he was taking Lorena along. Marcelo enlists the help of Lorena's sister Julia who was still very resentful towards David and Lorena for making her earn her keep instead of giving her a hefty monthly allowance. Julia does not see how he will be able to convince David that Lorena was cheating on him when she was so crazy about him and vice versa. Besides, Lorena hated Marcelo. Aide persuades her Mom and sister to go to New York with her and Marcelo; her mum is puzzled that Aide seemed so anxious to go on the trip. Lorena's despicable sister agreed to help Marcelo ruin her sister's marriage as she felt that if she remained on their side, she won't get anything. (WHAT A BITCH) Marcelo is very pleased, naturally and begins his evil plan. And unsuspecting Raul gives Aide David's busines…