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Sunday, February 24, 2013

CARBO FAN FICTION- Return Journey Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Shawn Douglas went back to his parents’ house the following day only to get his backpack and that was after Bo had left for work; so he left a note telling him he was staying with Carly. It wrung Carly’s heart to see her beloved foster son alienated from his parents and family but Shawn Douglas flatly refused to discuss them or go to the Pub, although he did insist that the current situation wasn't Carly’s fault at all; his family’s behaviour had shocked him so much that he simply couldn't be around them for now.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

CARBO FAN FICTION-Return Journey Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Frankie’s usually genial face was contorted with anger as he paced up and down the waiting room; very anxious about his sister  and vowing all sorts of revenge if Carly lost that baby. 

Friday, February 08, 2013


Marcelo  immediately went into hiding but kept taunting David over the phone about enjoying Humberto's money with Lorena and living happily ever after with her. During a business trip in Mexico City David's personal assistant Raul (egged on by Aide who was furious that David was still in love with Lorena) surprised him in his bedroom with a gun. David then realised that Lorena and Julia's warning had been true but  he hadn't  expected Raul  to be  a conspirator at all. A  very nervous Raul insisted he only wanted to kill him so that Aide would be free to marry him but David  said she was playing him for a patsy; she would go free and he would go to prison for murder! In despair, Raul fled the room.
Back in Acapulco, David confronted Aide about her plot to kill him and share his wealth with Marcelo, for Enrique and Irasema's murders and for breaking up his marriage to Lorena. The family tried to intervene as Aide denied his accusations but David angrily told them to back off, seizing Aide by the neck...

In Miami, Lorena was told by Power Girl about David's attempted murder  but declared if David came pleading she would send him away.

Ordering the guards to open the gate, David literally threw Aide out of the house with no luggage or money. Aide's mother is very angry at her daughter's true colours and disowned her.

Marcelo has another evil plan and this time it involved his mother Elena...

After confronting Aide for her lies and making him believe she loved him but in fact had been using him as a pawn and spy the whole time, Raul shot her.
Aide is taken to the hospital and Raul is arrested. She promised to give the police her statement.

Lorena is informed about Aide but felt no sympathy for her. In jail, Raul begged his boss for his forgiveness. Julia answers the phone then passed it to Lorena, saying it was their father. But it was actually David who began to ask Lorena to forgive him. In anger, she hung up. (You accused a lady of cheating on you, you humiliated her now you want to reconcile with her over the phone??? Fool! )

One of the servants overheard Elena's conversation with Marcelo over the phone. After sending a guard to follow her, he called David to inform him. To Elena's dismay, Marcelo ordered her to be tied up!
Back at the mansion, the servant told David that the guard followed Elena to a house on the hills. David instructed him to call the police and direct them there.
David is dragged to Marcelo's presence. Marcelo, now totally demented, began a fist fight with David. While Marcelo was reeling from a punch, David untied Elena but then Marcelo grabbed him again. Overpowering him, Marcelo picked up a rock to bash David with. Elena begged him to put the rock down , pointing a gun at him. Marcelo does not heed her; daring her to shoot him, her own son. Putting down the gun, Elena rushed at him, trying to get the rock from him.
 'Let go of me!' he snarled, struggling with her and then... they both went over the balcony, falling several feet into the sea.  David screamed  in horror as Marcelo and poor Elena disappeared into the deep, dark water...

Lorena was very sad about Mrs. Elena's death, vowing to pray for her before deciding to go back to Acapulco to have her baby there. Aide was sentenced to serve time in prison.(serves her right)

Months later, Cinthia welcomed a very beautiful baby girl, naming her after her late step mother. Full of remorse, she urged David not to give up at getting Lorena back.
David visited Lorena at the hospital after their baby boy was born; with flowers and a very repentant heart. But Lorena is very cold, pointing out to him that if you truly loved someone, you never offended  them nor thought the worst  of them; she could not forgive him for hurting her so much.
Aide's mother and sister decided to go on a three month trip. Aide is very bitter they were leaving her to rot in jail.
David begged Lorena to think of their son. Lorena sneeringly reminded him that he had thought the baby was Marcelo's, before asking him to leave.

Oscar and Power Girl make their own plans- their house was being built  and Power Girl was now carrying their first child. They both hoped that  Lorena would find it in her heart to forgive David eventually.

On Lorena's  last day in Acapulco, Cinthia brings baby Elena to visit Lorena and meet her nephew. She asked for Lorena's forgiveness and begged her to give David the chance to make up for his great mistake. But Lorena was more than anxious to move on with her life, without David.

At the airport, David caught up with Lorena as she was about to board the plane, again begging and telling her that he loved her. 'Forgive me for being so stupid.' he pleaded.

But Lorena was resolute. Since they had met she'd been surrounded by lies and tricks but she had counted on his loyalty and he'd believed everyone except her. She loved him too but things couldn't be the same between them. Sadly, David watched her board the private plane and the door closed behind her.

Hours later, David is at home, staring at the setting sun, lonely and miserable. But then he heard footsteps behind him and there was Lorena; smiling at him, their baby in her arms. 'What are we going to do without you?' she asked. 'We couldn't go knowing that you need us as much as we need you.' HE WAS FORGIVEN!
Overjoyed, David walked up  to her. She hands the squirming  baby to him, smiling at him tenderly.
'I love you and I always will.' David said softly.
'I love you too.' Lorena replied, also softly. ' I want to stay in Acapulco with you forever.'




Marcelo falls ill in prison; not used to such harsh conditions. Humberto apologized to Lorena- realising that she had merely followed her heart so he could not hold it against her, he had been too hasty and anxious to win her. Aide's sister informed their mother about finding Aide in bed with Marcelo, which Aide loudly denied.
Marcelo got paroled and stayed in the mansion, to David's anger. He begged David to let him stay for a few days as he is very ill. David angrily agreed, not knowing his wife Aide was hiding behind an armchair.
David was furious to see Humberto who came to see him to put things right between David  and Lorena by telling him Lorena was still in love with him. But David was too angry to listen and told him to leave, vowing that he would get his comeuppance soon for putting the moves on Lorena. Elena advised Marcelo to repent his evil ways; he had really hurt her so she'd had no choice but to get him arrested.
Humberto is killed when his car explodes! (Marcelo's handiwork of course) A shaken Raul rushed into David's office to inform him. Lorena heard the terrible news from Oscar.

Aurelio, Lorena's father felt the explosion was an  accident but Lorena was sure it was murder and blamed herself for Humberto's untimely death. As German knew too much and was now blackmailing him- Marcelo ordered him to be killed too but he was brought to the hospital barely alive. When the police came, he gave his statement between gasps; about Marcelo's lie to Lorena and stealing David's identity and of Irasema and Enrique's murders...
Marcelo barged into Humberto's house- now Lorena's according to Humberto's  Will- to force himself on her but fortunately Power Girl arrived on time and he was thrown out. Oscar later called Power Girl to inform her that German was going to testify against Marcelo. Cinthia was devastated to hear from David that Enrique was dead.
Disguised as a nurse, Aide sneaked into German's room and finished him off.

Thursday, February 07, 2013


Devastated that David had married the woman who wrecked their marriage, Lorena decided to agree to Humberto's proposal- she will move to Miami and marry him.
Marcelo causes more trouble in the office, informing David that Elena had signed over her shares of the company to him, But when she is questioned by Oscar, Elena said she did no such thing- how had Marcelo gotten hold of them?
At the airport, Lorena said goodbye to her father Aurelio and Julia, flying to Miami with Humberto. Elena angrily questioned Marcelo about the shares- he had found a way of stealing them! Oscar contacted David on his honeymoon with Aide in Madrid about the matter. Power Girl informed Lorena  over the phone about what Marcelo did and that Elena was very ill because of it. Lorena dreads her upcoming wedding.

After giving Marcelo a sound thrashing, David ordered Marcelo to be thrown out of the building. Elena cannot believe her own son would do such a thing to her. David advised her to take legal action against him.
David was very bitter when he heard from Oscar  Lorena is marrying his EX- best friend Humberto, wondering why Humberto would accept Marcelo's unborn child. Oscar reminded him that the baby was his but David angrily refused to hear that. Marcelo is shocked when the police come to arrest him for fraud; Elena had reported him to the authorities. David was very pleased that his stepmother took a stand for once.
Power Girl told Lorena about it and she too was pleased Elena decided to punish her son.
On her wedding day, Lorena is distressed and unhappy; all she could see was David's face as she walked up the aisle towards Humberto. And at the last minute, she picked up her full white skirts and ran away- SHE  COULDN'T GO THROUGH WITH IT! Power Girl and Julia tried to make her change her mind, reminding her David married Aide but she refused- she still loved David! Julia informed her that Aide and Marcelo were sleeping with each other behind David's back and were probably plotting against him.
In Acapulco, Elena consoled a weeping David who thought Lorena's wedding was going on at that moment. From her hiding place, Aide watched him cry over Lorena.
Humberto was very bitter to see that Lorena still wouldn't let go her love for a man who'd accused her of cheating on him; feeling sure she would regret her decision.
David later got a visit from Lorena (Oscar had told him she did not marry Humberto after all). They almost kiss but pull away at the last minute. David didn't want to hear what Lorena had to say, coldly  telling her not to speak ill of his wife. Exasperated and very hurt, Lorena walked out of his office.


Enrique resumed his affair with Irasema, not wanting his brother in law to have her. But then they are both murdered during a drive; Marcelo had ordered men to tamper with the brakes!
Full of remorse, Julia promised her sister that she will make things right. German is not in support of Marcelo harming Humberto as well- after all he'd gotten what he wanted at last; she and David were no longer together and there was no way she would ever go back to Marcelo but Marcelo angrily tells him to shut up.
David gets worried when Irasema does not answer his calls. Lorena, still in love with David, told Humberto she was not in love with him.
Cinthia is devastated when it appeared that Enrique had left her again and this time she was pregnant. Power Girl advised Lorena to move on with her life. David is furious to hear that Humberto is pursing Lorena, feeling sure she was encouraging him. In actual fact, Lorena was spending lonely nights thinking of her now ex-husband.
Julia went to David's office and made her confession but David felt Lorena told her to say all those things as he didn't think a young woman would actually do such things to her sister. To forget Lorena completely, David told Aide to arrange their wedding. Oscar congratulated him although he knew very well David was still in love with Lorena. Lorena is told by Power Girl and felt bitter but Power Girl assured her she would not attend the wedding even if Oscar did.
Julia told Marcelo's wife what really happened in New York, adding her own part
Lorena in turn gave Power Girl some shocking news, she is PREGNANT!
David flatly refused to believe the baby is his- to Power Girl and Oscar's horror. In anger, Power Girl shouted, 'You're the stupidest man I have ever met!'
Marcelo's wife caught her sister Aide and Marcelo in bed together and Aide had to beg Marcelo not to kill her sister.
Elena is overjoyed at the news of Lorena's pregnancy but is shocked by David's unfair and stubborn stand in the matter- he wanted nothing to do with it or Lorena (What AN IDIOT!!!)
David paid another visit to Lorena, asking if the baby was Marcelo's and out of anger and hurt that he would actually think such a thing she said yeah, it was! Aide is dismayed to hear from Cinthia that Lorena was pregnant, fearing that he would reconcile with her. So she paid a visit to Lorena's flat, telling her that David could care less about her baby. Lorena coldly told her to leave.
Humberto,on hearing the news, asked Lorena to marry him and allow him be the father of her baby.
David and Aide have a white wedding; Lorena watched from afar and cried bitterly before Power Girl gently led her away...


After the shock came the rage. In great fury David darted at Marcelo, grabbing him by the neck. 'Bastard!' He shouted. Lorena, now awake, watched in great confusion. Aide is very pleased with herself.
Lorena pleaded with David to listen to her; she would never, ever cheat on him.. she got drunk and Aide helped her to bed, that's all! Marcelo shamelessly begged David to forgive them both, it was out of love they had slept together all this time, Lorena screamed at him to shut the hell up- she never slept with him! David beat up Marcelo, calling him trash, Marcelo retorted that he could do and say what he liked to him but he'll never take Lorena from him- she loved him, not David. Furious, David threw him out before turning on Lorena; accusing her of being a liar and a hypocrite. Lorena wept bitterly, pleading with him to believe her, she loved him... only him but he does not listen to her. Marcelo's wife is shocked to see his nose bleeding.
Power Girl hurries into the room to console Lorena who is crying; unable to understand what had happened and why her husband refused to believe her.
At the bar, Oscar warned David not to rush things; there had to be a good explanation for what he'd seen but David was too angry and sad to pay attention. Lorena was his first love and she had betrayed him, he couldn't stay married to him. Upstairs, he tells Lorena in front of everyone that their marriage was definitely over. Very angry and hurt, Lorena accepted her fate but warned him he would be be sorry he ever thought such a thing about her.
Back in Acapulco, though she tried hard to deny it; Julia got a terrible scolding from an angry Lorena for helping Marcelo ruin her marriage- declaring she'll never forgive her. Marcelo gloats over the success of his plan; Aide meanwhile gives a very depressed  David her sympathy. Elena on the other hand does not believe Lorena is guilty.
To Aide's anger, David begins to date Enrique's girlfriend- Irasema- instead of her.
Elena paid Lorena a visit at her father's house; Lorena protested that she was innocent and Elena should know; thanks to the conversation she had heard, he and that bitch Aide had set her up. David also visited Lorena and it ends bitterly; Lorena was going ahead with the divorce and so was he. She wept as the door slammed behind him.
Elena angrily confronted Marcelo for what he did- she knew very well that Lorena would never cheat David, Marcelo tried to deny it but she knew he was lying. It still didn't help as David stubbornly refused to believe Lorena.
Marcelo went to David's office to deliberately provoke him and they engage in a fierce fight.
Enrique overheard Aide and Cinthia talking about David and Irasema; invoking his jealousy.
Lorena is very surprised to see Humberto again when he visits her father's bar. Humberto has his own agenda, now that Lorena was free; he could now pursue her.
Aide and Marcelo discuss getting rid of Irasema- she was an unexpected obstacle to her hopeful marriage to David. Meanwhile, Humberto told Lorena that he wanted to be more than friends with her...


Meanwhile, Aide and Marcelo carefully hatch out their plan of separating the happy couple. Aide had heard from her spy Raul that David was travelling to the States on a business trip and he was taking Lorena along. Marcelo enlists the help of Lorena's sister Julia who was still very resentful towards David and Lorena for making her earn her keep instead of giving her a hefty monthly allowance. Julia does not see how he will be able to convince David that Lorena was cheating on him when she was so crazy about him and vice versa. Besides, Lorena hated Marcelo. Aide persuades her Mom and sister to go to New York with her and Marcelo; her mum is puzzled that Aide seemed so anxious to go on the trip. Lorena's despicable sister agreed to help Marcelo ruin her sister's marriage as she felt that if she remained on their side, she won't get anything. (WHAT A BITCH) Marcelo is very pleased, naturally and begins his evil plan. And unsuspecting Raul gives Aide David's business schedule- when he arrived in New York, he will head to Toronto for a whole day. Meanwhile, Julia plants Marcelo's hairbrush and gold chain in David and Lorena's bedroom. While dressing for Marcelo's wedding, David saw and recognized the chain as he had given it to Marcelo on his birthday years ago. Marcelo denies putting the chain there or having anything with Lorena; urging David not to make a scene on his wedding day. That night, David and Lorena make passionate love as always; assuring each other of their love.
Enrinque- Cinthia's husband returns to her, to her joy.

David and Lorena arrive in New York; David kissing Lorena goodbye at the hotel before leaving for Toronto with Raul and Oscar. Aide is very anxious for the plan to work...
Elena and Lorena go shopping with Power Girl and Aide's mother and on their return are joined by Marcelo, his wife and Aide. Lorena got a phone call from David that he might not come back that night but tomorrow; to Aide's dismay. Meanwhile, David urges Raul to wrap everything up so he'l head back to New York early and be with Lorena. To Aide's relief, Raul informed her of this. Time for the plan...
All the women are tipsy from the drinks, but Lorena is really drunk, thanks to Aide' continuous filling of her glass. Aide helps Lorena to bed and then begins to take off her shoes and white pants suit...
Marcelo then entered  and cuddles close to a comatose Lorena!
Anticipating his wife's joy at his return, David goes into the suite and finds Marcelo and his beloved wife entwined in bed...