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Friday, February 08, 2013


Marcelo  immediately went into hiding but kept taunting David over the phone about enjoying Humberto's money with Lorena and living happily ever after with her. During a business trip in Mexico City David's personal assistant Raul (egged on by Aide who was furious that David was still in love with Lorena) surprised him in his bedroom with a gun. David then realised that Lorena and Julia's warning had been true but  he hadn't  expected Raul  to be  a conspirator at all. A  very nervous Raul insisted he only wanted to kill him so that Aide would be free to marry him but David  said she was playing him for a patsy; she would go free and he would go to prison for murder! In despair, Raul fled the room.
Back in Acapulco, David confronted Aide about her plot to kill him and share his wealth with Marcelo, for Enrique and Irasema's murders and for breaking up his marriage to Lorena. The family tried to intervene as Aide denied his accusations but David angrily told them to back off, seizing Aide by the neck...

In Miami, Lorena was told by Power Girl about David's attempted murder  but declared if David came pleading she would send him away.

Ordering the guards to open the gate, David literally threw Aide out of the house with no luggage or money. Aide's mother is very angry at her daughter's true colours and disowned her.

Marcelo has another evil plan and this time it involved his mother Elena...

After confronting Aide for her lies and making him believe she loved him but in fact had been using him as a pawn and spy the whole time, Raul shot her.
Aide is taken to the hospital and Raul is arrested. She promised to give the police her statement.

Lorena is informed about Aide but felt no sympathy for her. In jail, Raul begged his boss for his forgiveness. Julia answers the phone then passed it to Lorena, saying it was their father. But it was actually David who began to ask Lorena to forgive him. In anger, she hung up. (You accused a lady of cheating on you, you humiliated her now you want to reconcile with her over the phone??? Fool! )

One of the servants overheard Elena's conversation with Marcelo over the phone. After sending a guard to follow her, he called David to inform him. To Elena's dismay, Marcelo ordered her to be tied up!
Back at the mansion, the servant told David that the guard followed Elena to a house on the hills. David instructed him to call the police and direct them there.
David is dragged to Marcelo's presence. Marcelo, now totally demented, began a fist fight with David. While Marcelo was reeling from a punch, David untied Elena but then Marcelo grabbed him again. Overpowering him, Marcelo picked up a rock to bash David with. Elena begged him to put the rock down , pointing a gun at him. Marcelo does not heed her; daring her to shoot him, her own son. Putting down the gun, Elena rushed at him, trying to get the rock from him.
 'Let go of me!' he snarled, struggling with her and then... they both went over the balcony, falling several feet into the sea.  David screamed  in horror as Marcelo and poor Elena disappeared into the deep, dark water...

Lorena was very sad about Mrs. Elena's death, vowing to pray for her before deciding to go back to Acapulco to have her baby there. Aide was sentenced to serve time in prison.(serves her right)

Months later, Cinthia welcomed a very beautiful baby girl, naming her after her late step mother. Full of remorse, she urged David not to give up at getting Lorena back.
David visited Lorena at the hospital after their baby boy was born; with flowers and a very repentant heart. But Lorena is very cold, pointing out to him that if you truly loved someone, you never offended  them nor thought the worst  of them; she could not forgive him for hurting her so much.
Aide's mother and sister decided to go on a three month trip. Aide is very bitter they were leaving her to rot in jail.
David begged Lorena to think of their son. Lorena sneeringly reminded him that he had thought the baby was Marcelo's, before asking him to leave.

Oscar and Power Girl make their own plans- their house was being built  and Power Girl was now carrying their first child. They both hoped that  Lorena would find it in her heart to forgive David eventually.

On Lorena's  last day in Acapulco, Cinthia brings baby Elena to visit Lorena and meet her nephew. She asked for Lorena's forgiveness and begged her to give David the chance to make up for his great mistake. But Lorena was more than anxious to move on with her life, without David.

At the airport, David caught up with Lorena as she was about to board the plane, again begging and telling her that he loved her. 'Forgive me for being so stupid.' he pleaded.

But Lorena was resolute. Since they had met she'd been surrounded by lies and tricks but she had counted on his loyalty and he'd believed everyone except her. She loved him too but things couldn't be the same between them. Sadly, David watched her board the private plane and the door closed behind her.

Hours later, David is at home, staring at the setting sun, lonely and miserable. But then he heard footsteps behind him and there was Lorena; smiling at him, their baby in her arms. 'What are we going to do without you?' she asked. 'We couldn't go knowing that you need us as much as we need you.' HE WAS FORGIVEN!
Overjoyed, David walked up  to her. She hands the squirming  baby to him, smiling at him tenderly.
'I love you and I always will.' David said softly.
'I love you too.' Lorena replied, also softly. ' I want to stay in Acapulco with you forever.'



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