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Friday, February 08, 2013


Marcelo falls ill in prison; not used to such harsh conditions. Humberto apologized to Lorena- realising that she had merely followed her heart so he could not hold it against her, he had been too hasty and anxious to win her. Aide's sister informed their mother about finding Aide in bed with Marcelo, which Aide loudly denied.
Marcelo got paroled and stayed in the mansion, to David's anger. He begged David to let him stay for a few days as he is very ill. David angrily agreed, not knowing his wife Aide was hiding behind an armchair.
David was furious to see Humberto who came to see him to put things right between David  and Lorena by telling him Lorena was still in love with him. But David was too angry to listen and told him to leave, vowing that he would get his comeuppance soon for putting the moves on Lorena. Elena advised Marcelo to repent his evil ways; he had really hurt her so she'd had no choice but to get him arrested.
Humberto is killed when his car explodes! (Marcelo's handiwork of course) A shaken Raul rushed into David's office to inform him. Lorena heard the terrible news from Oscar.

Aurelio, Lorena's father felt the explosion was an  accident but Lorena was sure it was murder and blamed herself for Humberto's untimely death. As German knew too much and was now blackmailing him- Marcelo ordered him to be killed too but he was brought to the hospital barely alive. When the police came, he gave his statement between gasps; about Marcelo's lie to Lorena and stealing David's identity and of Irasema and Enrique's murders...
Marcelo barged into Humberto's house- now Lorena's according to Humberto's  Will- to force himself on her but fortunately Power Girl arrived on time and he was thrown out. Oscar later called Power Girl to inform her that German was going to testify against Marcelo. Cinthia was devastated to hear from David that Enrique was dead.
Disguised as a nurse, Aide sneaked into German's room and finished him off.

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