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Thursday, February 07, 2013


Meanwhile, Aide and Marcelo carefully hatch out their plan of separating the happy couple. Aide had heard from her spy Raul that David was travelling to the States on a business trip and he was taking Lorena along. Marcelo enlists the help of Lorena's sister Julia who was still very resentful towards David and Lorena for making her earn her keep instead of giving her a hefty monthly allowance. Julia does not see how he will be able to convince David that Lorena was cheating on him when she was so crazy about him and vice versa. Besides, Lorena hated Marcelo. Aide persuades her Mom and sister to go to New York with her and Marcelo; her mum is puzzled that Aide seemed so anxious to go on the trip. Lorena's despicable sister agreed to help Marcelo ruin her sister's marriage as she felt that if she remained on their side, she won't get anything. (WHAT A BITCH) Marcelo is very pleased, naturally and begins his evil plan. And unsuspecting Raul gives Aide David's business schedule- when he arrived in New York, he will head to Toronto for a whole day. Meanwhile, Julia plants Marcelo's hairbrush and gold chain in David and Lorena's bedroom. While dressing for Marcelo's wedding, David saw and recognized the chain as he had given it to Marcelo on his birthday years ago. Marcelo denies putting the chain there or having anything with Lorena; urging David not to make a scene on his wedding day. That night, David and Lorena make passionate love as always; assuring each other of their love.
Enrinque- Cinthia's husband returns to her, to her joy.

David and Lorena arrive in New York; David kissing Lorena goodbye at the hotel before leaving for Toronto with Raul and Oscar. Aide is very anxious for the plan to work...
Elena and Lorena go shopping with Power Girl and Aide's mother and on their return are joined by Marcelo, his wife and Aide. Lorena got a phone call from David that he might not come back that night but tomorrow; to Aide's dismay. Meanwhile, David urges Raul to wrap everything up so he'l head back to New York early and be with Lorena. To Aide's relief, Raul informed her of this. Time for the plan...
All the women are tipsy from the drinks, but Lorena is really drunk, thanks to Aide' continuous filling of her glass. Aide helps Lorena to bed and then begins to take off her shoes and white pants suit...
Marcelo then entered  and cuddles close to a comatose Lorena!
Anticipating his wife's joy at his return, David goes into the suite and finds Marcelo and his beloved wife entwined in bed...

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