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Thursday, February 07, 2013


After the shock came the rage. In great fury David darted at Marcelo, grabbing him by the neck. 'Bastard!' He shouted. Lorena, now awake, watched in great confusion. Aide is very pleased with herself.
Lorena pleaded with David to listen to her; she would never, ever cheat on him.. she got drunk and Aide helped her to bed, that's all! Marcelo shamelessly begged David to forgive them both, it was out of love they had slept together all this time, Lorena screamed at him to shut the hell up- she never slept with him! David beat up Marcelo, calling him trash, Marcelo retorted that he could do and say what he liked to him but he'll never take Lorena from him- she loved him, not David. Furious, David threw him out before turning on Lorena; accusing her of being a liar and a hypocrite. Lorena wept bitterly, pleading with him to believe her, she loved him... only him but he does not listen to her. Marcelo's wife is shocked to see his nose bleeding.
Power Girl hurries into the room to console Lorena who is crying; unable to understand what had happened and why her husband refused to believe her.
At the bar, Oscar warned David not to rush things; there had to be a good explanation for what he'd seen but David was too angry and sad to pay attention. Lorena was his first love and she had betrayed him, he couldn't stay married to him. Upstairs, he tells Lorena in front of everyone that their marriage was definitely over. Very angry and hurt, Lorena accepted her fate but warned him he would be be sorry he ever thought such a thing about her.
Back in Acapulco, though she tried hard to deny it; Julia got a terrible scolding from an angry Lorena for helping Marcelo ruin her marriage- declaring she'll never forgive her. Marcelo gloats over the success of his plan; Aide meanwhile gives a very depressed  David her sympathy. Elena on the other hand does not believe Lorena is guilty.
To Aide's anger, David begins to date Enrique's girlfriend- Irasema- instead of her.
Elena paid Lorena a visit at her father's house; Lorena protested that she was innocent and Elena should know; thanks to the conversation she had heard, he and that bitch Aide had set her up. David also visited Lorena and it ends bitterly; Lorena was going ahead with the divorce and so was he. She wept as the door slammed behind him.
Elena angrily confronted Marcelo for what he did- she knew very well that Lorena would never cheat David, Marcelo tried to deny it but she knew he was lying. It still didn't help as David stubbornly refused to believe Lorena.
Marcelo went to David's office to deliberately provoke him and they engage in a fierce fight.
Enrique overheard Aide and Cinthia talking about David and Irasema; invoking his jealousy.
Lorena is very surprised to see Humberto again when he visits her father's bar. Humberto has his own agenda, now that Lorena was free; he could now pursue her.
Aide and Marcelo discuss getting rid of Irasema- she was an unexpected obstacle to her hopeful marriage to David. Meanwhile, Humberto told Lorena that he wanted to be more than friends with her...

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