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Thursday, February 07, 2013


Devastated that David had married the woman who wrecked their marriage, Lorena decided to agree to Humberto's proposal- she will move to Miami and marry him.
Marcelo causes more trouble in the office, informing David that Elena had signed over her shares of the company to him, But when she is questioned by Oscar, Elena said she did no such thing- how had Marcelo gotten hold of them?
At the airport, Lorena said goodbye to her father Aurelio and Julia, flying to Miami with Humberto. Elena angrily questioned Marcelo about the shares- he had found a way of stealing them! Oscar contacted David on his honeymoon with Aide in Madrid about the matter. Power Girl informed Lorena  over the phone about what Marcelo did and that Elena was very ill because of it. Lorena dreads her upcoming wedding.

After giving Marcelo a sound thrashing, David ordered Marcelo to be thrown out of the building. Elena cannot believe her own son would do such a thing to her. David advised her to take legal action against him.
David was very bitter when he heard from Oscar  Lorena is marrying his EX- best friend Humberto, wondering why Humberto would accept Marcelo's unborn child. Oscar reminded him that the baby was his but David angrily refused to hear that. Marcelo is shocked when the police come to arrest him for fraud; Elena had reported him to the authorities. David was very pleased that his stepmother took a stand for once.
Power Girl told Lorena about it and she too was pleased Elena decided to punish her son.
On her wedding day, Lorena is distressed and unhappy; all she could see was David's face as she walked up the aisle towards Humberto. And at the last minute, she picked up her full white skirts and ran away- SHE  COULDN'T GO THROUGH WITH IT! Power Girl and Julia tried to make her change her mind, reminding her David married Aide but she refused- she still loved David! Julia informed her that Aide and Marcelo were sleeping with each other behind David's back and were probably plotting against him.
In Acapulco, Elena consoled a weeping David who thought Lorena's wedding was going on at that moment. From her hiding place, Aide watched him cry over Lorena.
Humberto was very bitter to see that Lorena still wouldn't let go her love for a man who'd accused her of cheating on him; feeling sure she would regret her decision.
David later got a visit from Lorena (Oscar had told him she did not marry Humberto after all). They almost kiss but pull away at the last minute. David didn't want to hear what Lorena had to say, coldly  telling her not to speak ill of his wife. Exasperated and very hurt, Lorena walked out of his office.

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