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Thursday, February 07, 2013


Enrique resumed his affair with Irasema, not wanting his brother in law to have her. But then they are both murdered during a drive; Marcelo had ordered men to tamper with the brakes!
Full of remorse, Julia promised her sister that she will make things right. German is not in support of Marcelo harming Humberto as well- after all he'd gotten what he wanted at last; she and David were no longer together and there was no way she would ever go back to Marcelo but Marcelo angrily tells him to shut up.
David gets worried when Irasema does not answer his calls. Lorena, still in love with David, told Humberto she was not in love with him.
Cinthia is devastated when it appeared that Enrique had left her again and this time she was pregnant. Power Girl advised Lorena to move on with her life. David is furious to hear that Humberto is pursing Lorena, feeling sure she was encouraging him. In actual fact, Lorena was spending lonely nights thinking of her now ex-husband.
Julia went to David's office and made her confession but David felt Lorena told her to say all those things as he didn't think a young woman would actually do such things to her sister. To forget Lorena completely, David told Aide to arrange their wedding. Oscar congratulated him although he knew very well David was still in love with Lorena. Lorena is told by Power Girl and felt bitter but Power Girl assured her she would not attend the wedding even if Oscar did.
Julia told Marcelo's wife what really happened in New York, adding her own part
Lorena in turn gave Power Girl some shocking news, she is PREGNANT!
David flatly refused to believe the baby is his- to Power Girl and Oscar's horror. In anger, Power Girl shouted, 'You're the stupidest man I have ever met!'
Marcelo's wife caught her sister Aide and Marcelo in bed together and Aide had to beg Marcelo not to kill her sister.
Elena is overjoyed at the news of Lorena's pregnancy but is shocked by David's unfair and stubborn stand in the matter- he wanted nothing to do with it or Lorena (What AN IDIOT!!!)
David paid another visit to Lorena, asking if the baby was Marcelo's and out of anger and hurt that he would actually think such a thing she said yeah, it was! Aide is dismayed to hear from Cinthia that Lorena was pregnant, fearing that he would reconcile with her. So she paid a visit to Lorena's flat, telling her that David could care less about her baby. Lorena coldly told her to leave.
Humberto,on hearing the news, asked Lorena to marry him and allow him be the father of her baby.
David and Aide have a white wedding; Lorena watched from afar and cried bitterly before Power Girl gently led her away...

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