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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Actor and comedian Bernie Mac dies at age 50

Islam and Christianity preaches that no matter who we are in this world, death is a certainity. But it truly came as a shock to me to hear of Bernie Mac's death, such a funny and talented man! Hollywood is still mourning Heath Ledger who was just 28 when he died months ago, now this. We just have to hope there won't be another mourning any time soon, Morgan Freeman was in a ghastly motor accident in Mississipi last week, we all have to pray for him to pull through. As for Mr. Bernie Mac,May Allah rest his soul and comfort those he left behind. Amen.
R.I.P Bernie...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Tony and Conan begin to disagree. Laura’s doctor gives the pills to the policeman called to the house; Laura names Isabella as the person who probably switched them since she was obsessed with her husband. She asks him not to involve Lorenzo in any way until the investigation is over. The doctor insists she remain in bed just as Lorenzo enters. He promises to look after her; she in turn promises they’ll stay together and keep it that way. Lorenzo visibly looks bleak as she says that.
As she rummages her drawer, Silvia finds an old newspaper clipping about the publicized wrestling match between her and Titan (the cheating opponent). She remembered how Lorenzo had saved her and punched Titan out, (That had been the night she’d been aware of him as a man instead of a friend for the first time) as well as their first date when they’d shared their first kiss- she begins to cry, poor thing.
Lorenzo helps Laura to bed, the maid expressing their happiness they were back together. Alex finds Silvia crying but she struggles not to. Alex tries to console her.
Isabella phones Estephano to inform Lorenzo has swallowed the bait and he should fax the agreement. Gloria is still nervous about the whole thing but reminds Isabella of the promotion she’d promised her. Nattie discusses Silvia’s missing father with Conan, and certain Hercules was lying when he said he’s never met him. Conan is more worried at the idea of their father marrying that cow, E.P. Hercules stops E.P’s workout as she’s overdoing it and suggests she ask the girls at the factory to alter the dress.
Silvia is very unhappy, going over what’s been happening and moves away from Alex when he tries to kiss her, asking him to go outside. She almost tears up the newspaper but changes her mind and finds what she’s looking for. Orlando is given the fax by Isabella who is aggressive when he expresses his suspicions about Estephano and his company again.
Laura asks Lorenzo to puff up her pillows for her, using it as an excuse to kiss him (a waste of time, since he’s now in love with someone else).
Lorenzo doesn’t return the kiss; he pushes her away and tells her to rest, emotion wasn’t good for her and makes excuses to leave the room. But Laura is convinced, little by little, he’ll love her as before.
TO BE CONTINUED...ran out of time.



Orlando was totally unrepentant; he admitted he had definitely asked Hercules for his help to win her over and was surprised that he had told Nattie he’d been the secret admirer all along, which she is really disgusted about; as well as trying to use her father to get what he wanted, but Orlando stubbornly insisted he would do it again if he had to because he was in love with her. Nattie snapped that it still didn’t give him the right to do what he did and from now on, he must never speak to anyone in her family again. In reply, the idiot told her to get used to the idea that sooner or later she’ll come back to him, be his wife and have a family with him, which made her more furious; how could he be so arrogant? He wasn’t being arrogant, he insisted, just informing her of the inevitable. Nattie lost her temper completely, asking him to leave because she could no longer stand being around him when Lorenzo showed up. Orlando left, telling her to remember what he’d said. Lorenzo told Nattie Laura wanted to see her and she reluctantly entered her room. Laura weakly said she’d been afraid Nattie wouldn’t agree see her, she badly wanted to apologize for her behavior towards her the last time she’d been to the office; Nattie reminded her she’d also treated Silvia badly too. Laura replied she was aware of that and had spoken to Silvia and hopes she and Nattie will find peace with each other and have her forgiveness. Nattie watches her with pity.
Lorenzo informs Isabella he’ll be taking time off work for a while to look after Laura and Orlando will be in charge in the meantime, which Isabella arrogantly agrees with(she’s been more disagreeable since Lorenzo found out what she’d shown poor Silvia), asking about his level of commitment since Laura was capable of looking after herself once she’s discharged. Lorenzo tells her they’ve decided to give their marriage another chance; Isabella personally thinks he was making the biggest mistake of his life. He replied that the main reason why he was moving back in with her was to monitor her medication, so that she won’t take the wrong pills again. Isabella feigns ignorance but Lorenzo tells her she knew what he was talking about, he wasn’t insinuating anything but if Laura fell ill again he’ll be forced to get suspicions and link it to someone who wants her and the baby dead. Isabella felt he was saying she had something to do with Laura’s anemia and he should have realized he’d been wrong in marrying Laura in the first place; perhaps she attempted suicide since she knew the tricks of the trade. Lorenzo snappishly reminded her it was a private matter and he didn’t want her poking her nose into it; their relationship was now strictly professional.
Tony informs Conan his father has made an appointment with a specialist in New York, to treat his leg. Conan begin to show him the orders and balance sheets, which Tony visibly finds confusing and complicated.
At the meeting, Isabella tells them her contact in Italy, Estephano, wants his order tripled- which confuses Lorenzo. Horsy Gloria gives Isabella a meaningful look. Lorenzo said it’s impossible; currently they were working at maximum capacity, 3 eight hour shifts a day, no day off, they were even busy on Sundays! Isabella calmly said they’ll just have to hire more workers. Lorenzo isn’t sure the bank will give them another loan, but Isabella insists it was a huge opportunity; they will be the biggest textile exporting company. Gloria suggested they do subcontracting to another company to lighten the load, but Lorenzo feels uncomfortable as they have a cash flow problem; it was risky to put their eggs in one basket, but Isabella insists it was worth the risk, and Estephano wanted an answer the soonest so he didn’t have time to think about it. When Lorenzo leaves the room to go talk to Orlando, Isabella smiles evilly. Gloria demands to know what she was up to now.
Hercules gave Nattie and Silvia startling news; he and Empetriz have decided to get married! His niece is stunned and his daughter absolutely furious, loudly refusing to accept ‘that witch’. Silvia asked him if it was merely an idea or they’ve set a date already. Hercules replied they were both serious about it as they were no longer youngsters; they wanted to have each other for the rest of their lives. Nattie isn’t happy at all, why did he have to choose, of all women, that big gossip that always fought with anyone she meets? Her father replied she made him happy and content, he felt alive with her and she was full of fun and wants to marry her. Silvia calmly said if he felt it was the best decision for him, they wished him well, to Nattie’s anger. Hercules is happy as he’ll be grandfather to Mimi’s baby (being her stepfather), which is a role he’s looking forward to; Nattie declares he’s completely mad but Silvia reproaches her. She points out neither of them like E.P, but the person who will be dealing with her most often is Hercules and they have to be supportive now. Hercules pleads with Nattie for her and Conan’s approval as he won’t be able to get married in such circumstances, but she accuses him of trying to make her feel bad, which she won’t allow and tells him that under no circumstances should E.P EVER think of trying to be her mother. Hercules promised he won’t stop loving Nattie and Conan once they are married. To change the subject, Nattie asked him why he’d told Silvia he didn’t know her father. He replies his late sister, Silvia’s mum, had met him in Mexico, someone had introduced them. But Nattie insists she remembers him mentioning his sister’s husband when she was a kid, he’d said he was his friend and a very funny guy. But her father replied she was mistaken and left abruptly.
Laura gets an unwelcome visitor, Alex. She tells him to get out, he says she shouldn’t talk to him that way; he only came to see how she was. Laura didn’t want Lorenzo to find him there, since they have reconciled. Alex receives this news with a stupid smirk on his face; Silvia will now return to him (yeah, in your dreams, gigolo).
Empetriz tries on her old wedding gown she’d worn on her first wedding, which no longer fits- Mimi advises her to just go and buy a new gown. Orlando agrees they should use their properties as collateral, in spite of the risk involved, a bank has agreed to give them a big loan.
Alex interrupts Silvia and Nattie in the middle of work; Alex asks to speak to Silvia alone, he wanted to tell her what Laura had told him.
Gloria asked Isabella if the sudden upping of production was part of her revenge on Lorenzo and is told not to ask questions since she wouldn’t want to be involved in the matter. But Gloria feels she was making a huge mistake, as setting a trap will only push Lorenzo further away from her. Isabella arrogantly tells her her opinion did not count; she was just there to follow orders and is told Orlando has been asking questions about Estephano and his company. Isabella calls Orlando an imbecile who is incapable of adding two and two together and is certain her plan (whatever it was) will succeed. (Oh, Lorenzo, you are a total idjit!)
Alex was on the verge of telling Silvia what Laura had said but her harsh tone when he hesitates discourages him. She asks if Laura had had a relapse but he replies she was much better and will soon go home. She’s annoyed he’d sent Nattie out for such a trivial thing.
Lorenzo tells Isabella he and Orlando have agreed to up production and would get smaller companies to help them. Empetriz begins to work out, in order to fit into her wedding dress. (Miser can’t spend money on a new one, nonsense!)