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Friday, July 18, 2014


1954 Plot: 

A chauffeur's daughter is hopelessly in love with the younger son of the Larrabee household;  womanising, fun loving and irresponsible David. Alas, David only sees her as the little girl living above the garage with her father and barely talks to her. Sabrina goes to a cooking school in Paris and returns a refined and confident young woman and David (though engaged for about  the fourth time) is smitten with the 'new improved' Sabrina- to his family's dismay as it would mean the loss of an important business deal between the two families. 
 So the older Larrabee son- workaholic and humourless Linus- decided to divert Sabrina's attention from David towards him with the plan to abandon her once David recommitted himself to Elizabeth after getting the wrong impression of Sabrina.
But the plan backfired big time; Sabrina- after some initial confusion- did fall in love with the much more mature Linus and Linus refused to admit that he was genuinely in love with Sabrina but her sweetness made him repentant enough to confess  the whole scheme- hurting her. 
More for Sabrina's happiness than his brother's, Linus told David to go to Paris with her but got a shock when David informed him and the family he was going to marry Elizabeth after all. Finally acknowledging his feelings, Linus rushed off to find Sabrina and shared an emotional reconciliation on the ship already on its way to Paris. 

1995 Plot: 

Sabrina is in love with David Larrabee who hardly notices her and her concerned father, John Fairchild- hoped she'll forget the player during her time as an intern at Vogue in Paris. While she's away- David courts Elizabeth Tyson; the daughter of a very wealthy family and they get engaged. 
Sabrina returns with beauty, refinement and confidence; to David's amazement and delight and becomes smitten; to Linus and their mother's dismay as it would mean the loss of a huge business merger between the Larrabees and the Tysons. So Linus diverts Sabrina's attention away from David but it ended up Linus getting to know Sabrina more than he ever did and becoming aware how most people see him while Sabrina saw there was more to the dour  workaholic she'd known all her life and falls in love with him, however Linus doesn't or wouldn't admit he loved Sabrina. Instead he confessed what he'd been doing and Sabrina returned to Paris heartbroken. David- finally mature and self aware- recommits himself to Elizabeth and they and Mrs. Larrabee trick Linus into admitting he loved Sabrina- urging him to go after her, which he did after convincing John Fairchild he would make his daughter happy and in return was given Sabrina's address. 
Sabrina found Linus on her doorstep and they are reconciled. 

This is my favorite movie of all time, so much so that I don't like one version above the other, no... not at all! Sabrina is a modern day Cinderella story with an incredible plot and interesting characters; a true classic. 
However, in Sabrina, it's not a wicked stepmother and two step-sisters barring the heroine's path to true love, it's class difference. The object of her affection is the son of a rich household, she's the daughter of their chauffeur. Her father however is a man of dignity who is well respected and felt that people should know their place. According to him: 

'I like to think of life as a limousine. Though we are all riding together, we must remember our places. There's a front seat and a back seat and a window in between.' 

Let's compare the portrayal of Sabrina and Linus and the relationship of the two characters- the original and the 'years late' remake.  

Sabrina Fairchild was played in 1954 by Audrey Hepburn and Linus Larrabee was played by Humphrey Bogart- shocking since this particular actor was not known for being in romantic comedies. Hepburn played Sabrina with a moving aura of innocence and sweetness; with a touch of sensitivity and  tender emotion that I won't be surprised if a huge number of  male fans were in love with her and her character. 

Bogie, like I said, was not a romantic comedy actor (I'd seen him previously in The African QueenDark PassageCasablanca and Key Largo) but to my surprise he played the stuffy workaholic very well. It was when Linus began courting Sabrina that I really sat up, wondering how he was going to shed the gruffness and be romantic. 
I wouldn't say he did but he adopted a sort of rugged charm when he was around Sabrina and after a while he was like  a man who felt he was getting soft and trying very hard to disguise it. 

Sabrina and Linus were a very unlikely pair but I disliked David (William Holden)  so much that even though I thought Linus was very stuffy, I hoped the newly sophisticated but still sweet Sabrina would loosen him up and realize there was more to life behind a desk and have some fun for once. Their first scene together in the movie was when he found her under one of the numerous cars in the garage and helped her up to her apartment by slinging her over his shoulder, lightly scolded her for her supposed carelessness and left her. 
When she returned from Paris a few years later, he didn't acknowledge her greeting but warned his infatuated brother: 'The last  pair of legs that were something  cost the family $25,000.' I  wasn't  pleased with that, it was like he was likening Sabrina to the bimbos David was involved in the past- all legs and no class or brains and of course wanting David to stay committed to Elizabeth. He's not hostile with Sabrina- deciding to
handle her with kid gloves by meeting her at the tennis court in David's stead (armed with glasses and a bottle of champagne) and realised from his discussion with her that she was no gold digging predator- just a young woman in love with his brother since she was a little girl. 

The kiss he gave her (according to him was 'from David') was a hint there was more to come between them- to us viewers that is! 

Anyhow, he had the plan- divert Sabrina from David and make her fall in love with him. Once David and Elizabeth were safe, he will dump her with money and 'gifts' including an apartment in Paris to 'soften the blow.' However he's not happy, not because it was a mean thing to do to Sabrina but because it was disturbing his work at the office and feeling he would make an ass of himself trying court a woman several years younger than him. Sabrina was surprisingly relaxed around him, recalling how she used to watch him going to work as a child and urged him to try and change his outlook.
 He's at first cynical, saying that 'Paris was for lovers' but found himself unable to resist Sabrina's innocent charm and their tentative friendship turned rather playful, with him speaking the lines of French he'd learnt from her (in  a rather bad accent,  poor chap) and Sabrina turning down the brim of his hat. But the tender look he gave Sabrina when they were dancing and the scene in the car where he quietly asked Sabrina to sing La Vi en Rose to him: 'Suppose you sing that song again. Slowly.' clearly showed he was falling in love with her. And Sabrina felt her feelings shifting which got her worried and confused- she urged David to kiss her repeatedly and voicing her refusal to go out with Linus again... she was confused and frightened at how he was affecting her but of course David didn't know that at first. One would think that he would probe Sabrina about why she didn't want to hang out with Linus anymore but was just plain clueless. It's amazing, David- with his boyish charm and sentimentality- was suddenly a turn off for her, she was now longing for the gruff, unsentimental yet mature  Linus. But  It's understandable she's confused since she's been in love with David for most of her life (I'm sure the viewers- like I did- saw that love was actually an infatuation). 
Linus' love for Sabrina is evident when he confessed to her the real reason why he'd been hanging out with her but since he was denying his feelings (probably because he'd never been in love before or maybe it was pride) he mostly likely acted on remorse and guilt and he had to watch the disillusionment on Sabrina's face. And Sabrina- though heartbroken and hurt- leaves the office with dignity with a parting that clearly showed the huge class difference between them had finally sunk in: 'Goodnight Mr. Larrabee. I'm sorry I can't stay to do the dishes.' That's enough to shame anybody! 
Linus finally gave himself away when he punched David who was dishing out nasty remarks about Sabrina but in actual fact, David was trying to see what his brother felt for Sabrina and Linus, realising the trick, had to smile ruefully before grabbing his hat and umbrella and running off to catch up with Sabrina on the boat. 'If you'll excuse me, it appears I have a previous engagement,' he said solemnly but the way he ran out of the office showed how he was eager to get to the woman he loved!

At the boat, Sabrina was puzzled to receive a request to turn down the brim of a hat (like she did with Linus' previously) and startled to see Linus himself who showed her he was ready to live life to the fullest with her by hanging his umbrella on the coat of a passing stranger and without a word, Sabrina walks into his arms and the movie ended on a happy note; probably in Paris they had a quiet wedding! 

1995 Sabrina. This time Sabrina is played by Julia Ormond and while people would say she's not Audrey Hepburn, she was enchanting as Sabrina Fairchild;  with an air  of innocence and sophistication and grace just like Hepburn before her. But she's more modern - instead of training to be a cook, she becomes a skilled photographer after her stint at Paris Vogue. 

Linus Larrabee is played by Harrison Ford- a more ruthless Linus Larrabee, a workaholic too, with zero sentimentality and no charisma. David (Greg Kinnear) gave her a lift home, wondering who 'the hot girl' was but Linus recognised her instantly and welcomed Sabrina home in a matter-of-fact kind of way and doesn't even say she looked beautiful, while David is stunned and kept repeating her name until Linus, exasperated asked, 'Why does he keep saying that?

Neither brother hardly noticed Sabrina as a child except for a few instances; so how come Linus was quick to recognise her and David didn't? Probably because David always saw beautiful faces while Linus saw people. But he was more into the family business than women; so he didn't have a jaw dropping moment like David on seeing the 'new improved' Sabrina, except say how grown up she looked. 

Linus and Sabrina started out a bit like wary adversaries. Linus antagonised Sabrina with 'the kiss from David' and she did what any insulted woman would do- she gave him a much deserved slap. However, though her action was justified, Sabrina immediately apologised- horrified she did such a thing but Linus acknowledged he had it coming. In the 1954 version, the subject of money to be paid off to Sabrina to leave David alone was handled tactfully and playfully, Sabrina gave Linus the message she wouldn't take a penny from the family; here Sabrina eyed Linus over her champagne glass and firmly said no to his barely veiled offer of a million dollars.  
At least in this version, there is more compassion for Sabrina by the Larrabees- at least by Mrs. Larrabee. In the original version, Mr. Larrabee was  contemptuous of 'the garage girl', wondering why his chauffeur would give a classy name like Sabrina to his daughter and Linus retorted in her defence, 'What would you suggest... Ethel?
Mrs. Larrabee subtly  tries to put Sabrina in her place the night she came back by asking her to cook something for the family on a chosen day- 'to see what she'd learnt', 1995 Mrs. Larrabee wanted to find a way to nicely tell Sabrina David was 'yanking her chain' and does not approve of Linus' plan. 'I didn't teach you this,' she said later. 
While Linus realised Sabrina was no gold digger, to him the situation was just worse- it would surely make David forget Elizabeth (who too is a modern woman- although from a rich family is a paediatrician)  and it's bye bye to the business merger. So he began his ruthless quest- 'I like Sabrina. I always have. But I'm not about to kiss off a billion dollars; I don't care what she did to her hair.' 
Both Linuses don't care she's the chauffeur's daughter, they are more concerned about  the business deal that will come with the marriage between David and Elizabeth. And like the first Linus, this one handles Sabrina with kid gloves- taking her to the family's summer cottage in Martha's Vineyard to take photos under the pretence he wanted to sell it hence needed photos for a catalogue. The whole trip is different from what he imagined, Sabrina does not pine for David and they learn a lot about each other. Linus finds out how Sabrina got her name and listened to her outlook of life while  Sabrina  sees the man beneath the gruff millionaire and found herself more relaxed around him and even told him how people see him: 'the world's only living heart donor' and 'he thinks morals are paintings on walls and scruples are money in Russia.' and without flattering him simply said he was good at what he did- running the family business. 
When they returned from their outing and Sabrina says goodnight to him, Linus just sits in the garden, staring at nothing... in one day Sabrina had gotten to him and now he's as stunned as David but more by the woman than her beautiful face and found himself doing an unselfish deed for once: donating an  family owned 1800 building he'd shown Sabrina at the Vineyard to the town to be used as a half way house, no tax advantage. 

They go out for dinner and a show and Sabrina manages to make Linus smile and then laugh, which is delightful to see. This version, it seems, is more about Linus- the possibility of how a gruff man could change by the love of a woman, a woman he could both talk to and gaze at. Sabrina gets uncomfortable when Linus asked her to say in French, 'I'm looking at what I want.' and when she sees David on their return to the estate, the magic she felt with him is gone, to her shock and dismay- she can't understand why. David has finally noticed her but she was suddenly having feelings for his brother. 
The same scenario- Linus cannot go on with his plan, out of guilt (out of love actually) and no doubt felt now that he knew Sabrina better, it turned out David was not right for her rather than the other way round but since she loved him she could make him a better man. But Sabrina is upset and accepts a ticket to Paris from Linus- a small pound of flesh. Linus is shocked to see that David is marrying Elizabeth after all and is upset at the idea of Sabrina hating him for what he did. His mother gave him her blessing to go after Sabrina after assuring him she'll get over it, 'No mother could be prouder, but I think it's time you ran away from home.' 
Sabrina is astonished to see Linus, wary about trusting him again but then came the heartfelt speech ending:

'Save me, Sabrina fair. 

You're the only one who can'

Then the hug and the reconciliation kiss and the movie ended with them watching the view, in each other's arms. 
Sabrina is a beautiful, classic love story and both version depicted how a girl had a long cherished dream she hoped would be a reality. It wasn't, because another man- whom she made a better man in the first place- swept her off her feet instead and gave her more than she ever imagined. The film should have been named Sabrina and Linus instead- the story was about both of them, overcoming obstacles and receiving their personal growth and unexpected love- from each other.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Chapter 37

Hope brought Ciara over to the apartment later. Ciara, wild with joy at seeing them again, squeezed Carly tight with her small arms after hugging Bo. ‘I missed you so much!’  She squealed.
‘We missed you too and look what we brought you.’ Bo handed a small box to Ciara; which revealed a silver charm bracelet. Hope watched as Carly clasped it on Ciara’s wrist, her face impassive.  ‘So... how was your trip?’ she asked.
‘It was great; it was something I really needed.’ Carly replied as Bo didn't seem inclined to; his manner towards his ex wife decidedly frigid.  
‘Well of course, after what you went through.’ Hope hesitated then looked down at her daughter. ‘Sweetie, why don't you go to your room for a bit, I want to talk to Daddy and Carly.’
‘Okay.’ Flashing a hero worship smile at Carly, the child scurried to the guest room she used whenever she stayed with Bo.  
‘Well?’ Bo asked, frostiness at full blast.
‘Bo, please.’ Carly said quietly, wanting as much as possible to avoid an altercation.
‘No it’s okay. He has the right to be mad at me, you both have that right, what with my behaviour towards you before you left town. The way I acted so ungrateful and heartless and I’m not, Carly... really.’ Hope’s face was now earnest.
‘Then why was it so hard for you to go and at least say thank you to the woman who saved our daughter, huh?’ Bo snapped, ignoring Carly’s imploring look. ‘You, Kayla, Ma.... Doug and Julie and Maggie; you were all simply too proud to admit you were wrong about her.’
Carly shifted under Bo’s protective arm round her shoulders, very embarrassed and greatly longing for this awkward conversation to end very soon.
‘Yes, you’re right!’ Hope snapped back, feeling like a child being rebuked, a thing she’s always hated but she forced down her anger with great effort. ‘I was too proud to come; after everything that happened to you and everything I said and thought about you... you actually saved my daughter even after you lost yours and probably blamed me for it...’
‘You didn't cause my miscarriage.’ Carly said quickly. ‘Neither you or Bo had anything to do with it, it happened and I’ve made my peace with it. And what went on afterwards was a period we’ll do well to simply forget and move on.’
‘How can you possibly just forget it?’ Hope demanded, incredulously. ‘I have so much to apologise for, so many things I regret...’
Bo looked away, irritated by the drama. If she really wanted to apologise to Carly, she should get on with it and be done.
Hope.’ Carly said emphatically. ‘Life’s far too short to go over regrets. What I did for Ciara that night, I would do again- miscarriage or no and I don't hold any grudge against you. Please, please... don't wear yourself out with guilt.’
That only made Hope feel worse, far worse than how she’d felt after Shawn Douglas had told her all about how Carly had gotten him out of the oil shaft and the many ways she was there for him, especially the two agonising months Bo was missing. If she had to lose Bo to another woman, she gladly and sincerely preferred relinquishing him to Carly Manning, who definitely deserved to be happy with him and vice versa.
‘Thank you.’ she said at last. ‘Lord knows I don't deserve your forgiveness and I can’t think of anyone else who would let me off this easy. But all the same Carly and you too Bo... I apologise for my behaviour and I hope we’ll be able to get along from now on.’
‘Well we hope so too, Hope.’ Bo said, still not letting go of Carly. ‘And you might as well know now, Carly and I got married in México.’
‘I know.’ Hope nodded, smiling faintly. ‘I noticed Carly’s rings. Congratulations, I really mean that.’  
‘Thanks.’ Carly’s returning smile was also faint but she knew sincerity when she heard it. Hope was letting go at long last.
‘Well...’ Hope adjusted the strap of her shoulder bag. ‘I have to go, tell Ciara I said goodbye.’ She hesitated and then gave Carly an unexpected hug. ‘Thank you again.’ She said softly, her smile wider before departing.
‘That wasn't so bad, thank God.’ Bo remarked after closing the door after her. Carly was wearing an odd expression on her face. Concerned, he touched her shoulder. ‘Princess, what’s wrong?’
‘I...I don't want this, Bo.’ She turned to look at him, eyes troubled. ‘ I don't want  people lining up apologising to me. I won’t be able to forget everything  that happened if they keep reminding me with their “I’m sorry, Carly”!’
‘It still doesn't mean they don't have to do it. Even before we slept together your name was already dragged into the mud, like they never knew you before! How do you think that made me feel?’
‘I didn't care.’
‘Don't lie to me, princess, you did; you just managed to hide it and you barely managed to  hide  what I put you through...’
Will you stop referring to it!’ Carly cried, exasperated now. ‘Just stop! I don't ever, ever want you to go back to guilty memory lane; not you, not the family, not the Hortons. I don't want to be reminded of that terrible time and I don't need words to know that they’re sorry.’ She cupped his face with both hands. ‘ You want to know the moment I actually forgave you? When you read the scroll with me at the hospital. You took me back to where we were all those years ago, when we belonged to each other... so nothing mattered from then on.’
‘Really?’ Bo asked, touched by her admission.
‘Yes. It was so sweet and meaningful, a huge bouquet of roses with a card saying “forgive me” wouldn’t have been half as precious.’ Her arms now circled his neck. ‘That was the reason why I forgave you; besides the fact that I love you so very much. I don't need an apology from them before I forgive them. I already have.’
‘I can’t believe you sometimes...’ he whispered, pushing back her hair with his fingers. ‘Even after everything?’
‘Even after everything.’ Was the soft reply. ‘Real forgiveness heals and helps a person to forget, not referring to the past and passing judgement over and over again.’
 Overwhelmed with love and tenderness for her, Bo kissed her passionately, not once but several times; holding her tight in his arms. The whole time they’d been apart, sixteen long  years without each other, she never changed; remaining the stubborn yet compassionate woman he’d fallen in love with so many years ago. And he’d come so close to losing her all over again; to another man and the cold hands of death. Every day for the rest of their lives, she’ll always see just how much he loved her.
Ciara came out as the last kiss ended and they broke the happy news of their marriage to her which resulted in a joyful and emotional group hug.
Later on, Carly phoned her brother, who was ominously silent when she told him she and Bo were now married. ‘I’ve forgiven him Frankie and I need you to forgive him too.’ She said pleadingly. ‘He loves me, really he does.’
‘Is he there?’ Frankie asked.
‘He’s right beside me.’
‘Put him on.’
Carly put the phone on speaker. ‘Bo?’
‘Hi Frankie.’
He heard his brother, or rather brother-in-law clear his throat. ‘Audra keeps calling me a hot head and maybe I am but I have to be where my sister is concerned. You surely understand why it’s hard for me to trust you.’
‘I do, man. But I really love Carly and believe me... she’ll never suffer any pain from me, ever again.’ Bo said earnestly, willing for Frankie to be convinced.                  ‘I want us to move on, be friends again; what do you say?’
A minute of silence and then Frankie spoke again, ‘Well, since you two have done the deed there’s nothing else except give you my blessing. Congratulations to you both, big bro.’
Bo and Carly smiled with relief. ‘Thanks so much, honey. Where’s Audra?’
‘She’s out but I’ll tell her your news of course. She’s going to be psyched that her idea turned out more than great.’ He said with dry humour.
‘It did and we can’t thank you both enough.’ Bo stroked Carly’s hair. ‘Give her our love and we hope to see you back here soon.’                                                              
Carly had told Bo she needed no apologies from the family but they didn't give her a choice in the matter all. Caroline showed up at the apartment the next day  with a chocolate covered cheese cake, a single white rose on top of the box. As she handed it to Carly, she looked at her earnestly, lips trembling with emotion. ‘Carly, I’m...’
‘Don't, Caroline.’ Carly interrupted,  putting the box down to take her hands. ‘Please don't.’
‘Please dear, just let me do this, or I’ll never be able to live with myself.’ Caroline gripped Carly’s fingers in hers, tears already forming in her eyes. ‘I’m so... so sorry for the way I treated you, for everything I accused you of...’
Carly shook her head firmly, hugging her tightly. ‘It’s over, all over... we never have to refer to it again. Please...’
And like Hope had felt, Caroline felt all the more ashamed at Carly’s unconditional kind-heartedness as she hugged her back; kissing her on both cheeks, tears pouring down hers. ‘Welcome.’ She said softly, touching Carly’s face. ‘Welcome back to the family.’ She turned to Bo, hugging him as well. ‘I’m sorry too, son, for everything.’
‘That’s okay, ma. I’ve forgotten all about it.’ Bo kissed his mother.
Caroline smiled at both of them. And congratulations to you both on... I know you’re going to be very happy.’ The couple exchanged loving looks. There was no doubt about that.
‘And...’ she added enthusiastically, clapping her hands. ‘Since we didn't make the ceremony, we are going to have a proper reception with the whole family.’
‘Oh that’s not necessary...’ Carly winced as Bo squeezed her wrist a tad too hard, signalling her not to argue.  
‘No, no... We must have a celebration and we will!’ Caroline said firmly. ‘We’ll have a big cake and all the trimmings!’
Which is what they had at the house a week later, the guests including Carly’s children, Daniel  and the out of town Bradys; Frankie and Audra, Shawn Douglas, Belle and Claire, Carrie and her husband Austin, Kimberly and her sons, Sami’s twin Eric and Max and Bo’s daughter Chelsea.
Frankie embraced his sister and solemnly shook hands with Bo, wishing them both happiness. Audra, overjoyed they were now married, insisted on hearing all about the ceremony.
 And there was of course Kayla who held Carly in her arms for several minutes, crying quietly. ‘Forgive me.’ She whispered in her ear.
‘Kayla, hush.’ Carly said, kissing her. ‘We’re sisters again, so none of that.’
Kayla smiled tearfully as Kimberly hugged her as well. ‘Only one person’s missing... Isabella. I wish she could have been here to see you both happy at last.’ 
‘Oh, I wouldn’t say that, Kim.’ Bo said, exchanging a knowing glance at Carly. ‘She’s always with us and I’m certain she’s more than happy we’re together.’
‘Hey... my turn to hug the bride.’ John elbowed Bo aside to pull Carly close. ‘Looking even more beautiful doc.’ He grinned, scanning her face.
‘Well you don't look so bad yourself, and of course you too, old friend.’ Carly exchanged a hug with Marlena and then Adrienne and Jennifer who squeezed her joyfully, grinning all over their faces.
‘It’s so wonderful to see you again, Carly and lord knows you’ve aged better than I have.’ Marlena teased.
‘Well, I think we’re not bad looking for women over 40!’ Jennifer retorted jokingly, making them laugh.
While the women surrounded Carly, admiring her rings, Chelsea congratulated her father. ‘She’s beautiful, Dad.’ She commented.
‘Thanks honey, she makes me very happy.’
‘I can tell, from the look in your eyes.’ Chelsea smiled warmly. ‘Shawn D told me all about her and Mum added her bit. It must have so weird seeing her again after so long.’
‘An understatement because I never thought I’d ever see her again or we’ll end up back together after all that time. We found each other again after a lot of obstacles because it was just meant to be.’
‘Seeing you two with each other, no can say what you two got isn't deep.’ Chelsea kissed him. ‘You both stay happy.’
Roman led the toast after everyone’s glasses  were full of champagne. ‘To my little brother and my new sister-in-law; the bravest and most wonderful woman I’ve ever known and many years of love and happiness.’
‘Hear, Hear!’ was the general chorus.
After the cake was cut, Melanie put on some music and the party became even livelier.
‘Happy, princess?’ Bo asked, hugging his wife from behind.
‘With everybody here, celebrating and sharing our joy; deliriously happy.’ Carly rested against him, watching Frankie chatting with Roman. ‘And one more thing besides being with the family again.’
‘Yeah, what’s that.’
In reply, she pushed his hands lower, pressing them on her stomach. Bo didn't understand at first but suddenly a wonderful thought struck him as he felt something.
‘Princess...’ he whispered, his fingers detecting a small bulge. ‘Are you... are we...?’
‘I found out yesterday.’ She whispered. ‘I didn't tell you because I wanted to be sure.’
‘Oh my God...’ he kissed the back of her neck, caressing her stomach. A long hoped reunion and now another miracle. ‘Are you scared?’
‘A little. But for the most part, I’m very grateful.’ Carly whispered back, emotion in her voice. ‘But I’m not ready to tell everybody just yet.’
‘Sure... whatever you want.’ Bo turned her round to face him, meeting her radiant eyes. ‘We’ll have our own private celebration when we get home. All night long.’
‘As long as we don't get too carried away and wake Ciara.’ She grinned, pressing her face against him.
‘Oh stop with the mushy stuff and get your butts to the dance floor!’ Justin exclaimed in mock disgust. Laughing with sheer joy, Bo dragged his bride to the middle of the room, every one applauding and cheering encouragement as Bo spun Carly to the music.

Everybody one, everybody two, everybody free
Everybody needs to touch, you know, now and then
And everybody wants a good, good friend

Everybody wants to be
Closer to Free

I said everybody one, everybody two, everybody free
Everybody wants to live
Like they wanna live and
Everybody wants to love like they wanna love and

Everybody wants to be
Closer to Free

Yeah, Closer to Free
Yeah, Closer to Free
Closer to Free.....

And that was how Bo and Carly Brady felt; completely free to love each other and openly live their love like they had the right to. For always.

Vivian Alamain was found guilty of attempted murder and was sentenced to 30 years in prison, her accomplice Gus Pascal receiving the same sentence.
After making her peace with Bo and Carly, Hope began dating her divorce lawyer, Damon Ward but the relationship never lead to marriage; she was done with it.
Daniel and Jennifer got married in a simple civil wedding; Doug, Hope’s father, gave her away. He and Julie and the rest of the Hortons also made their peace with Carly.
Lexie and Abe moved to Philadelphia with Theo and Carly assumed the position of Chief of Staff , still managing to spend time with her husband.

‘Push again, Carly.’
Beads of sweat on her forehead, Carly obeyed, moaning in excruciating pain. Bo held her hand tightly.
‘Stay with me Princess, I’m right here.’
‘I can see the head... one more push!’ Dr. Heather Shaw urged. Carly pushed again with the last of her strength. A hearty cry of a new born infant finally sounded.
‘It’s a boy.’ Heather said, happy tears in her eyes visible above the surgical mask. ‘He’s perfect!’
‘Oh he is!’ Melanie said softly, tears running down her cheeks as she beheld her baby brother. ‘And he’s so beautiful!’
The baby was cleaned and wrapped in a shawl before placed in Carly’s arms.
‘Oh Bo...’ she whispered. ‘Our baby. We have a baby...’
Bo gazed down at their son, who quietened as he peered at them out of his tiny eyes, squirming in Carly’s arms. ‘He’s incredible.’ He said softly, stroking his soft cheek. ‘So beautiful. He has your eyes, princess.’
‘But he looks like you and a bit like Shawn D.’ She kissed the child on the forehead. ‘Oh my God...’ She looked up at her husband. ‘I love you.’
Bo kissed her, long and tenderly. ‘Love you too, princess.’  
The child was baptized Ryan Francis  Brady two weeks later in church; Frankie and Audra, who was six months pregnant, appointed his godparents.  Bo and Carly’s happiness was finally complete.

The end.