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Friday, May 29, 2015


Marisabel entered her Mummy's room one morning; wondering why she and Daddy were now sleeping in seperate rooms (Luis Alberto had moved to the guest room). After Marianna gave her a vague answer, the little girl expressed her wish to go to the park but Marianna didn't  feel up to it. Marisabel guessed rightly it was because Marianna wanted to go out looking for 'the boy she lost'.
Surprised, Marianna sat up. How did she know, who told her about him?
It turned out it was the malicious Nanny Sarah, who had told the innocent child that Mummy was crazy. There's anger on Marianna's face but calmly told Marisabel not to listen to Sarah.
But Marisabel told Mummy something else... she's been seeing Sarah and Daddy holding hands! Ah, Marianna got the picture now!
Luis Alberto refused to fire Sarah when she demanded she wanted Sarah out of their house, which led to a fight. Sarah brought Luis Alberto some coffee, entering his room much to his dismay. Very agitated, he told her to leave before Marianna or any one else caught them but she stood her ground. She wanted to know what he'd told his wife. Anxious to get her out of his room, Luis Alberto promised to get her an apartment, they'll have more privacy there. All of a sudden, he didn't seem to like Sarah's bold attitude.
Marianna walked in on them and is furious to see them kissing!
 "Get out of my house!" she ordered a scowling Sarah. Glancing at Luis Alberto, who made no move to defend her, Sarah haughtily left them alone.
NO WONDER... Marianna raged, he didn't want to fire Sarah! And history repeating itself, only this time it was NO misunderstanding. Luis Alberto accused her of cheating on him with Leonardo years ago, when the guy was only trying to revive her... but THIS, THIS was a real situation! He wanted to keep Sarah so they could have fun in their house, his way of getting back at her.
The whole time Marianna scolded him, it was like Luis Alberto had an epiphany and was now full of remorse. He was sorry, he said; he had no excuse for what he did, he hadn't planned it at all.
But Marianna, hurt and angry, declared it was really over between them now; her heart was broken. Luis stared after her as she left the room; anguish on his face- he didn't want to lose Marianna! (Of course not, not after what Esther put them through)

 For a whole month, husband and wife gave each other the silent treatment. The housekeeper, Maria, urged Marianna to give Luis Alberto another chance but Marianna felt he wasn't sorry for cheating on her. She coldly informed Luis Alberto she was ready to leave whenever he wanted her to, obviously she now bored him. Luis Alberto, really contrite, explained he'd been silent because he had no words to express his remorse, not because he wasn't sorry  for what he did. Marianna was his beloved wife, he needed her forgiveness. What happened with Sarah had been a period of madness, but he loved Marianna... she was the woman of his life.

At their usual meeting place, Sarah waited for Luis Alberto, pleased when he finally showed up. But Luis Alberto only came to tell her it was over between them. Sarah argued that Marianna didn't love him, they could keep meeting at the apartment he promised her. But Luis Alberto is firm, it was over and as Sarah was pretty, she will easily find someone else to love. Marianna has admitted what happened was her fault and promised to change; and also accepted his apology.
Sarah made a show of wanting Luis Alberto more than his money when he brought out his check book to write her a check. But she took it at the last minute (which made Luis Alberto smile bitterly) since she was no longer Marisabel's nanny. She tentatively tried to make Luis Alberto change his mind but he left, telling her never to call him.

More years pass and the household celebrate Marisabel's birthday again. Marianna figured her son was now a man but kept her sadness to a minimum this time; not wanting to put a
dampener on her daughter's special day.


Luis Alberto walked into the study with Sarah, who needed an advance in her salary to go shopping. Luis Alberto wrote her a check; teasingly asking her if she was meeting her boyfriend. With exaggerated sadness, the cunning woman said she had no boyfriend, she was all alone. But she did have her sights on someone... who (alas!) only had eyes for his wife, who didn't love him. It suddenly dawned on Luis Alberto that Sarah was talking about him.
Seeing he'd caught on, Sarah passionately confessed her love for him, she'd been in love since the day he hired her as Marisabel's nanny- and hating the way he was suffering in silence at Marianna's behaviour. Luis Alberto (stupid man!) affirmed that Marianna didn't seem to  care how much she was hurting him and their daughter, nor did she understand him. He was tired of feeling unwanted... he looked at Sarah with new eyes. Sarah moved closer, tentatively suggesting they meet in secret. Marianna will never know.
Marianna soon noticed Luis Alberto was on the missing list, asking Ramona who was busy in the kitchen if she knew where her husband was. Ramona (who probably had her suspicions) warned Marianna that Luis Alberto was tired of being patient with her. Marianna protested defensively, she loved her husband! Ramona reminded her that she hardly spent time with him or Marisabel; instead she went everyday to the park to find the ticket vendor whom she gave her baby to. She should forget about the boy once and for all!
Marianna's face grew cold, of course she couldn't do such a thing- she'll keep looking!
'Even if it  costs you your marriage?' asked Ramona.
'Even if it costs me my marriage,' was the firm (and foolish) answer.  Ramona looked at her sadly. Meanwhile Luis Alberto is with Sarah, more than happy with her company and both refused to talk about Marianna.
Luis Alberto found Marianna in their bedroom on his return; she immediately asked where he'd been- warning him not to try her patience. He sneered at her, who was she to talk about patience when that's what he'd been giving her for so long? Trouble between them again!
Luis Alberto and Sarah continue to meet in secret and Marianna gets more and more suspicious- wondering if Luis Alberto had started drinking again (We all remember how he is when drunk, no?) and felt he didn't understand her pain over their son. After confronting him about it, Luis Alberto suddenly felt guilty. He assured his wife he loved her but the ghost of their lost son was constantly standing between them. But instead of seeing his side of the argument,  Marianna angrily defended herself again, feeling she had the right to worry about their son. Angry with her again, Luis Alberto snapped that Marianna's obsession was the reason for her neglect and he was tired of her 'sickness' when she still accused him of not showing more understanding. Marianna might as well keep drowning but he had no intention of following her; she loved their lost son more than him and Marisabel. As for him, he will fall in love with someone else, drink and have fun instead of facing her tormented face every day. He stormed away angrily.

Who is right and who is wrong in this scenario?



The country now has a new President &  Vice-President and every state in the country has a new governor. Millions of Nigerians watched the swearing in today and it was obvious by the loud cheers after our new President made the oath that President Muhammadu Buhari is regarded as the epitome of positive change hence all hopes and aspirations fall on him.
This is a new era for Nigeria; and God Willing, under President Buhari's rule, it will be a very prosperous one. With everything we had to put up with, it's no doubt every citizen's wish that things will be different and be an improvement from now on. Nigerians hope for the best and have full confidence in our new president.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


The image above is an article from The Punch; May 12, 2015. And it's more than agony, it's sheer hell. It's not even an actual fuel scarcity; its the fuel marketers' rigid attitude towards supplying fuel to filling stations; they don't intend to do so until the Federal Government pays what is owed to them. This proverb really illustrates the current situation: When two elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers. And who's the grass... who else but the citizens of this  country!
 It's not fair  that we have to put up with this current agonising scenario. Every day people go around and find most petrol stations as empty as a ghost town, the few that get lucky enough to be supplied end up selling to the last drop that same day as so many people will line up with their cars and kegs to buy as much fuel as they can since they don't know when next fuel will be supplied. With the way PHCN is so mean these days when it comes to power supply, we need fuel more than ever for our generators. I ask you, which other country feels that mere  30 minutes of electricity is more than enough?! As if that's not bad enough, the transport workers have added their own- transport fares being raised because of no fuel. Everyone's now forced to spend everyday with no light, or line up for hours at the petrol stations or at a last resort, buy from the black marketers who are no doubt having a field day, imagine having to buy 10 litres of petrol for about 2500 naira!
The fuel marketers don't want to supply fuel until their money is paid. But they should also think about what they are doing to Nigerians; why should we suffer this cruelty on their part; how do they expect people to go to work, people to run their business and people to sleep during hot nights, when there's no petrol to power their cars and generators?
No one knows just how long this scenario is going to go on, but no doubt we all hope it won't be for long. The Federal Government should please reach some kind of agreement with the fuel marketers... and soon. It's honestly not fair that Nigerians have to go all through this, lax power supply everyday and no fuel to use.

Monday, May 18, 2015


When I first found The Gideon Trilogy, I kept wondering why I never heard of the franchise until now. I'd actually gone looking for a different book entirely at the book shop but once I saw this collection, I knew I had to have it.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Marianna reminded herself she'll always go back to the place she'd encountered the ticket vendor and get back her son, Beto. Meanwhile Marisabel is anxious for the bicycle Daddy promised her ; Marianna said they would go shopping together for it.
Luis Alberto returned home from work and is reminded by Marianna about the bike he promised to buy for their daughter. However, he's exasperated when Marianna said she was also going to go to 'the usual place'- more than tired of her obsession over their lost son. Marianna pleaded for his understanding; she had to find their son. Luis Alberto was more than happy with Marisabel but Marianna apparently needed a son more. If she wanted a son, they could have another baby. But Marianna doesn't want a new son, she wanted their lost one back; stubbornly refusing to give up on him. Softened by his wife's emotional words, Luis Alberto drew her into his arms.

Beto is still with the ticket woman-Cleo- whom he thinks is his mother. He's a resourceful boy who bags groceries at the market after school as Chloe was currently affected with rheumatism. As they eat, he suddenly asked Chloe why their complexions were different in colour, some of his friends were saying he wasn't her son. She merely said she would tell him when he's older and he should simply ignore. He leaves for the market and a shadow passed over her face.

Twist of fate, Beto encountered Marisabel at the mall! She was admiring her new bike when he walked up to her, asking if he could help  her wheel it outside. Marianna smiled down at the boy when he asked her permission; taken in with him immediately. 'What's your name?' she asked.
'Alberto,' was the reply and Marianna is stunned. Could this be him???
'Alberto?' she managed to say.
'Yes but my Mum and everyone else calls me Betito.'
So close... Marianna is disappointed. (If only she knew this was the boy she'd been looking for for 7 years!)

Not noticing the expression on her face, the cheery boy told her he worked in the market, his mother was ill and they needed the money. Marianna smiled again and promised to come every week, he'll help her with her purchases. At that point, Luis Alberto came up, telling Marianna it was time to go home but she wanted to talk to the boy a bit longer. Luis Alberto is exasperated again; after all she had promised the boy she would come back every week.
Marisabel is friendly towards Beto, she told him her birthday was yesterday and the bike was her birthday present. Beto is slightly envious; he had no father and never got birthday presents... his birthday was in 3 months. Feeling sorry for him, Marisabel repeated what he told her to her parents. Marianna noted that the little boy was of the same age as their missing son. She asked Beto was he wanted most and the boy replied, a pair of shoes for school and skates. Marianna was prepared to buy both for him, plus a new shirt and pants- much to his astonishment and delight.
Luis Alberto isn't pleased at Marianna's interest in a boy she just met but Marianna pleaded with him to let her treat the nice boy, she will meet him and Marisabel at home. Luis Alberto grudgingly left with their daughter. True to her promise, she bought the things for him, plus giving him money to take to his mother.
Chloe is dismayed at the shopping bags and Beto had to swear on the Holy Virgin that he didn't steal them, a rich lady had befriended him and bought them all for him, including giving him a wad of money to give to her. He commented that the lady had the face of a saint and she'd kissed him on the cheek before she left. Chloe is relieved.
Marianna found Luis Alberto in his study, apologising for coming home late. Luis Alberto commented at how Marianna seemed to be more interested in other kids and their missing son than him and Marisabel. She always seemed indifferent and distant towards their daughter even though she professed to love her. Marianna accused him of being unfair to her.
He was just being honest, and he was afraid Marisabel will notice Marianna's attitude towards her when she's older. He urged his wife to show more enthusiasm with Marisabel, just like she showed with the little boy at the mall. Feeling sorry, Marianna asked Luis Alberto to forgive her.
Luis Alberto leaned down to kiss Marianna passionately; while Sarah- Marisabel's nanny, who wanted
Luis Alberto for herself- watched them balefully.

All this time Marianna's been searching for Beto, she finally encountered him! But while she thought he was the wrong boy still found herself drawn to him. But Luis Alberto got me puzzled, one would think something about the boy would draw him too. How could he be so dense?
And now there's a new schemer in their house...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


During my teens, I had a hobby besides reading and scribbling on paper, and that was collecting stuff for my scrapbook. It simply  started with collecting old birthday cards, stamps and some  postcards I received from a childhood friend living in Germany then my collection expanded to pictures at the back of match boxes, celebrities- both Nigerian and International- and then movie summaries from the MNET (Now DSTV) T.V guide and interesting articles on books, news and other stuff. I found my material anywhere- from newspapers to T.V guides, from Binta
Children’s Magazine to Harpers’. Lots of stuff went into that scrapbook because I was interested in a lot of things. And when that old notebook had no room after a while; I carefully moved them all into a thick old office diary, adding blank pages to it because I didn’t want to uproot my collection a second time; a bit of it got lost to my sorrow. I added more stuff eventually, some old family photos and funny lists- either with markers or a pen and more articles I could lay my hands on.
I wasn’t the most popular girl in school but I gradually got some attention because of my beloved battered old scrapbook; which was always in my school bag. I was reluctant to share its contents at first, for fear of what they would think of my curious hobby but to my amazement, they always begged me to show it to them and we would actually have long talks over it.
It’s thanks to this hobby that My Favorite Things- now in its eighth year- came to be in the first place. The first time I ever heard the word ‘blog’ was in 2007, when a friend of mine ( a truly wonderful person) started hers; and I was at a loss of what to write about when she suggested I created one of my own. What would I write about? I had the misguided impression at the time that blogs had one main topic but the only things I could write about were books and movies, maybe T.V. I wasn’t planning on making it a “telenovela blog” like my blog idol’s (Philomena Ojukutu) blog-  Telenovela Love Garden - initially but I got so few views that I thawed and wrote my first telenovela post… and received my first comments, all positive!
 Mrs. Ojukutu’s kind encouragement spurred me on to write telenovela recaps, striving to make the blog at least as good as hers. But after a while I realized… why should the blog have just telenovela posts? And that was after I happened to glance through my scrapbook one evening. I’d named the blog My Favorite Things, after my favorite song in The Sound Of Music but I saw that that’s exactly what I’ve been collecting over the years in the scrapbook , my favorite things! Why not make the blog just like the scrapbook, a whole series of posts of what interest me- instead of a main topic! The scrapbook probably wouldn’t have gotten so much attention if I’d stuck to old birthday cards, stamps and matchbox pictures, which would’ve been the same for My Favorite Things if I didn’t decide to add more topics. Structure is good but can be so boring too!
Hence, the real origin of this blog- my old scrapbook. Not only was it the inspiration behind it but it’s thanks to it I have material, for some of my blog posts are actually from it; for example, Best T.V Couples of All Time, Sabrina: Sabrina and Linus and The Six Faces of 007.
 My Favorite Things is still an unprofitable blog but since it started as a fun hobby evolved from another fun hobby, I’m more than glad it’s still here… and I’m very proud of it, for one thing it currently has over 300 thousand page views and
several positive comments. People have different reasons for starting up their own blog and in most cases, deals with a main topic… like Food, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Gossip, Travel and whatever. Mine… besides movies and Telenovela recaps, Bo and Carly (my favorite DAYS OF OUR LIVES couple) fan fiction, news (both show biz and informative), opinions on T.V shows and so on. I’m apt to express myself better on paper so this blog means a lot to me. It’s a means of fully expressing myself, to be myself and share both information and some of my favorite things to the world in this digital age.
Thanks to an old scrapbook!