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Friday, May 29, 2015


Luis Alberto walked into the study with Sarah, who needed an advance in her salary to go shopping. Luis Alberto wrote her a check; teasingly asking her if she was meeting her boyfriend. With exaggerated sadness, the cunning woman said she had no boyfriend, she was all alone. But she did have her sights on someone... who (alas!) only had eyes for his wife, who didn't love him. It suddenly dawned on Luis Alberto that Sarah was talking about him.
Seeing he'd caught on, Sarah passionately confessed her love for him, she'd been in love since the day he hired her as Marisabel's nanny- and hating the way he was suffering in silence at Marianna's behaviour. Luis Alberto (stupid man!) affirmed that Marianna didn't seem to  care how much she was hurting him and their daughter, nor did she understand him. He was tired of feeling unwanted... he looked at Sarah with new eyes. Sarah moved closer, tentatively suggesting they meet in secret. Marianna will never know.
Marianna soon noticed Luis Alberto was on the missing list, asking Ramona who was busy in the kitchen if she knew where her husband was. Ramona (who probably had her suspicions) warned Marianna that Luis Alberto was tired of being patient with her. Marianna protested defensively, she loved her husband! Ramona reminded her that she hardly spent time with him or Marisabel; instead she went everyday to the park to find the ticket vendor whom she gave her baby to. She should forget about the boy once and for all!
Marianna's face grew cold, of course she couldn't do such a thing- she'll keep looking!
'Even if it  costs you your marriage?' asked Ramona.
'Even if it costs me my marriage,' was the firm (and foolish) answer.  Ramona looked at her sadly. Meanwhile Luis Alberto is with Sarah, more than happy with her company and both refused to talk about Marianna.
Luis Alberto found Marianna in their bedroom on his return; she immediately asked where he'd been- warning him not to try her patience. He sneered at her, who was she to talk about patience when that's what he'd been giving her for so long? Trouble between them again!
Luis Alberto and Sarah continue to meet in secret and Marianna gets more and more suspicious- wondering if Luis Alberto had started drinking again (We all remember how he is when drunk, no?) and felt he didn't understand her pain over their son. After confronting him about it, Luis Alberto suddenly felt guilty. He assured his wife he loved her but the ghost of their lost son was constantly standing between them. But instead of seeing his side of the argument,  Marianna angrily defended herself again, feeling she had the right to worry about their son. Angry with her again, Luis Alberto snapped that Marianna's obsession was the reason for her neglect and he was tired of her 'sickness' when she still accused him of not showing more understanding. Marianna might as well keep drowning but he had no intention of following her; she loved their lost son more than him and Marisabel. As for him, he will fall in love with someone else, drink and have fun instead of facing her tormented face every day. He stormed away angrily.

Who is right and who is wrong in this scenario?

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