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Friday, May 29, 2015


Marisabel entered her Mummy's room one morning; wondering why she and Daddy were now sleeping in seperate rooms (Luis Alberto had moved to the guest room). After Marianna gave her a vague answer, the little girl expressed her wish to go to the park but Marianna didn't  feel up to it. Marisabel guessed rightly it was because Marianna wanted to go out looking for 'the boy she lost'.
Surprised, Marianna sat up. How did she know, who told her about him?
It turned out it was the malicious Nanny Sarah, who had told the innocent child that Mummy was crazy. There's anger on Marianna's face but calmly told Marisabel not to listen to Sarah.
But Marisabel told Mummy something else... she's been seeing Sarah and Daddy holding hands! Ah, Marianna got the picture now!
Luis Alberto refused to fire Sarah when she demanded she wanted Sarah out of their house, which led to a fight. Sarah brought Luis Alberto some coffee, entering his room much to his dismay. Very agitated, he told her to leave before Marianna or any one else caught them but she stood her ground. She wanted to know what he'd told his wife. Anxious to get her out of his room, Luis Alberto promised to get her an apartment, they'll have more privacy there. All of a sudden, he didn't seem to like Sarah's bold attitude.
Marianna walked in on them and is furious to see them kissing!
 "Get out of my house!" she ordered a scowling Sarah. Glancing at Luis Alberto, who made no move to defend her, Sarah haughtily left them alone.
NO WONDER... Marianna raged, he didn't want to fire Sarah! And history repeating itself, only this time it was NO misunderstanding. Luis Alberto accused her of cheating on him with Leonardo years ago, when the guy was only trying to revive her... but THIS, THIS was a real situation! He wanted to keep Sarah so they could have fun in their house, his way of getting back at her.
The whole time Marianna scolded him, it was like Luis Alberto had an epiphany and was now full of remorse. He was sorry, he said; he had no excuse for what he did, he hadn't planned it at all.
But Marianna, hurt and angry, declared it was really over between them now; her heart was broken. Luis stared after her as she left the room; anguish on his face- he didn't want to lose Marianna! (Of course not, not after what Esther put them through)

 For a whole month, husband and wife gave each other the silent treatment. The housekeeper, Maria, urged Marianna to give Luis Alberto another chance but Marianna felt he wasn't sorry for cheating on her. She coldly informed Luis Alberto she was ready to leave whenever he wanted her to, obviously she now bored him. Luis Alberto, really contrite, explained he'd been silent because he had no words to express his remorse, not because he wasn't sorry  for what he did. Marianna was his beloved wife, he needed her forgiveness. What happened with Sarah had been a period of madness, but he loved Marianna... she was the woman of his life.

At their usual meeting place, Sarah waited for Luis Alberto, pleased when he finally showed up. But Luis Alberto only came to tell her it was over between them. Sarah argued that Marianna didn't love him, they could keep meeting at the apartment he promised her. But Luis Alberto is firm, it was over and as Sarah was pretty, she will easily find someone else to love. Marianna has admitted what happened was her fault and promised to change; and also accepted his apology.
Sarah made a show of wanting Luis Alberto more than his money when he brought out his check book to write her a check. But she took it at the last minute (which made Luis Alberto smile bitterly) since she was no longer Marisabel's nanny. She tentatively tried to make Luis Alberto change his mind but he left, telling her never to call him.

More years pass and the household celebrate Marisabel's birthday again. Marianna figured her son was now a man but kept her sadness to a minimum this time; not wanting to put a
dampener on her daughter's special day.

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