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Sunday, May 24, 2015


The image above is an article from The Punch; May 12, 2015. And it's more than agony, it's sheer hell. It's not even an actual fuel scarcity; its the fuel marketers' rigid attitude towards supplying fuel to filling stations; they don't intend to do so until the Federal Government pays what is owed to them. This proverb really illustrates the current situation: When two elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers. And who's the grass... who else but the citizens of this  country!
 It's not fair  that we have to put up with this current agonising scenario. Every day people go around and find most petrol stations as empty as a ghost town, the few that get lucky enough to be supplied end up selling to the last drop that same day as so many people will line up with their cars and kegs to buy as much fuel as they can since they don't know when next fuel will be supplied. With the way PHCN is so mean these days when it comes to power supply, we need fuel more than ever for our generators. I ask you, which other country feels that mere  30 minutes of electricity is more than enough?! As if that's not bad enough, the transport workers have added their own- transport fares being raised because of no fuel. Everyone's now forced to spend everyday with no light, or line up for hours at the petrol stations or at a last resort, buy from the black marketers who are no doubt having a field day, imagine having to buy 10 litres of petrol for about 2500 naira!
The fuel marketers don't want to supply fuel until their money is paid. But they should also think about what they are doing to Nigerians; why should we suffer this cruelty on their part; how do they expect people to go to work, people to run their business and people to sleep during hot nights, when there's no petrol to power their cars and generators?
No one knows just how long this scenario is going to go on, but no doubt we all hope it won't be for long. The Federal Government should please reach some kind of agreement with the fuel marketers... and soon. It's honestly not fair that Nigerians have to go all through this, lax power supply everyday and no fuel to use.

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