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Sunday, May 17, 2015


Marianna reminded herself she'll always go back to the place she'd encountered the ticket vendor and get back her son, Beto. Meanwhile Marisabel is anxious for the bicycle Daddy promised her ; Marianna said they would go shopping together for it.
Luis Alberto returned home from work and is reminded by Marianna about the bike he promised to buy for their daughter. However, he's exasperated when Marianna said she was also going to go to 'the usual place'- more than tired of her obsession over their lost son. Marianna pleaded for his understanding; she had to find their son. Luis Alberto was more than happy with Marisabel but Marianna apparently needed a son more. If she wanted a son, they could have another baby. But Marianna doesn't want a new son, she wanted their lost one back; stubbornly refusing to give up on him. Softened by his wife's emotional words, Luis Alberto drew her into his arms.

Beto is still with the ticket woman-Cleo- whom he thinks is his mother. He's a resourceful boy who bags groceries at the market after school as Chloe was currently affected with rheumatism. As they eat, he suddenly asked Chloe why their complexions were different in colour, some of his friends were saying he wasn't her son. She merely said she would tell him when he's older and he should simply ignore. He leaves for the market and a shadow passed over her face.

Twist of fate, Beto encountered Marisabel at the mall! She was admiring her new bike when he walked up to her, asking if he could help  her wheel it outside. Marianna smiled down at the boy when he asked her permission; taken in with him immediately. 'What's your name?' she asked.
'Alberto,' was the reply and Marianna is stunned. Could this be him???
'Alberto?' she managed to say.
'Yes but my Mum and everyone else calls me Betito.'
So close... Marianna is disappointed. (If only she knew this was the boy she'd been looking for for 7 years!)

Not noticing the expression on her face, the cheery boy told her he worked in the market, his mother was ill and they needed the money. Marianna smiled again and promised to come every week, he'll help her with her purchases. At that point, Luis Alberto came up, telling Marianna it was time to go home but she wanted to talk to the boy a bit longer. Luis Alberto is exasperated again; after all she had promised the boy she would come back every week.
Marisabel is friendly towards Beto, she told him her birthday was yesterday and the bike was her birthday present. Beto is slightly envious; he had no father and never got birthday presents... his birthday was in 3 months. Feeling sorry for him, Marisabel repeated what he told her to her parents. Marianna noted that the little boy was of the same age as their missing son. She asked Beto was he wanted most and the boy replied, a pair of shoes for school and skates. Marianna was prepared to buy both for him, plus a new shirt and pants- much to his astonishment and delight.
Luis Alberto isn't pleased at Marianna's interest in a boy she just met but Marianna pleaded with him to let her treat the nice boy, she will meet him and Marisabel at home. Luis Alberto grudgingly left with their daughter. True to her promise, she bought the things for him, plus giving him money to take to his mother.
Chloe is dismayed at the shopping bags and Beto had to swear on the Holy Virgin that he didn't steal them, a rich lady had befriended him and bought them all for him, including giving him a wad of money to give to her. He commented that the lady had the face of a saint and she'd kissed him on the cheek before she left. Chloe is relieved.
Marianna found Luis Alberto in his study, apologising for coming home late. Luis Alberto commented at how Marianna seemed to be more interested in other kids and their missing son than him and Marisabel. She always seemed indifferent and distant towards their daughter even though she professed to love her. Marianna accused him of being unfair to her.
He was just being honest, and he was afraid Marisabel will notice Marianna's attitude towards her when she's older. He urged his wife to show more enthusiasm with Marisabel, just like she showed with the little boy at the mall. Feeling sorry, Marianna asked Luis Alberto to forgive her.
Luis Alberto leaned down to kiss Marianna passionately; while Sarah- Marisabel's nanny, who wanted
Luis Alberto for herself- watched them balefully.

All this time Marianna's been searching for Beto, she finally encountered him! But while she thought he was the wrong boy still found herself drawn to him. But Luis Alberto got me puzzled, one would think something about the boy would draw him too. How could he be so dense?
And now there's a new schemer in their house...

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