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CARBO FANFICTION- Return Journey: Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Bo was angry and sad at the blank look on Darcy’s beautiful brown eyes and the way she tried following the sound of their voices; inwardly swearing vengeance on the person responsible for it.


This Christmas week, I found myself watching old Christmas episodes of Days of Our Lives; the first one where Carly dressed up as Santa Claus while Bo, acting as "Santa's helper"; read the Christmas story to the sick children in the Paediatric Ward, the hospital staff and Dr. and Mrs. Horton (whose presence in DAYS is really, really missed). This episode aired in 1990, the same year Crystal Chappell's character Carly Manning made her debut in DAYS. At that time, Bo was still in mourning but already attracted to the beautiful  young doctor, albeit reluctantly; especially after his son Shawn Douglas's fondness for her. Even though they weren't officially a couple then, the rapport was already there, 
 and I'm sure the viewers wondered just when Bo would gradually heal enough to claim Carly as his own. 

But even though he could barely acknowledge his feelings for her and Carly promising to give him time and space after it was discovered she was the missing Ka…

Criminal Control, NOT Gun Control!

Definition of the word “Life”...the ability to breathe, to grow, reproduce etc.; which people, animals and plants have before they die and which objects e.g. stones; do not have. Definition of the word “Death”... the end of life, the state of being dead, the fact of somebody dying or bring killed. Life is regarded as the most precious thing we have in this world and I personally regard it far more precious than money or anything that money can buy. Just as I know that Death is certain and inevitable and my greatest fear. But I and many other people in this planet always pray for to live for a very long time... to a ripe old age with our minds still intact enough to reminisce about the day when we were young and stronger and ask God for His Mercy in the Hereafter. I have lost people I loved over the years; my grandmother, my father, a few cousins, a few childhood friends; last time it was the son of a cousin who I held in my arms when he was a baby. He was 17 years old, a brilliant stu…


There is NO such thing as a harmless prank; usually they are played to get a laugh at the expense of the victim or to see if it could be done without detection or see how the overall outcome. Just recently; two Australian DJs played a prank in the form of a crank call to the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William) was receiving treatment and a few days later, the unfortunately duped nurse who received the call and passed it on committed suicide. Whether or not those two were responsible for that lady's suicide; they misused the freedom of expression and I don't sympathize with their excuse of "It was never meant to go that far. It was meant to be a silly little prank that so many people have done before"; they had no right to do it in the first place- what ever happened to the right of privacy; which is what the Royal couple are entitled to like everybody else? That prank was not funny at all in the first place and after this …

Happy Wedding Anniversary Bo and Carly!!!

21 years ago; it was described as the best DAYS OF OUR LIVES'  December storyline of 1991 ; Bo Brady and Carly Manning's symbolic Mayan wedding, which took place on top of  El Castillo in Chichén Itzá, Mexico.
After Bo finally proposed to Carly (which is my favorite Bo and Carly scene of all time) and  because Carly was still legally married to her diabolical husband Victor Kiriakis at the time- he suggested they pledge their love and commitment to each other with an ancient Mayan wedding ceremony. Though symbolic and not valid- its aim is for a man and a woman searching for a union and part of the cosmic universe to become spiritual partners and that was Bo and Carly did. Here is a excerpt of their vows as soon as they got to the top of the pyramid...

BoI just want you to know you've done so much for me. When I first met you, I was afraid to love. I thought I'd just let the pain and  hurt and loss that was inevitable... that was my fate. But you changed that. You mad…

Co-stars who hooked up OFF camera

CRYSTAL CHAPPELL & MICHAEL SABATINO who played Carly Manning & Lawrence Alamain in Days of Our Lives. In the show, Lawrence was the main thorn in Carly's side in the form of her obsessive ex and then afterwards her abusive husband.

However, it's nothing like that  off camera- CC and Michael got married in 1997 after leaving the show in 1993 and are the proud parents of two sons.


MICHAEL BRANDON & GLYNIS BARBER who starred  in the  classic crime drama; DEMPSEY AND MAKEPEACE (1984-1986)- about two police detectives assigned as partners- a streetwise New Yorker and an aristocratic English lady; who solved crimes, bantered and bickered with each other in most of the episodes.

They tied the knot in 1989 and are blessed with a son.