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Friday, December 28, 2012

CARBO FANFICTION- Return Journey: Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Bo was angry and sad at the blank look on Darcy’s beautiful brown eyes and the way she tried following the sound of their voices; inwardly swearing vengeance on the person responsible for it.

 Darcy smiled faintly as the words of encouragement from Nicholas, Brady, Lynn, Melanie, Nathan and Sami but her manner towards Bo and her grandparents, though not hostile like before, was standoffish and she gave them the distinct impression she didn't want them around. Bo lingered after everybody kissed her goodbye and took their leave. ‘I’ll be back later with Ciara and you two can have a nice visit, okay?’ he said, his arm round Darcy’s shoulders. ‘I’ll try to find the best way to break it to her and of course tell her you’ll see again in no time at all.’ Bo stroked her cheek with his knuckles. ‘You hang on to that thought, okay sweetheart?’

‘I won’t allow myself to think otherwise, Bo.’
Bo winced at the cool use of his name instead of the former affectionately addressed “Papa” but refused to comment on it. Darcy never forgiving him wasn't something he wanted to contemplate, and what would break his heart besides Carly marrying Daniel. ‘ Listen, I love you Darcy. No matter what happened...’
‘I don't want to hear that  again.’ Darcy interrupted,  shrinking  away from Bo’s touch.
‘Darcy, you’re my daughter and I love you very much; no matter how angry you still are with me. I really feel bad about what happened.’ Bo pleaded.
‘That you heaped more pain on Maman after she was just healing from the one she  put up with for many years, or that you left her for that  woman who tried to kill you; which one do  you really feel bad about exactly because I’m so dying to know.’ Darcy’s low voice was laced with anger.
Bo was silent for a minute. ‘Hope isn't a bad person, Darcy; she didn't know what she was doing at the time, it was the drugs. She would never wilfully hurt anybody.’
‘Don't defend her to me.’ Darcy swiftly interrupted, sightless eyes glaring at him, her voice low but angry. ‘I don't want to hear it, just like I don't want to hear your excuses or apologies. You did what you did because you wanted to and she did what she did because she is  what I’ll say to her face- a spoilt, pathetic bitch; fighting over something she threw away because somebody else wanted it. You want to know what’s really makes me angry; it’s the way my Maman’s fresh pain came from the one man I thought would never hurt her; my own father who she always called her white knight. So don't apologise, or explain anything to me. I want you to leave.’
After leaving a tentative kiss on Darcy’s averted cheek, Bo left her alone wondering exactly want he wanted to tell Carly in the first place. Princess, I miss you and I’m still in love with you. That was true enough, but did his feelings come from the heart or because he resented the idea of another man touching her. And she was carrying another man’s child yet why should he resent an unborn baby when they already have Darcy? If Carly could love Shawn Douglas so unconditionally, why shouldn’t he accept this baby along with Carly? He loved her but was he ready to end a marriage he just put back together?
I don't even know what I want, I’m so fucked up... he thought sadly as he watched Carly through the open door of her office as she talked on the phone. She looked so beautiful like always... he wanted her so much, but there was still Hope; he’d forgiven the past and they renewed vows in the presence of friends and family. Bo pondered on that thought and then his mind went back to Carly again. She filled his thoughts every day; their time together several years ago and then after she returned to Salem with their daughter was far too hard to ignore now. He knocked on the door lightly. Raising her head, Carly beckoned in him and he entered, closing the door behind and waited until she ended her call. ‘Who were you on the phone with?’ he asked.
‘Frankie. I needed his advice on the best eye expert in Washington; if Darcy’s going to need surgery then she’ll have the best doctor on deck to restore her sight.’
‘What did he say?’
Carly shrugged, rubbing her forehead with both hands. ‘He said a lot of things, he was very angry and he’s coming over even though I said he didn't have to. He’s coming with his wife.’
Not a fan of lavish church weddings after Jack Devereux ruined his wedding to Jennifer, Frankie and his English girlfriend had opted for a quiet, civil wedding at City Hall in D.C and since he’d set up his own very successful law firm where he was senior partner; he’d been too busy to come to Salem to visit the family, a family he’s probably disowned by now after hearing about his sister’s humiliation. Frankie was an adopted Brady but Carly’s flesh and blood first; how will any of them be able to explain their behaviour  to when he showed up?  Bo sighed heavily at the thought of Frankie’s justified wrath and suddenly felt  miserable as he also remembered Darcy’s attitude towards him; she was blind and she wouldn't even let him console her or be there for her; she didn't want him around and it was his fault.
Carly looked up at the sound of his sigh and saw the unhappy look on his face. ‘Bo, she’s definitely going to see again, this doctor is just a backup; she’ll be alright.’ She assured him.
Bo tried to answer but so many emotions were running through him; sadness, pain, regret, guilt and a curious sense of anger at how things had turned out between him and Carly and how it had affected his relationship with Darcy. Filled with utter misery, he covered his face with his hands.
‘Bo!’ Carly exclaimed, getting up from her chair and hurrying to him. She put her arms round him and his arms immediately wrapped round her as he buried his face against the side of her neck, his shoulders shaking as he wept.
‘Shh...’ Carly whispered, stroking his hair, trying not to cry herself. ‘Don't be this way. It’s going to be alright, you’ll see.’
‘Darcy hates me.’
‘No she doesn't...’
‘She won’t let me be a father to her, she doesn't believe how much I love her; she’s so angry with me. ’
‘She’s just angry, it doesn't mean she hates you; she doesn't Bo.’
‘And you despise me... I gave you enough reason to.’
‘No, no...’ Tears sliding down her own cheeks, Carly pulled back a bit to wipe his eyes, holding his face with her hands. ‘Listen to me. Yes, I’ve been very angry with you, I admit that. But I don't despise you and Darcy doesn't hate you. In time, you’ll see how much she loves and needs you in her life. I’ll talk to her, make her realise  that  you do love her and she needs you in her life, okay?’
But can I make you believe that I still love you? Bo thought, staring down at the luminous green eyes. ‘Okay.’ he replied softly, stroking her hair, longing so much to plant a kiss on those lips. He couldn't tell her just yet, he needed more time before they finally had the ‘talk’ she’d promised him.
Carly nodded, unable to look away this time; overwhelmed by those warm brown eyes. ‘And I don't want you or the rest of the family to worry about Darcy; she’s going to be fine and things are going to get better.’
Bo took her hands from his face, holding them between his. ‘Will things ever be better between us if you won’t forgive me?’ He held on as she tried to pull them off his grip. ‘Can you ever forgive me, Carly?’
‘Bo...’ she whispered, lowering her eyes again. ‘Don't do this to me, I want to forget; more than anything I just want to forget what happened between us, for good.’
‘I need you to forgive me!’ Bo said, his voice shaking. ‘Not a day’s gone by without me thinking about how things turned out between us. I promised to do away with anybody who hurt you and it turned out to be me who did! I’m sorry Carly, I never meant to hurt you; if... if you and Darcy never forgave me, I won’t be able to stand it... you have to forgive me, please...’ The tears came again and Carly found herself crying as well.
‘I forgive you.’ She whispered, allowing him to hug her again, pressing her lips against his cheek. ‘I forgive you, with all my heart.... I forgive you!’  He was the father of her daughter and unborn baby, he’d forgiven her in the past for her secrets and she still loved him, will always love him. But for both their sakes, she still couldn't tell him the baby was his. Hope will always come first even if he ever found out her secret.
Bo held her close, running his fingers through her hair in silent gratitude. Finally giving in to impulse, he turned his head to meet her mouth and Carly found herself receiving the kiss, tongues touching; mouths moist and eager. Bo deepened the kiss and then jerked back at something suddenly pressed against him. Carly winced, her hands going to her stomach.
‘The baby’s kicking?’ he asked.
She nodded.
 Bo hesitated then moved closer. ‘Can I... can I feel it?’
Carly wanted to say no but Bo’s hand rested on her stomach before she could utter a word. The baby kicked again and Bo felt the movement against his fingers. Gently, Carly pushed his hand away, blushing red. ‘What we just did... that can’t happen again.’
‘No it won’t, I’m sorry.’ Bo said contritely, but actually he was sorry the kiss had ended so soon, he’s missed the feel of that rosebud mouth against his, her body, her fragrance. ‘Uh... I’ll head back to the station; later I’ll bring Ciara over to see Darcy.’
Carly nodded and watch him as he left, not trusting herself to speak. One touch, one look and she’d lost herself in his arms. The baby couldn't come soon enough.
 ‘Mrs. Brady is here to see you, sir.’ Henderson announced. Thinking it was Caroline, Victor raised his head from the Wall Street Journal and took off his reading glasses but to his surprise it was his daughter-in-law. ‘Hope? What’s wrong?’
‘We need to talk.’ Hope’s tone was abrupt. As always, Henderson discreetly vanished.
‘You assured me you weren't going to do anything to Carly; was that the truth?’
‘What are you talking about?’ Victor snapped, impatiently.
‘I’m talking about what happened to Darcy; whoever attacked her didn't go to the house to rob it! Are you behind this? Did you send somebody over there to hurt Carly but he got Darcy instead?’
‘Hope... I have a lot of regard for you but you’ve gone too far with such an allegation.’ Victor said slowly.
 ‘Either you tell me what you really meant when you said Carly won’t be a problem or I’m going to tell Bo and Roman and damn the consequences!’ Hope snapped, her eyes glinting. ‘What did you do, Victor?!
Victor glared back at her; more than ever seeing the spoilt, pampered brat she really was. ‘I didn't put out a contract on her- that’s the truth.’
‘I know you’re behind the break-in Victor so stop trying to deny it; Vivian’s the type of woman who would burn down Carly’s house to get back at her, not send somebody in there! Damn it, what did you do?’
Swallowing his anger, Victor told her about the surveillance he’d ordered and that Luigi had only gone into Carly’s house to remove the cameras. Hope listened in disbelief, her eyes not leaving his face. ‘What you did was illegal.’
‘So was taking those damn pills but everybody stood by you; including me!’ Victor shouted. ‘I supported you even after you attacked my nephew and my grandson and almost burned my son alive; I joined everybody in overlooking that because you didn't know what you were doing but a more responsible mother and a less self-pitying woman wouldn’t have taken them in the first place!’
 ‘I can’t believe you’re saying this to me after what Carly...’
‘What... what exactly did she do to you? We rallied round you and ostracised her because we didn't want Bo to fall in love with her again while you were estranged... everything we thought about Carly and did to her was out of love and loyalty to you; stupid, misguided loyalty and in my case old resentment and wounded pride! All this wouldn't have happened if you hadn’t acted like such a brat in the first place- walking out on your husband, yet again!’ As he spoke, Victor silently doubted Bo would’ve kept away from Carly even if things between him and Hope weren't strained at the time; remembering how Bo fought tooth and nail to help Carly annul her marriage to him and the number of times Carly snuck off to meet Bo on Isabella’s roof; they only began fighting after Vivian and Nicky arrived in town. With all the problems Bo and Hope had over the years,  It was as if meeting Carly again had been predestined; just like how he was suddenly aware of Maggie Horton the day he married Vivian. The more he thought about it, the angrier and ashamed he felt over his role in the whole business.
‘I never asked you to bug her house!’ Hope cried. ‘And you’re making it sound like it’s my fault!’
‘Well, isn't it?’ Victor spat back. ‘You were the one who was so worried Carly was going to get back at you!’
 I didn't ask you to spy on her! I didn't ask you for this; what do you think Bo will say when he finds out?’
‘He’s not going to say anything because you and I both know you’re not telling him. Your jealousy and paranoia was the reason why I had her on surveillance in the first place so I wonder how you will justify yourself when you tell him about it.’
Hope’s face wore a look of anger. ‘I love Bo and Lord knows I have a right to be paranoid... he still loves Carly!’
Victor wasn't at all surprised. Bo was silent and sullen these days and judging from the way Carly cried herself to sleep some nights; they were very miserable without each other but Carly was so determined to forget and move on. ‘How do you know this?’ he asked dryly. ‘He asked you to move back in, you renewed your vows.’
‘I know Bo like the back of my hand, I’m not stupid no matter what you probably think!’
‘ Carly has nothing to do with your problems with Bo.’
‘ Yes she is and why are you suddenly defending her?’
‘Because I’m tired of blaming Carly for something that wasn't her fault to begin with just I’m tired of protecting you and overlooking your own faults! Carly’s priority has always been one thing- the people she loves.’
 ‘I don't want to hear any of this.’ Hope turned away.
‘This woman saved your son’s life; she volunteered to climb down a 20 foot oil shaft to get him out.’ Victor went on persistently. ‘She did all she could for Shawn Douglas at the time and he loved her as much as he loved you. But Bo denied his feelings for her; he wanted nothing to do with her romantically; or so he kept telling himself – out of respect for you!’
 Hope turned back to glare at him.
‘ I got in their way because I thought I could help her forget him but Bo got her in the end; after he finally realised he’d been acting like a fool. That’s what we never told you!’
Hope smiled bitterly. ‘So I got replaced by the picture perfect Dr. Manning; that’s what you all neglected to tell me when I came back to Salem. All of you including Bo kept it from me! If she and Bo loved each other that much, why did she leave him for Lawrence Alamain? His money and position were more valuable to her than Bo and then she comes back out of the blue to steal my husband, after murdering hers!’
‘If you really want to know  the whole story, ask Bo yourself. Don't come to me with your problems from now on. Now I have Darcy to worry about...’
‘Oh so that’s my fault too, is it? It was my fault Bo cheated on me in the first place, everything’s my fault! But you know what, Carly isn’t going to ruin things between Bo and me again; he’s my husband and the father of my children and I will handle my own business this time.’
‘How, by drugging yourself with those sleeping pills again?’
Glaring at him in stunned silence for a minute, Hope marching out of the living room.
‘You know what, Hope Brady; Carly just happens to have one thing you still don't  have and that’s maturity!’ Victor shouted after her retreating back.
Hope passed the foyer and opened the front door; slamming it behind her with a loud bang.
Several hours later, Daniel went back to Darcy’s room to spend some time with her and  for a long time they just nestled against each other in silence. ‘When I find out who did this to you, he’s going to get the beating of his life.’ he vowed yet again.
‘My hero.’ She murmured.  
 ‘Anything for you; just name it.’
‘The only thing I ask is that you always be with me.’
‘No doubt about that; more than ever.’ Daniel kissed her deeply, stroking her hair.
‘You know... when your marriage ended, I never thought you would notice me. You were very sad for a long time, I even thought that somehow, you would forgive Chloe and you will be together again.’
‘Like how Bo forgave Hope, you mean?’
Darcy nodded.
‘Bo and I are two different men, Darcy; we don't think alike.’
‘But you were still in love with Chloe even when you filed for a divorce, yes?’
‘I won’t deny that but all I could think of was her betrayal and how she tried to justify herself. She never believed Carly and I were just friends and that insecurity led her to Phillip who had his own issues. Listening to her trying to justify her cheating was what got me mad and I realised I couldn't stay married to her. As for Bo, I’ll never understand why he went back to Hope; after all the misery she put him through, after what she tried to do to him but that’s the way it goes, he made his choice. I’m just sorry and angry that a wonderful woman got hurt.’
Darcy sighed.
‘Hey, cheer up. Carly’s moved on and she has your baby brother or sister to look forward to in a few months; we’re a family, remember?’  Daniel’s smile suddenly grew wider. ‘When do you think we should have our own?’
Darcy regarded him with suspicion. ‘What’s this cher; your indirect way of proposing?’
‘What do you think it is?’
‘I got hit hard on the head and I can’t see you; I do not know what to think. Please, don’t  torture me with veiled questions.’
Daniel chuckled, stroking her hair again. ‘You already know my future will only be complete with you in it. You and our own children. And for that to happen... you know you’re going to have to marry me.’
‘I wouldn't dream of “living in sin” with you.’ Darcy said primly. ‘What are you trying to say?’
Daniel took her hand, holding it between his. ‘I treasure everyday I’ve known and loved you, Darcy. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me; you made me love again. I love everything that makes you.’
‘So do I.’ She whispered, freeing one hand to touch that beloved face. ‘We may have been together for a few months but I’ve loved you far longer than that.’
‘But you don't know everything about me.’
‘I know enough.’
‘No, baby; you don't. When I first met Rebecca, my first wife; she had cancer and I thought I could save her but it turned out incurable. But I knew I loved her very much and I wanted to make the rest of the time she had left blissful so we got married. I prepared myself for the inevitable moment when I’ll say goodbye to her but when she died I lost all feeling. I believed I could never love another woman, like I loved Rebecca- that and the fact we didn't have many more years together. I then came here to Salem and...’ he stopped, wondering how she would take it.
‘Yes?’ Darcy encouraged softly.
‘I met someone who made me feel again. It wasn't Chloe, it was Chelsea.’
Darcy was shocked. ‘My sister? You and her?’
Daniel nodded. ‘We met when your Dad needed surgery, she was the donor. Along the line, we fell love but I kept pushing her away because I was afraid of my feelings. We tried to take a shot at it but eventually we went our separate ways. In case you were wondering, Chelsea and I never made love.’
‘For god sake cher, am I asking for the number of women you’ve been intimate with?’ Darcy retorted. ‘What does it matter?’
‘Well I want you to know everything about me now because I don't ever want to lose you.’ Daniel insisted. ‘It wasn’t the age difference or everybody’s attitude about us that broke us up- it was because I slept with Kate; before and after we became a couple.’
Mrs. DiMera?’ Darcy gasped. ‘Was that the real reason why she poisoned Chloe and then framed you for it?’
 ‘I still don't know if that was the reason because of all her children, Lucas is her favourite. I swear, Chloe and I never meant to hurt Lucas but he was hell bent on not  granting  Chloe an annulment when she asked him for it and we so badly wanted to be together.’
Darcy said nothing, unable to speak. Daniel stared at her, silently praying she wasn't going to say they couldn’t be together from now on; Darcy was his light, his everything. ‘I do all I can to help the sick, I’ve led protests to save the environment but I’m not perfect Darcy. My love for you though, it’s real and deep.’
Darcy was silent for a while then she tightened her grip on Daniel’s hand. ‘I know it is. And I love you very much and we belong together now.’
‘You bet we do; now and forever. So... will you marry me and make me the happiest man in the world? Will you be my wife, Darcy Manning?’
A happy smile spread across her beautiful face. ‘Yes, I will. I will.’ Her head aching but her heart singing; she slipped her arms round Daniel’s neck as he leaned down, sharing yet another warm, heartfelt kiss to seal their engagement. ‘I love you, Daniel.’ She said tearfully. Daniel shifted, pulling a box from his pocket. ‘Well, I guess now’s the time for you to wear this.’
‘No, cher... don't open it. I don't want to wear my ring now.’ Darcy said quickly.
‘Why not?’ Daniel asked, anxious again.
‘I don't want to wear it while I’m still blind, wondering how it looks like. I want to see it when you put it on my finger; just like I want to be able to  look into your eyes when we exchange vows on our wedding day.’ Darcy touched his face, caressing his cheeks. ‘Can you understand?’
‘I do.’ Daniel replied, moved by what she’d just said. ‘Okay, it stays in the box, until you regain your sight and then you’ll be my wife.’
‘Kiss me, cher.’
He obeyed, his arms tightening round her and they were so absorbed with each other that they didn't hear the door open.

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