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Monday, December 03, 2012

Co-stars who hooked up OFF camera

CRYSTAL CHAPPELL & MICHAEL SABATINO who played Carly Manning & Lawrence Alamain in Days of Our Lives. In the show, Lawrence was the main thorn in Carly's side in the form of her obsessive ex and then afterwards her abusive husband.

However, it's nothing like that  off camera- CC and Michael got married in 1997 after leaving the show in 1993 and are the proud parents of two sons.


MICHAEL BRANDON & GLYNIS BARBER who starred  in the  classic crime drama; DEMPSEY AND MAKEPEACE (1984-1986)- about two police detectives assigned as partners- a streetwise New Yorker and an aristocratic English lady; who solved crimes, bantered and bickered with each other in most of the episodes.

They tied the knot in 1989 and are blessed with a son.


BEN AFFLECK &  JENNIFER GARNER who portrayed  the Marvel characters Dare-devil and Elektra respectively in the 2003 movie DARE-DEVIL.

They have been married since 2005 and have three children, two daughters and a son.


Bollywood actor and actress RISHI KAPOOR & NEETU SINGH who starred together in 3 movies including Kabhie Kabhie. Their marriage nearly didn't happen as both families disapproved of the match for some reasons but in the end the couple got their way and married in 1979.

They are stil married and have a son and daughter.


In 1944, legendary actor HUMPHREY BOGART met his 4th and final wife LAUREN BACALL when filming their first film together; TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT. Lauren was 19 at the time while Bogart was 44 and still married but they fell in love.

In 1945 they became man and wife ; starred in more movies together; DARK PASSAGE, KEY LARGO and THE BIG SLEEP. Through Lauren, Bogart became a father for the first time at age 49- to a son and daughter and they stayed happily married until his death from cancer in 1957.



Sarah became Mrs Prinze in  2002 and she and Freddie have a son and daughter.


Bollywood actor and actress/dancer  DHARMENDRA HEMA MALINI hooked up after starring in the classic box office hit  SHOLAY and then did 28 films together over the years including THE BURNING TRAIN, JUGNU, PRATIGYA and DREAM GIRL. They married in 1980.

They are still together today and have two daughters.


KYLE LOWDER & ARIANNE ZUCKER portrayed Brady Black and Nicole DiMera in DAYS OF OUR LIVES until Kyle's departure in 2005. They tied the knot in 2002 and have a daughter, born in 2009.


RACHEL WARD & BRYAN BROWN fell in love on the set of the mini-series THE THORN BIRDS (where they played an unhappily married couple) in 1983 and married the same year.

They are still happily married and they have 3 children; 2 daughters and a son


JOHN RITTER & AMY YASBECK met during the making   of the 1990 comedy film PROBLEM CHILD and also starred together  in PROBLEM CHILD 2  in 1991; co-starring in other projects.

Amy and John got married in 1999 and their union produced a daughter. Alas; John Ritter tragically died in 2003   after collapsing  on the set of his sitcom "8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter".


 BILL HAYES & SUSAN SEAFORTH HAYES;  Daytime T.V's first super-couple, who played (and still play) Doug and Julie Williams in DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

The couple have been married since 1974 and share five children!


PAUL HOGAN and LINDA KOZLOWSKI  who played Mick Dundee;  an Australian adventurer and Sue Charlton; a New York journalist and heiress in the 1986 film, CROCODILE DUNDEE and its 1988 sequel, CROCODILE DUNDEE II.

Paul and Linda got married in 1990 and their union was blessed with a son. In 2001, they reprised their roles in  CROCODILE DUNDEE IN LOS ANGELES.


ALEXIS DENISOF & ALYSON HANNIGAN who played witch  Willow Rosenberg and pompous watcher Wesley Wyndam-Pryce in BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER & its spin-off, ANGEL. Willow and Wesley weren't a couple in both shows as Alyson's character was gay.

Alyson and Alexis got married in 2003 and are the proud parents of two daughters

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