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The world have lost several notable celebrities these past months, some we are still trying to get over. While still reeling from the shock over former WWE wrestler Chyna, the news came of Prince's death. From the mass outpouring of grief everywhere, it's like losing Michael Jackson all over again.
While not a huge fan of Prince, I really liked  his songs that happened to come my way.- the first being Purple Rain. As a child, I knew him as "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince" and I remember wondering if he was related to M.J at the time- to me they seemed alike facially and in some ways.
Its' a very sad thing that has occurred. Only a few days ago- before the tragic news of Chyna's death, there was the news of Doris Roberts' passing; the actress who played the sharp tongued and overbearing Marie Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond. Now we have lost such a talented icon, Prince- gone at 57. Like I always say at times like this... life is fragile and unpred…


Earth is not for the taking! 

For the generation of viewers who are yet to see the ground breaking INDEPENDENCE DAY (1996), it's advisable to watch that first before this upcoming sequel coming in June 2016.
INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE 's plot came be guessed  from the title; another battle between the human race and the malevolent aliens who have returned with a much bigger fleet. The movie is set 20 years after the first battle, hence a new generation of fighters in this new war to protect Earth. Steven Hiller (Will Smith) is long dead, the  former president (Bill Pullman) now aged and the scientist we saw at the merciless grip of an alien in the first film, Dr. Brakish Okun (Brett Spiner) turned out to have survived that terrible ordeal after all!
The new generation of fighters includes the former president's daughter, Patricia Whitmore (Maika Monroe), Dylan Dubrow-Hiller(Jesse Usher), the late Steven's stepson and Jake Morrison (Liam Hemsworth), Patricia's boyf…


After my post about Nigerian Television; my mind then turned to Nollywood. When I was a child, Yoruba films reigned supreme in the Nigerian film industry; in particular, Baba Sala's works until piracy ruined everything.  In the early nineties, things changed. After an influx of Igbo films, some subtitles and some not e.g The Unforgivable Sin (Zach Orji's debut film), Nneka, The Pretty Serpent (starring Ndidi Obi),Living In Bondage (starring Kenneth Okwonkwo, at his best); the Nigerian audience were treated to English speaking ones; Full Moon, Glamour Girls, True Confession, Blood on my hands, Compromise, Dust To Dust, When The Sun Sets (Kate Henshaw's debut), Domitilla, Another Campus Tale, Sakobi, The Snake Girl, Festival of Fire, Goodbye Tomorrow, Mortal Inheritance, Daybreak,  Igodo.. the list is endless. Over the years, we've been  treated to good and very memorable ones; thanks to ace directors like Chico and Zeb Ejiro, Tade Ogidan, the late Amaka Igwe(may her sou…


These days, in literature, television, comics and of course movies; we get more and more action heroines. We've become more accustomed to strong, independent women who can fight back, think for themselves, stand up for themselves and have better things to do than trail after men who believe it's their main duty to be their protectors. Well, no boys... damsels in distress are slowly becoming a thing of the past! Action heroines slowly began springing up from the 60s and now in this digital era, the list of action heroines have gotten really long. As such, it took a lot of effort to narrow down the list to 10 and some people may not agree with the ranking! Here they are, in my opinion, the top 10 action heroines:

MAX GUEVARA  a.k.a X5-452
Wonderfully portrayed by a much younger Jessica Alba, Max was one of many genetically enhanced children-trangenics- trained to be super soldiers in the science fiction T.V series,Dark Angel. I was immediately taken in by Max, not just because…