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I saw 2012 at the Ozone Cinema and it WAS THE BOMB!!! Never have I seen such mind blowing visual effects since INDEPENDENCE DAY and THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, I was absolutely spellbound by the whole movie. And it wasn't just the effects, but the superb acting of British-born Nigerian actor Chiwetel Ejiofor as Dr. Adrian Hemsley, scientific advisor to the President, who discovered something terribly wrong with the earth's crust, John Cusack, as Jackson- a writer who emerged an unlikely hero, Woody Harrelson as a conspiracy theorist who revealed the government's big cover-up to Jackson, veteran actor Danny Glover as the U.S President and the lovely Thandie Newton as Laura Wilson, the president's daughter. It is a MUST watch- once you watch it, you'll be totally hooked; I give it two thumbs up!
 Trivia: The director, Roland Emmerich, also directed INDEPENDENCE DAY, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, GODZILLA, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER & 10,000 B.C.

Before the movie started, I saw the …

Days of Our Lives: Bo and Carly's Special Moments

I'm not the only one who is observing Days Of Our Lives with renewed interest after the sudden but very delightful  return of Carly Manning(Crystal Chappelle) after a 16 year absence from the show. Her fans were heartbroken when  her passionate love affair with Bo Brady suddenly  ended in 1993; now that she's returned to Salem just when Bo is having marital troubles- fans are already  rooting for the princess & the sailor to get back together again!
Here are a few images showing some of the couple's most tender moments...

The first time Bo told Carly he loved her after a long struggle

When Bo was infected by a deadly virus meant for Carly.

During  their symbolic wedding/commitement ceremony in Mexico

Reading the scroll. Bo discovered she still had it after 18 years when it fell out of her purse  in a recent episode

Their memorable wedding night; the very first time they did 'you know what' since they'd met!!!

"On their honeymoon" in Cancun

Reunited a…

In loving memory: Alaina & Brittany

I was still reeling in shock at the news of Brittany Murphy's sudden death; I'd only watched five of her films- Just Married, Girl,Interrupted,  8 Mile, Uptown Girls and Little Black Book- then I heard about the death of Alaina Reed Hall, who those who grew up with Sesame Street knew as the ever smiling photographer Olivia, who died of breast cancer at the age of 63. It's very sad- she was one of my favorite characters in Seasame Street, she had a melodious singing voice and looking back, she was the one who got me interested in photography. And Brittany, how on earth does a 32 year old get cardiac arrest? This just again shows just how fragile life is and how we should remember to fear God always in order to attain His Mercy on Judgement Day.
This year we've lost several notable stars- Bernie Mac, Patrick Swayze, Farrah Fawcett, Natasha Richardson, Ricardo Montalban(I watched his show 'Fantasy Island' as a child), Ron Silver and of course Michael Jackson. Ma…

Days of Our Lives: The great beauty of flashback

I was more of a Capitol, The Bold & The Beautiful and Santa Barbara fan some years ago, and then Days of Our Lives briefly came to our screens. There were old episodes but they fascinated me very much because of the super couple at that time; Bo Brady and Carly Manning. Bo had fallen in love with the lovely medical doctor after the great love of his life, Hope Williams was assumed dead and he and Carly had many ups and downs but their love always weathered it. During one of their ‘downs’, Carly was set up for murder by the vicious Vivian Alamaine and got injected, leaving her in a coma. Vivian then further use a Chinese herbal medicine to paralyze Carly, making everyone believe she was dead, including a very grief stricken Bo. But after she was dug out by the father of her son, Lawrence Alamaine(Vivian’s nephew and a man everyone in Salem hated, especially Bo), she woke up from the coma but alas , had lost her memory(weird, when she was unconscious she kept on screaming Bo’s name)…

Tu O Nadie snippet: Could Raquel be pregnant?

Tonio, assisted by Ramon, picked  Raquel up  from the floor and placed her on the bed,  pushing a pillow under her head and rubbed her arm. He gave her a glass of orange juice while Ramon picked up the phone to call the family's doctor. Raquel was still half-conscious and didn't drink what was given; alarming Tonio further. He continued feeling her forehead and stroking her hair until her eyes slowly opened. He asked if she was alright, she had scared him when she'd fainted. Raquel mumbled that she felt ill and dizzy. As he held her, Vicky entered the room looking anxious- Ramon had informed her that Mrs. Raquel had fainted and the doctor has been sent for. Vicky thought perhaps Raquel was pregnant. Tonio asked her to stay with Raquel until Oscar showed up. Vicky had become distant towards her daughter-in-law but she sat by her all the same. She briefly talked to her about Max's father, who had been one of Tonio's father's engineers in the company. It was some…

Tu O Nadie snippet: EVEN WORSE!!!

The first time we watched the following episodes; my Mum regarded Max as pure evil and Raquel, extremely stupid at the way she handled the situation caused by her even more stupid sister, Martha who did NOT deserve her loyalty at all!  I swear to God, if I had a sister who caused me so much embarrassment like that, I would send her HOME! 

Martha was dismayed to hear what Max wanted her sister to do; meet him at a hotel room! Raquel too was very angry and scared but wasn’t prepared to do what he wants. Instead she was going to have a very long, hard talk with him, in order to negotiate. Tonio, still wondering what was bugging Raquel- asked her to come with him and Andres to see the new hotel at Zihuatanejo but she said she couldn't - she had planned to do some shopping. Max, meanwhile, asked Luis to book a suite at the Ritz. Rodrigo's employee, Gato- posing as Roberto Egere, called the house asking for Raquel and Vicky took the call. Max, who was nearby, took the phone and asked…

This Year's Yuletide Film is....

This is actually a label I've been neglecting for so long, but to be honest, I really prefer watching classic films just like I like listening to 70s music like KC & The Sunshine Band. But it's a mistake I want to now rectify by posting details of this year's Christmas film, the latest version of the classic tale by the master storyteller, Charles Dickens- A CHRISTMAS CAROL. According to my source, it is Disney's third adaptation of this charming story and the first 3D adaptation, the first one a cartoon, the other, a  live action film starring Michael Caine and Jim Henson's(God rest his soul) Muppets, which were sold to Disney after Henson's death in 1990. I first read the simplified edition back in Primary school and then the full version when I was in F.C.E, Abeokuta ; I own a copy now and always read it every Christmas Eve.
This version stars funny, funny man Jim Carrey( 9 years ago he was the green monster in HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS ) as the ver…


The following morning,  Raquel found her sister looking miserable and frightened. When asked what was bothering her, Martha muttered, 'I killed a man!'
Very shocked, Raquel demanded to know what happened and is furious to learn Martha had lied to her, she didn't approve of her moving around with Luis at all- why on earth had she gone out with him and handled a car without a licence? Martha unreasonably retorted that it was because Raquel was now completely focused on her husband, while she was constantly bored and ignored by everyone. She dashed away in tears and Raquel followed her, calling her name anxiously. They passed Evil Max who was calmly smoking, he stopped Raquel and said he knew what had happened and THIS time, Raquel had no option but to obey him or she'll have no way out at all.
Raquel asked him what he meant by that statement; Max replied he was going to hand over Martha to the authorities if she didn't give him what he wanted. Raquel angrily said s…

A Message From Danielle Steel

December 1, 2009

Dear Friends,
December has always been a big month for us—my college kids come home. When my children were little, we were in a frenzy trying to get organized for the holidays: shopping, assembling bikes, putting up the tree, and baking brownies, which we give to friends. It can also be a hard time, despite the celebrations and all the traditions and hopes that go with it, and painful for some. Since we lost my son Nick, we feel his absence even more sharply at this time of year.
My wish for you is that your holidays are tender, joyful, loving, and that all your wishes come true. As the year comes to a close, I hope that it has been a good one, and if it fell short, I hope that the next one is all that you hope it will be! My heartfelt holiday wishes and much love to all of you.

P.S. You are always welcome to visit me at my home on the web.
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