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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In loving memory: Alaina & Brittany

I was still reeling in shock at the news of Brittany Murphy's sudden death; I'd only watched five of her films- Just Married, Girl,Interrupted,  8 Mile, Uptown Girls and Little Black Book- then I heard about the death of Alaina Reed Hall, who those who grew up with Sesame Street knew as the ever smiling photographer Olivia, who died of breast cancer at the age of 63. It's very sad- she was one of my favorite characters in Seasame Street, she had a melodious singing voice and looking back, she was the one who got me interested in photography. And Brittany, how on earth does a 32 year old get cardiac arrest? This just again shows just how fragile life is and how we should remember to fear God always in order to attain His Mercy on Judgement Day.
This year we've lost several notable stars- Bernie Mac, Patrick Swayze, Farrah Fawcett, Natasha Richardson, Ricardo Montalban(I watched his show 'Fantasy Island' as a child), Ron Silver and of course Michael Jackson. May Allah accept them all among his chosen few. Amin.

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