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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tu O Nadie snippet: EVEN WORSE!!!

The first time we watched the following episodes; my Mum regarded Max as pure evil and Raquel, extremely stupid at the way she handled the situation caused by her even more stupid sister, Martha who did NOT deserve her loyalty at all!  I swear to God, if I had a sister who caused me so much embarrassment like that, I would send her HOME! 

Martha was dismayed to hear what Max wanted her sister to do; meet him at a hotel room! Raquel too was very angry and scared but wasn’t prepared to do what he wants. Instead she was going to have a very long, hard talk with him, in order to negotiate. Tonio, still wondering what was bugging Raquel- asked her to come with him and Andres to see the new hotel at Zihuatanejo but she said she couldn't - she had planned to do some shopping. Max, meanwhile, asked Luis to book a suite at the Ritz. Rodrigo's employee, Gato- posing as Roberto Egere, called the house asking for Raquel and Vicky took the call. Max, who was nearby, took the phone and asked whoever it was to leave a message but Gato hung up without doing so.

 He asked Raquel who was the guy but she snappishly said she didn't know, someone was really pulling her leg.
 Later,  Tonio kissed Raquel goodbye and Andres shook her hand and left for their outing. As soon as the door closed behind them, Max came up to her and without a word, gave her a set of keys to the hotel suite they were to meet. Numbly, Raquel went up to her room in tears. As she was contemplating on what to do, Tonio suddenly appeared. Startled, she hid the keys behind her back and smiled at him; asking if he'd forgotten something. He smiled back; he wanted to know if she had enough money for her shopping spree. She said she had some but I guess it was the way she said it that made Tonio suspect she was lying. He picked up her white leather  purse and asked her again. She said she had some, but she'd given most of it to Martha. Alas, that didn't help because he didn't believe her at all! He grabbed her by the arm and said she was going to go to Zihuatanejo with him after all since she obviously had no reason NOT to go with him. As he dragged her out, the keys slipped out of her hand, onto the carpet. In the hallway, they ran into Martha and Tonio asked if she had money; Martha repiled, 'Not a cent. Why?' (OH DEAR!)
Tonio didn't allow Raquel to change, he insisted she went in what she already had on. After allowing her to freshen up in the bathroom, they left in silence. A maid, tidying the room, saw the key and placed it on the nightstand by their bed. Max later called the house and asked Ramon if Raquel had gone out with Tonio and Ramon said yes, much to his fury. He asked to talk to Martha who was on the couch with Claudio, Tonio's brother-in-law. 
Later on, Martha confronted Max at what he was trying to do to her sister; if he persisted, she vowed to tell Tonio and damn the consequences. 
In the evening, Tonio and Raquel got back, neither of them in very good moods. Raquel went up to their room and to her horror couldn't find the key. Tonio entered and demanded to know why she'd lied to him; had she used shopping as an excuse to meet with someone- the mysterious Roberto Egere? Raquel vehemently denied it, she didn't even know who that man was! 
Ramon appeared, with their refreshments on a tray. As he was leaving, he told Raquel that if she was looking for lost keys, a maid had found it and placed it on the nightstand. Feeling totally stressed out and ill, Raquel went out cold on the carpet. Momentarily forgetting his anger, Tonio knelt beside her, frightened...

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