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Saturday, December 26, 2009


I saw 2012 at the Ozone Cinema and it WAS THE BOMB!!! Never have I seen such mind blowing visual effects since INDEPENDENCE DAY and THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, I was absolutely spellbound by the whole movie. And it wasn't just the effects, but the superb acting of British-born Nigerian actor Chiwetel Ejiofor as Dr. Adrian Hemsley, scientific advisor to the President, who discovered something terribly wrong with the earth's crust, John Cusack, as Jackson- a writer who emerged an unlikely hero, Woody Harrelson as a conspiracy theorist who revealed the government's big cover-up to Jackson, veteran actor Danny Glover as the U.S President and the lovely Thandie Newton as Laura Wilson, the president's daughter. It is a MUST watch- once you watch it, you'll be totally hooked; I give it two thumbs up!
 Trivia: The director, Roland Emmerich, also directed INDEPENDENCE DAY, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, GODZILLA, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER & 10,000 B.C.

Before the movie started, I saw the preview of SHERLOCK HOLMES, the latest in the long line of adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic stories of the most brilliant private eye and his faithful colleague/roommate/biographer Dr. Watson. I can't wait to see it especially since one of the characters includes the only woman who was actually able trick Holmes successfully, Irene Adler, but the casting was a bit odd to me; Holmes is portrayed  by American actor  Robert Downey Jr. (IRON MAN)  and Watson by British actor, Jude Law (COLD MOUNTAIN)- I would have thought it was the other way round, but from what I see, Robert did a fine job. And apart from that, both characters look to be in their mid-thirties whereas in the books, they were always described as middle-aged. Lastly, there were two scenes that shocked me, one of Irene kissing the woman hating Holmes on  the mouth and the other of Watson punching out  Holmes. Directed by Madonna's ex husband, Guy Ritchie and  another must watch.

 After 2012 wrapped up, I saw the poster of this movie outside and later on I checked on what it was about. This one is called INVICTUS, starring veteran actor Morgan Freeman &  Matt Damon and directed by another veteran, Clint Eastwood, who'd previously worked with Freeman in UNFORGIVEN & MILLION-DOLLAR BABY.  In this biographical drama, Freeman is Nelson Mandela, who after several years as a prisoner in Robben Island, was  released in 1990 and became South Africa's president in 1994- but still had a major task ahead of him, and that was to unite the blacks and whites ; especially as  the country was to host the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Helping him with that goal was the captain of the rugby team , Francois Pienaar played by Matt Damon. Freeman has already been nominated as for a a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a leading role, Damon for Best Supporting Actor & Best Director for Eastwood(not at all surprised at that one).
P.S : what I like best about Mr. Freeman is his unique ability of narration e.g THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION & MILLION-DOLLAR BABY.

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