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Friday, December 11, 2009


The following morning,  Raquel found her sister looking miserable and frightened. When asked what was bothering her, Martha muttered, 'I killed a man!'
Very shocked, Raquel demanded to know what happened and is furious to learn Martha had lied to her, she didn't approve of her moving around with Luis at all- why on earth had she gone out with him and handled a car without a licence? Martha unreasonably retorted that it was because Raquel was now completely focused on her husband, while she was constantly bored and ignored by everyone. She dashed away in tears and Raquel followed her, calling her name anxiously. They passed Evil Max who was calmly smoking, he stopped Raquel and said he knew what had happened and THIS time, Raquel had no option but to obey him or she'll have no way out at all.
Raquel asked him what he meant by that statement; Max replied he was going to hand over Martha to the authorities if she didn't give him what he wanted. Raquel angrily said she was NOT going to do anything he asked- she was going to tell her husband. But Max reminded her she had got gotten over one embarrassment caused by her father, would she have a marriage at all if Tonio was told about this one? He poured out so many consequences the family would suffer if she dared told, that Raquel too became frightened and tearful and walked away. Max smiled after her, evilly.(first class bastard!)
In the sitting room, Tonio was just receiving two house guests, a handsome man about his age and a beautiful blonde girl about Martha's age. Tonio introduced the man as his best friend, Andres and the young woman, Alejandra. Andres was amazed when Tonio introduced Raquel as his wife; miffed that he was not invited to the wedding. He warmly shook Raquel's hand, complimenting her on her beauty and  she shyly thanked him and greeted Alejandra who smiled at her.

Andres jokingly asked Raquel how she was able to hook 'this rascal'; she and Tonio merely  smiled and told him they'd met in Guadalajara. Andres was in Acapulco on business but he'd picked up his goddaughter, Alejandra while passing through Miami- at her father's request. Apparently she was being courted by a race car driver her family did NOT approve of.
When they were alone, Tonio asked Raquel what was wrong- she looked rather uneasy but she said nothing was wrong at all.

In Martha's room, both sisters cried bitterly. Martha was terrified at the idea of going to jail and what her sister is being blackmailed to do because of her foolishness. Raquel wonders how on earth they'll be able to resolve the mess without telling Tonio and causing another publicised scandal to the family. (Poor Raquel, being married to a very wealthy man isn't always a bed of roses, especially since her background is completely different from his).
Vicky went to the bungalow to inform Daniel they were having a small dinner party for the guests would just arrived and tactfully suggested he dressed a bit more conservatively and lessen his alcohol intake; which he solemnly promised to do.
That evening, everyone except Raquel and Martha had fun and mingled. Alejandra wondered out loud to Camilla why her sister-in-law was very quiet. Camilla frowned at Raquel's direction and told Alejandra that there was a lot she didn't know about her- and she would explain it all in due time. Andres remarked that Martha was pretty as well; Tonio agreed but said that Raquel's beauty was more pronounced and sophisticated. After a while, Daniel excused himself, he was rather tired. Everyone said goodnight to him and as usual, Raquel escorted him back to the bungalow. No one noticed Max leaving the room via the opposite direction but then Tonio noticed he wasn't in the room.
Max ambushed Raquel on her way back to the house and demanded to know her decision. She replied, she loved her husband and was not going to betray him. Max angrily reminded her about what would happen to Martha if she did'nt comply; he only wanted to have sex with her only ONCE, he would leave her and Tonio in peace after that. Raquel jumped out of her skin when she heard Tonio calling her. She struggled with Max, who still wanted her to say yes or else. Tonio called her again and in desperation snapped 'YES!' and shoved him away from her and walked away, leaving him frustrated... he knew she didn't mean it.

Tonio looked at Raquel as she walked up to him and asked again what was wrong, she looked flustered and nervous. Rather snappishly, she said yes, having to perform her role as a hostess and trying to fit in his crowd was rather hard for her. Tonio assured her she'd done a good job so far and was proud of her. She smiled at him and they exchanged a kiss before entering the house together. Unable to console Martha, Raquel went to her room, agonising over how to solve her dilemma.
Downstairs, Andres and Tonio discuss their day trip to Zihuatanejo, where Andres' new hotel was under construction by Tonio's crew; they decided to go by helicopter. Upstairs, Tonio softly entered the bedroom and finds his wife already in bed. He bent over and kissed her on the cheek but she does'nt respond, so he prepared for bed. Actually, out of sheer worry, Raquel was only pretending to be asleep.
My people, if you were in Raquel's shoes, would'nt you just TELL Tonio?


  1. Yes, i Will tell him everything'

    But, the story Will be different


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