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Friday, December 18, 2009

Days of Our Lives: The great beauty of flashback

I was more of a Capitol, The Bold & The Beautiful and Santa Barbara fan some years ago, and then Days of Our Lives briefly came to our screens. There were old episodes but they fascinated me very much because of the super couple at that time; Bo Brady and Carly Manning. Bo had fallen in love with the lovely medical doctor after the great love of his life, Hope Williams was assumed dead and he and Carly had many ups and downs but their love always weathered it. During one of their ‘downs’, Carly was set up for murder by the vicious Vivian Alamaine and got injected, leaving her in a coma. Vivian then further use a Chinese herbal medicine to paralyze Carly, making everyone believe she was dead, including a very grief stricken Bo. But after she was dug out by the father of her son, Lawrence Alamaine(Vivian’s nephew and a man everyone in Salem hated, especially Bo), she woke up from the coma but alas , had lost her memory(weird, when she was unconscious she kept on screaming Bo’s name) and thought Larry was the man she was engaged to because of the diamond ring on her finger.

Bo discovered she was alive and tried to make her remember him- she felt drawn to him and even allowed him to kiss her but she didn’t regain her memory until a friend of Bo’s – Billie Reed- brought her son Nicky to her. Alas, she felt more drawn to Larry because he’d looked after her when she was ill(brainwashed her more like) so she and Bo said their very tearful goodbyes and she returned the ring she’d worn for so long. These were 1993 episodes and after Bo started going out with Billie , I lost interest and STV stopped showing it; actually It was STV’s early days that this soap was shown in the first place.

However, I read written recaps of the series- Bo and Billie married and had a daughter but Hope, his long lost love returned to Salem and Billie stepped aside when Bo made it plain he still loved Hope. Hope and Bo, after many obstacles, married but currently they are estranged. What’s worse- to my horror- after a 16 year absence, Carly has resurfaced!

She had been living abroad with Lawrence as his wife but the marriage had gone sour long ago and he’d gone back to his evil, abusive self. She’d had an affair which produced a daughter but Larry made her give her up and she spent years worrying about the child. Then one night, Larry informed her he was making arrangements to have the child killed. She proceeded to pack and leave but Larry started beating her and she stabbed him to death.

 Flying to Salem to escape and look for her daughter, she went to the one person she trusted, Bo- now Salem’s Police Commissioner. She broke into his house and he grabbed her from behind, thinking she was an intruder but to his great shock looked into the eyes of his former fiancee for the first time in years.  After listening to her sad story and doing all he could to make sure she wasn’t extradited – Carly prepared to settle in Salem and work once again at the hospital. Which finally brings me to what moved me very much... as a writer.

What I love in soaps are flashbacks... they bring to mind special moments a fan may have  forgotten.

In the episode I watched yesterday, Carly’s purse dropped on her way out and Bo helped her gather the things that fell out; one of them the Mayan scroll his former sister-in-law had given to them before their  wedding ceremony  eighteen years ago(actually it was more of a commitment ceremony, long story).

Bo remarked at how she’d kept it for so long; she shyly said she couldn’t throw it away because it held many good memories. I had watched that wedding; good memories is a GROSS understatement, it was the period when they’d been young and deliriously happy. Bo agreed and that was when I saw the flashback- both of them in their wedding clothes, reading the poem in the scroll together. It was only for a few seconds, but it was so beautiful; the actor and actress  have been on the soap for a very long time so it was so realistic, along with the soft track played. Then it faded back to the present and Bo and Carly had exchanged a look before she took her leave. I just hope Bo and Carly will not get back together; Hope already suspects Carly wants to steal her husband and apart from that, it could lead to heartbreak- Bo had left Billie when Hope returned. If he started something with Carly again... she might  be the loser.

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