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Part 3
‘How did you happen to come with my uncle?’ ‘I ran into him in D.C, my husband and I live in Georgetown. He told me everything and I insisted on tagging along. Tanner promised to come over as soon as he can. Can I see Carly now?’ Melanie watched Molly carefully and the raw emotion on the woman’s face when she leaned over Carly and touched her face told her Molly still regarded Carly the same way she must have  done years ago. She wasn’t like the others, thank God. Frankie came into the room eventually, accompanied by Dr. Long and two nurses. ‘We’re taking her into the O.R now, Mel.’ ‘Okay...’ Melanie nodded, moving to kiss Carly on the forehead. ‘I love you Mum, we’ll be here waiting for you.’ Frankie kissed her as well, squeezing her hand, Molly did the same thing. Carly was wheeled out.
::::::::::::: ‘I couldn’t believe what Frankie told me on the way here. I felt sick to my stomach hearing what Carly went through all this time.’ Melanie touched Molly’s arm. ‘Since my uncle told y…


Today was spent at Dubai's World Center and it's so  indescribable that I'll just let the pics do all the talking! 

At Modhesh World! (sorry about the blurry pic) 

Modhesh World's Food Court... 

And my lunch! :-)


Hey folks!

Right now, I'm on a trip of a lifetime- 10 days' vacation in Dubai! It's more than I ever dreamt possible and I'm so excited to be here. I'm travelling with friends of course, it's the only way it could be afforded in the first place. Like  I was earlier warned, almost EVERYTHING here costs an arm and a leg, but goodness... it's all so beautiful and exotic! 

Most of the hotels here offer apartments so the four of us are currently chilling out in a nice one at THE PEARL RESIDENCE with a well equipped kitchen, a sitting room and two bathrooms! One has to simply be careful at spending and once you remember not to be extravagant, you won't have a problem. At least the breakfast buffet is free! 
Dubai's lovely and the people are so nice and friendly, and you feel right at home. The architecture is breathtaking... I couldn't take pics fast enough on my mobile as we drove to the Dubai Mall today via Shuttle Bus... 

We were too wiped out after th…


Part 2

The indecisiveness on Jennifer’s face really irritated Abby. Didn't she understand a word she’d said? ‘He’s the father; he has a right to know.’ ‘Maybe...’ ‘What’s ‘maybe’ for heaven’s sake?’ ‘Carly wouldn’t want that. She and Bo didn’t speak to each other before he left Salem- she wants nothing to do with him.’ Abby made a disgusted noise. ‘I’m not a fool, Mum. This has nothing to do with Carly; it has more to do with Hope! AlwaysHope! To tell the truth I’m really sick of the way everyone is with her; like she’s some pure saint-like dove that always got to be protected! You’re afraid about how she would react, aren’t you? She comes first, even over your best friend.’ Jennifer’s expression changed, to anger. ‘That’s not true.’ ‘Why didn’t you back her up when she was still with Bo, then?’ Abby snapped. ‘Because he belonged with Hope; I wasn’t the only one who thought so.’ ‘Hope left him, she tried to kill him!’ ‘She wasn’t herself; I don’t know how many times I will explain th…