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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Part 3

‘How did you happen to come with my uncle?’
‘I ran into him in D.C, my husband and I live in Georgetown. He told me everything and I insisted on tagging along. Tanner promised to come over as soon as he can.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Today was spent at Dubai's World Center and it's so  indescribable that I'll just let the pics do all the talking! 



At Modhesh World! (sorry about the blurry pic) 


Modhesh World's Food Court... 

And my lunch! :-)

After that I headed back to Dubai Mall for a little  window shopping... 

Sighed over this lovely amber and crystal set I could'nt afford...

Or these natural amber beads either... *sniff* 

Wandered into Richard Branson's place...

And was able to buy this at least! (the friendly sales guy was surprised I preferred this over the 2005 version) 

Went to find the ladies' room before leaving; very clean and perfumed place but lousy spelling on the sign!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hey folks!

Right now, I'm on a trip of a lifetime- 10 days' vacation in Dubai! It's more than I ever dreamt possible and I'm so excited to be here. I'm travelling with friends of course, it's the only way it could be afforded in the first place. Like  I was earlier warned, almost EVERYTHING here costs an arm and a leg, but goodness... it's all so beautiful and exotic! 

Most of the hotels here offer apartments so the four of us are currently chilling out in a nice one at THE PEARL RESIDENCE with a well equipped kitchen, a sitting room and two bathrooms! One has to simply be careful at spending and once you remember not to be extravagant, you won't have a problem. At least the breakfast buffet is free! 
Dubai's lovely and the people are so nice and friendly, and you feel right at home. The architecture is breathtaking... I couldn't take pics fast enough on my mobile as we drove to the Dubai Mall today via Shuttle Bus... 



We were too wiped out after the 7 hour trip from Lagos so all we did yesterday after a rest to buy groceries, mostly bread, tomatoes, oil  and fruit- we brought some instant noodles, dried pepper, onions and yams and rice  from home to cook on the electric stove. But today, we took the bus to the mall and what a mall! 

The Palms in Victoria Island back home cannot hold a candle to this place- it was like entering a fantastic city- it had an aquarium of all things (the fish included nasty looking stingrays) 

Several restaurants and cafes....


Boutiques of almost every well known designer label in the fashion world... 

A Dinosaur Fossil display; the guide there told me it was found in Wyoming in 2008 and over 150 million years old... 


Toys stores... and I can't believe I saw this in one of them... 

And several bookstores, in the largest one called BOOK WORLD, I found and bought a long searched for book...

Then my battery went down so I could'nt take pics of the indoor theme park with games and rides, the cinemas and other parts of the mall. I was sad to leave... but it's a day and sight to treasure! 

More soon... I hope! 


Part 2

The indecisiveness on Jennifer’s face really irritated Abby. Didn't she understand a word she’d said? ‘He’s the father; he has a right to know.’
‘What’s ‘maybe’ for heaven’s sake?’
‘Carly wouldn’t want that. She and Bo didn’t speak to each other before he left Salem- she wants nothing to do with him.’
Abby made a disgusted noise. ‘I’m not a fool, Mum. This has nothing to do with Carly; it has more to do with Hope! Always Hope! To tell the truth I’m really sick of the way everyone is with her; like she’s some pure saint-like dove that always got to be protected! You’re afraid about how she would react, aren’t you? She comes first, even over your best friend.’
Jennifer’s expression changed, to anger. ‘That’s not true.’
‘Why didn’t you back her up when she was still with Bo, then?’ Abby snapped.
‘Because he belonged with Hope; I wasn’t the only one who thought so.’
‘Hope left him, she tried to kill him!’
‘She wasn’t herself; I don’t know how many times I will explain that to you. Besides, it didn’t matter whose side I was on. Bo made his decision and Carly made hers, end of story.’
Abby sneered. ‘Not in Carly’s case, she had to watch the man she loved arm in arm with the woman who left him in the first place and probably would’ve divorced him if she didn’t come back to Salem. No, Mum! Don’t you even dare to defend her. I’m tired of everybody defending her! It’s sick... how can Bo possibly pretend he never fell back in love with Carly and everyone not caring what going on in her mind? She’s carrying a member of their family and they don’t care.’
‘That’s not true...’
‘I could care less about them or Hope anyway. Are you going to find a way to tell Bo about this or not?’
Jennifer shook her head firmly. ‘No.’
‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’
‘My stance about this doesn’t mean I don’t care about Carly, I love that woman dearly. But this is more complicated than you think... hey, wait!’
For Abby had marched away from her, more disgusted than ever.
Jennifer bit her lip. Daniel didn’t have a good opinion of Bo since the breakup but she knew him well enough to know that he would agree with Abby. It was best not to discuss it with him. She thought about Frankie, arriving in a few hours. She was rather glad he’d been too busy to come to Salem to visit his sister; he would’ve raged at the family and her over how Carly was treated and probably get into a fist fight with Bo. She dreaded his arrival.
Melanie made the bed with fresh sheets and packed a bag for Carly. Unable to resist, she sat down again and continued reading. She read about how Bo was able to place her in his protective custody, the conversations between them after Vivian’s testimony cleared her of Lawrence’s murder- much to her amazement- feeling sure she did it on purpose to carry her revenge personally; Vivian’s visit and how she was able to look her up in Bo’s computer.

Bo warned me my daughter was rather temperamental and emotional, it was best I didn’t tell her the truth immediately. I promised him I would take it slow; in the meantime it was enough that I would be near her. Maggie was warm with me so I figure she will allow me stay with her. Phillip Kiriakis’ is the last man I would ever pick for her- he’s very good looking but his personality’s not warm and down to earth like Bo’s- more like their father’s. I can’t stand him already.

Finally ran into my little girl, literally and I’m afraid I made her scald her arm with hot coffee when I took her by surprise. Bo was right about her, temperamental. Even with the indisputable truth, it was as if she was Bo’s daughter as well. Bo still has the infamous hot temper, he’s just a lot better at keeping it now. And oh... she’s so pretty; she has my eyes.
But she doesn’t like me already, almost as if she feels like I made her spill the coffee on purpose. Talk about a very bad first impression. The girl I found crying on the docks the other day lives with Maggie too, her name’s Mia. She’s wary about me as well, probably because she confided in me. Maggie’s being very diplomatic but I don’t want to cause trouble in her house- my daughter and Mia don’t want me around. Which is such a pity, I would’ve liked to help her plan her wedding. I saw the ring Phillip gave her; a large pear shaped diamond. Large but cold looking, just like Lawrence’s sapphire I’ve gotten rid of. Not at all like the solitaire Bo gave me, with his love.
But on the plus side, Daniel spoke to the board on my behalf and I’ll be starting work soon. Justin had tried to persuade him not to; because Hope feels threatened by me. I can understand her fear but all she has to do is make up with Bo, he’s clearly lost without her- so why blame me? Everyone except Bo’s changed towards me. Lexie, Roman... even Caroline, which breaks my heart. Maggie hasn’t but it’s clear her loyalty lies with Hope. If only they knew I didn’t come back to break up Bo’s marriage.
It looks like Bo had another fight with Hope; he was really moody when I went back to his house with my suitcase. Poor thing. How could Hope possibly treat him like this? I feel guilty burdening him with my problems, which is why I’m going to move to the Salem Inn in the morning. Until I can regain access to the remaining of my inheritance- probably trebled by now thanks to it being inactive for so long- I can’t afford an apartment or a house just yet. I do hope I make headway with my daughter eventually. And I need to call Frankie, I’ve missed him so.
My room at The Salem Inn is very comfortable. I just called Frankie; he was really thrilled to hear my voice and promised to sort out things at the bank for me. So I probably won’t be here for long.
Bo and I had a moment before I left his house. The old scroll Marlena gave us as a wedding present during our symbolic wedding in Chichén Itza so long ago fell out of my purse and he immediately recognised it. I told him it was so full of fond memories that I couldn't part with it. He stared at me very hard with those beautiful eyes of his; I guess he was remembering the night we read it together. That was the night we made love for the first time; our magical night at the hut- just the two of us in the heart of heaven.
Melanie read on, now and then wiping her tears; gulping. She got to a page, the date being the day of Mickey’s death. The words were splotched as though Carly had been crying and the tears landed on the paper.

Bo just left, the touch and taste of his mouth still on mine. What a day I had and I’m still trying to get over it.
Had a run-in with Vivian today. I’m pretty sure she’s responsible for the corpse I found on my patient’s bed. She’s been so good at tormenting me and she gave me her best shot. I felt the walls of the elevator closing in on me- I’ve been claustrophobic since she buried me alive- and I lashed out by admitting I killed Lawrence and would do it again. Then the bitch somehow locked me inside and the memory of being in that casket kept flashing back. Then like a knight in shining armour, Bo appeared after the doors got opened and I immediately felt safe in his arms.
He brought me back here and we started talking over beer. He touched my face and said I was still the same Carly Manning he fell in love with and before I knew it, he was kissing me, really kissing me and touching me like he used to; not like that tentative kiss we shared at his house when I was terrified about Vivian discovering my daughter’s identity. I was a married woman when we first made love in Mexico but that was way different, his marriage isn’t a sham like mine. So I backed off, which wasn’t easy for me; I knew I wanted him- I wanted him so bad.
We ended up making love anyway. I felt so exhilarated, loved and safe for the first time in years. No man can ever make me feel the way Bo Brady makes me feel. It was like we both stepped back in time, on our very first night of loving at the hut in Mexico; all those times we made love on the boat after sending Shawn D to bed or to his grandparents’. I knew what I did was wrong, I should’ve insisted we mustn’t do this. But Bo wanted us to leave the world outside and be together for a while so I weakened.
I know he still loves Hope but I told him I loved him anyway. He just gave me that devastating smile of his and kissed me again, then rolled me over and we made love a third time.
Then Hope called him later on his cell with terrible news; Mickey Horton’s dead. Poor Maggie and poor Mrs. Horton... burying her own son and she’s past ninety! I decided to go to Maggie’s house to see her and my daughter.
It was terrible. How Hope found out about what Bo and I did, I don’t know. But she called me a whore and all sorts of names in front of everybody, including  my daughter and oh God... I saw the hate in her eyes when she called me a terrible person! This is not what I wanted at all... not at all! Bo finally appeared and I left when he told me to. What was the use, I’m now branded the town whore and I’m not about to wait for the Hortons to drag me out of town on a rail. I’ll just go and live with Frankie, there are many hospitals in D.C. Bo will look after M****** for me but it breaks my heart at the idea of leaving her after I JUST found her!
Bo arrived and stopped me. He said I wasn’t to blame for what’s happening to his marriage, my daughter needed me and he didn’t want me to leave. He kissed me again... and again.
What’s going to happen to me now?

‘If only I’d known... I’m sorry, Mum, I’m so sorry!’ Melanie whispered then wept, clutching the journal against her chest.
She kept on crying until she heard the sound of the doorbell. Marking the place she left off with the journal’s ribbon, she left it on Carly’s bed and went downstairs to see who it was.
‘If you know where Bo is, could you please tell him what I’ve just told you? Even if he doesn’t love her anymore... this is his kid, just like Ciara is. He should be by her side at a time like this.’ Abby said.  ‘How would you feel if she and the baby died while he was away?’
Roman was silent.
‘Please...’ Abby pleaded. ‘You know I’m right. It’s not fair how everyone’s been acting around Carly. She’s the real victim here and how could she be so sick and the father of her baby isn’t here?’
‘Honey, I wish I could help but I honestly don’t know where Bo is. He’s deep undercover. ‘
‘So pull him out of it, this is an emergency!’
‘He resigned from Salem P.D before he left- he doesn’t answer to me.’
Abby felt like screaming in despair. ‘Carly could die, their baby could die! How can you ever live with that?’
‘Abby, I’m real sorry to hear about Carly’s condition but I honestly don’t know where Bo is. Believe me if I did, I would contact him but I really don’t know.’
Abby left the station stamping her foot angrily, much to two passing officers’ astonishment. Now what? She thought. Maybe I should just let this go.
But her mind went back to the day of Bo’s visit. The expression on his face when he looked at Carly and the deep, heartfelt concern in his voice when he said he knew her well enough to know she was hurting. And the tone changed when he’d asked her if she was falling for Daniel. He’d sounded... almost jealous. What would a man who was in love with two women the same way do? Avoid the other woman and pretend she didn’t exist. If he didn't, he would go crazy with guilt. That’s why Bo did what he did to Carly. And he expected her to hate him enough so she would be able to move on.
It was harsh and callous but Abby was convinced that was the real reason behind Bo’s behaviour.
‘Nope, I’m not giving up,’ she said out loud. ‘I’ll find you somehow, Uncle Bo; you just see if I don’t.’
‘Every page’s a stab in my heart, Brady. Everything she went through, even before she came back, her inner thoughts... it’s all in there. I feel so guilty for the way I treated her.’
‘But you’ve got a great relationship now, what does it matter?’
‘But I told her I forgave her. She did nothing to be forgiven for in the first place but she never said so. From what I’ve read so far, I see I’m the one who’s supposed to ask her for forgiveness. She went through a lot just to protect Dad and me.’   
‘Well maybe she felt she had nothing to forgive you for,’ Brady said gently. ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself. And look here, maybe you shouldn’t read more since it upsets you this much.’
‘No...’ Melanie shook her head firmly. ‘I have to keep reading, I know more about  her than I ever did, more than I ever gave her chance to. It’s really important to me.’
‘Okay,’ Brady squeezed her arm across Carly’s kitchen table. ‘But no more beating yourself up. Carly wouldn’t want that, you know.’
No, Carly wouldn’t want that at all, she was that compassionate. Melanie thought over what she’d learnt from Carly’s diary... Vivian had buried her alive... what person would do that to another human being? And Lawrence, that bastard... took advantage of her memory loss to lure her back to him. She would’ve been a Brady today if not for him and Vivian.
  Please God... don’t let my mother   die.
‘She and the baby are stabilised right now but every minute counts.’ Jennifer said to Hope who dropped by to see her and immediately heard about Carly. ‘I really hope Frankie gets here on time.’
‘I’m sure he will.’ Hope said quietly, looking down at the woman in bed, shallowly breathing through the oxygen mask. Carly didn't look well at all. Whatever her feelings towards Carly and the fact she was carrying Bo’s love child, a wave of pity crept through her. She and Carly had subtly avoided each other after Bo left town and whenever they happened to see each other, they never spoke. Carly took her coffee and snacks at The Java; avoiding any encounters with the family as well. Hope realised shunning Carly was their way of showing their support of her but after she and Bo got back together, she’d felt overwhelming guilt... so did he. After all she’d left him in the first place and almost burned him alive.
But Bo loved her enough to forgive her... enough to leave a woman who also loved him. They never mentioned her after that and it was better that way. It was from Jennifer she found out about Carly’s pregnancy but before she could summon the courage to tell Bo, he’d left town with Caroline. Weeks turned into months and still he knew nothing, the few times he called her and Ciara, she told him nothing. Months of anticipating his return gradually turned to despair. Now it was her turn to feel abandoned and she stopped worrying how his reaction about Carly’s pregnancy would be. But now she was worried all over again. Suppose Carly and the baby died and Bo returned; he will never forgive her for not telling him. Leaving Carly to be with her and saving their marriage was one thing, but he would never ever turn his back on a child. He’ll be so furious when he found out....
‘But she will recover, right?’
‘I never had Eclampsia when I gave birth to Abby and J.J but I heard it’s life threatening. Even if they save the baby, Carly could be in a coma for quite a while or she could...’ Jenifer sniffled.
Hope swallowed. In spite of her jealous fear, she should’ve told Bo about Carly’s pregnancy. Carly was a reasonable woman but things changed when a child was involved and that had frightened her more. How was Bo going to feel if Carly died?
The door opened and Melanie entered with Brady at her heels and stopped short on seeing Hope with Jennifer.
‘What the hell are you doing here?’
Hope winced at Melanie’s harsh tone but calmly stared back at her.
Jennifer planted herself between her cousin and Melanie, raising her hand placating. ‘Calm down Mel, Hope just came to...’
 ‘I don’t care; the screws have gotten loose in your head! How dare you let this woman into my mother’s room.... how dare you, Jennifer Deveraux!’ Melanie raged at Jennifer, really angry. ‘As for you, get the hell out! Get out!’
‘Hope, no wait...’ Jennifer begged but Hope swiftly sidestepped her and left, closing the door behind her.
‘What the hell, Melanie!’
‘What the hell is right. How can you still call yourself my mother’s friend?’
Brady held Melanie by her stiff shoulders while Jennifer stared at her, too taken aback to reply at first. ‘Mel... I am her friend....’ she began.
Melanie walked over to her, her green eyes blazing. ‘From now on, I don’t you anywhere near her.’
‘You have no right...!’
‘I’m her daughter so I have every right!’ Melanie shouted. ‘You’re nothing but a damned pretender, pretending to be Carly’s friend when you’re really not! Don’t you ever come near her or so help me Jennifer; you’ll see another side of me you wouldn’t want to mess with.’
‘You were pretty brutal with her, Mel.’ Brady said quietly after Jennifer was gone.
‘She deserved it. How could she allow that woman to come in here?’
‘Maybe... but this is Jennifer we’re talking about. I don’t think she meant any harm letting Hope see Carly.’
‘And your aunt was just here out of the goodness of her heart, right? It was because of her your family treated Mum the way they did. Mum didn't even accuse Hope in her diary but she wrote about how much their attitude hurt her.’ Melanie shook her head bitterly. ‘She was easy on me... and I don’t deserve it...’
‘We’ve talked about this,’ Brady swiftly interrupted. ‘You promised me you’ll let that go.’
Melanie pressed her face against Carly’s hot neck, not replying.
The door opened and Daniel entered; his expression stern. ‘I just talked to Jennifer...’
‘I don’t care what she said to you or what she said about me; she’s not stepping one foot into this room again. As Mum’s blood relative, I have the right.’
‘You’re overstepping your bounds and abusing that right. Jennifer is Carly’s oldest friend.’
Melanie faced her father defiantly. ‘She’s not my mother’s friend, we both know who she’s really loyal to and she allowed her in here. And don’t think I’m going to change my mind. When Uncle Frankie gets here, he’s going to know about this.’
‘You’re starting a pointless feud, Mel. Frankie was adopted by them, he’s part of the family.’
‘He already knows the whole story, Daniel.’ Brady pointed out. ‘It’s because Carly didn't want a battle that she told him not to come over here when he wanted to.’
Daniel sighed, turning back to his daughter. Jesus, Mary and Joseph... she’s so stubborn! He thought. This was the same girl who didn't want to have anything to do with Carly in the beginning, now she was her biggest supporter. He couldn’t help but suspect Mel’s attitude towards her mother and the people she felt wronged her was more than deciding to let go of the past.
‘Well, I hope you do, eventually. Jennifer’s really upset right now.’
Melanie sat down next to Carly, her expression indicating she could care less about Jennifer Deveraux’ feelings. Brady stroked Melanie’s hair from behind, understanding her anger far more than Daniel did. It’s because of Carly’s diaries, he thought. Whatever’s in them has sure given her a bigger change in perspective.
After Brady left for the cafeteria, Melanie pulled out the journal from her purse and continued reading.

I can hear Bo pacing downstairs again. This is the third night I’ve spent here since he asked me to move in and I haven’t stopped wondering if I did the right thing. He wouldn’t let me leave after Hope took Ciara away, shouting he couldn’t lose me too. I love Bo so much but I hate what he’s going through right now. It’s bad enough his marriage was on the rocks before I came back but he’s shouldering my problems with his too- Vivian’s attempts on my life and Melanie’s. He was forced to arrest me but he squeezed my fingers after cuffing me and comforted me as best as he could at the station. He even posted my bail personally and got angry when I promised to reimburse. It’s a lot of money and I’m going to make sure he gets it back, no matter what he says.
Poor Melanie had to spend her wedding day on a hospital bed because of me and she really hates me, Daniel too. I tried so hard to explain what really happened but none of them will listen to me. Bo keeps telling me they’ll understand in time, since they just found out the truth but I’m not sure; Melanie’s bent on charging me for attempted murder. Everyone, including Caroline, thinks I’m nothing but trash. Brady, John and Isabella’s son, seems to give me the benefit of the doubt though. He was calm the whole time and kept Phillip away from me until Bo arrived. I’m so glad Melanie has Brady in her life; they would be cousins today if fate hadn’t ruined things for Bo and me years ago. With everything she went through, I’m really glad my daughter has been with Brady and Bo’s family. He reminds me of John, taking charge quietly and protective of the people he cares about.
For all his troubles, Bo’s been my rock. I don’t know what the future holds for us even if I don’t go to prison. I know he misses Hope as much as he misses Ciara but for some reason he won’t let me go. I’ll be able to make better sense about this arrangement if I was only here to be under his protection. But we’ve been sleeping on the same bed and the passion we share when we make love can’t be denied. I’m now Bo’s mistress and I honestly don’t know where I stand with him. Maybe it would be best if I do go to prison.


Melanie came in at the last minute and testified the shooting was an accident. I guess Daniel had something to do with her sudden change of heart and I’m grateful to him. But Melanie’s still so cold with me and wants me to stay away from her. It breaks my heart to hear her say such things when I love her so much. But Bo’s my comforter... he’s very certain she’ll come round. More than ever, he wants us to have a fresh start and I find myself believing him.
In the meantime there’s still Vivian. Now that Phillip knows I was telling the truth about Vivian’s attempt on Melanie’s life- she can’t pretend to be Melanie’s friend anymore, so she’s bent on making me pay for killing her precious Lawrence. I’m more scared for my daughter than for myself but I still refuse to be intimidated by the likes of Vivian Alamain. Or Victor Kiriakis either, he refuses to let go of the past.  As far as he’s concerned, I treated him terribly by ending our sham of a marriage and moving to the boat to be with Bo and Shawn D. This is the same man who tried to kill his own son, the same man who almost ruined Isabella’s happiness; and now he feels he has the right to call me a whore and gang up with Vivian to break me. I know them well enough to guess what’s going on in their evil minds.
I feel so alone; if I didn't have Bo and my work I don’t know what I’ll do. The family’s still cold towards me. Well... not Roman and Sami but I hardly see them to really hang out and talk. Even Lexie believes I came back to steal Bo. Frankie wants me to come live with him but I can’t leave Melanie and Bo won’t allow it. He’s been more attentive towards me lately and it’s lovely hearing him call me ‘princess’ again and being in his arms. It’s sad Ciara won’t be friends with me. I understand she’s loyal to her mother but she’s a part of Bo, just like my Shawn D, and I really want to get to know her better. She’s such a beautiful little girl and I love how Bo is with her. It’s no surprise really; he’s always been a wonderful father. Watching Bo play with that little girl makes me think again of the wasted years and how Melanie could’ve been our daughter... Bo’s and mine.

Phillip Kiriakis just left my office. He’s so arrogant; it’s hard to remember he and Bo are brothers. He came by to warn me to stay away from Mel, that she wants nothing to do with me. He’s not interested in hearing the real story and if he’d been a worthier man for my daughter, I would sit him down and let him know what really happened but I refuse to explain myself to the likes of him. I’m very uneasy about Melanie. I have a feeling she’ll be very unhappy with Phillip. He probably does love her but I still feel she’s more of a possession to him than a wife and companion; just like I was a possession to Victor and Lawrence. What ever happened between her and Nathan Horton? I’ve met Nathan and he’s an exceptional young doctor but when it comes to Melanie, he’s indecisive and I feel there’s unfinished business between them. It’s eerily like my situation with Bo and Victor years go. Please God, let my daughter be happy.
Bo finally told me he loved me today. Holding my face in his hands; he swore he will never let anyone take me from him again. My darling Bo... he will never forgive Lawrence and Vivian for what they did to us but again, neither will I. But the past no longer matters anymore, we’re back together in the truest sense. But he said something else which still bothers me a lot. He’s willing to kill Vivian if she comes near Mel or me again, he actually told her so when she suddenly interrupted us at the docks. Bo’s always been a rebel with a hot temper but he’s no killer and I’m frightened he will go to jail for a worthless hag like Vivian Alamain; just like he nearly did when Victor charged him for assault after sending his thugs to torch our boat.

‘That guy’s a monster, a monster!’ whispered Melanie, appalled. He and Vivian were of the same breed... evil and twisted. He actually once tried to kill Bo? Sure Carly was his wife and he would want to keep her but ordering his own son’s death was going way too far! Why the hell did Carly marry Victor of all people in the first place when she was in love with Bo? And what did she mean by Victor almost ruining Isabella’s happiness? Isabella... Mum must mean Isabella Black, Brady’s mother.
Brady came back, a Styrofoam cup in his hand. ‘Here... I got you some coffee.’
‘Sit, I need to ask you something.’ Melanie whispered, taking the cup from him. Curious, Brady pulled a chair beside her.
‘What’s up?’
Melanie showed him the entry and Brady’s eyes widened as he read it.
‘I never knew about this, Grandpa trying to kill Uncle Bo. I don’t believe it.’
‘She put it down right here that he tried to kill him and about hiring someone to set their boat on fire and almost ruining your Mum’s happiness. It’s clearly not a lie, Victor Kiriakis is a career criminal and you know it, Brady. If you don’t know about the attempted murder or the arson, what about this about your Mum?’
Brady scowled.
‘Well?’ Melanie  demanded.
Brady told her about his father’s complicated history. Roman Brady had vanished during an ISA mission and was believed dead. But then he’d returned, or so everyone thought- including Marlena. It was John but thanks to the implanted memories of the real Roman by Stefano DiMera, John himself had thought he was Roman. When Marlena in turn vanished and thought dead, he’d met and fallen in love with Isabella. But Victor hadn’t  approved of their engagement. He’d also known Marlena was alive and made arrangements for her sudden return. Isabella was devastated and stepped aside for “Roman’s sake”  but the whole mess had escalated further  when the real Roman came back, he’d been held prisoner the whole time. It turned out that Victor had also known for a long time that John Black wasn't Roman Brady.
‘My father was adopted by the Alamains.’ He told a stunned Melanie. ‘Before he lost his memory and became Roman Brady then later John Black, he was Forrest Alamain. But when Claire was kidnapped... the kidnapper turned out to be his mother... Colleen Brady whom everyone thought her lover- Santo DiMera- murdered a very long time ago. The point is, Grandpa knew Roman wasn't Roman and because my Mum sided with Bo and Carly back then, he decided to hurt her by keeping that info to himself until the right time.’
‘Unbelievable...’ Melanie shook her head. ‘Unbelievable...’
Not only did she know more about her mother from her diary, but many more things. Victor tried to ruin things between Brady’s parents via his trickery and manipulations. And the attempted hit on Bo... she had to know about that and why Carly had chosen to marry the father of the man she really loved. Much as she hated Bo for breaking Carly’s heart, she can’t shake off the fact he would’ve been her father if things had turned out differently.
Who will provide the answers to her questions? She wasn’t about to go that turncoat, Jennifer. Not Caroline either... not with the way she treated Carly, nor Kayla.
Roman? By all accounts he wasn't there when the fire and the attempted hit happened, he came back later. Melanie was determined to get answers.

 Roman Brady was afraid Carly’s daughter would faint, she looked so white and shaken. But anyone would be after what she just found out.
‘Victor actually tried to kill Bo by rigging an elevator... his own son...’ she whispered. ‘ mum got on it instead?’
‘When I came back to Salem, Carly was just recovering from her injuries. But from what I heard, she nearly died.’
‘But Victor went to jail for what he did, tell me he did!’ Melanie snapped, her fingers gripping the edge of Roman’s desk.
Roman shook his head slowly.
‘What?’ she cried out. ‘He walked?
‘It was never completely proven he was behind it. But he was charged for another crime, Mel. When Carly insisted on going ahead with the annulment, he faked his own death and found a way of making sure Carly was at the ‘murder’ scene and she was arrested. But we found him in Mexico... he was hiding there, we able to bring him back to Salem but he pleaded insanity.’
Insanity?!’ Melanie shouted, feel sick with anger and revulsion.
‘Melanie, calm down...’ Roman hurried to her to place his hands on her shoulders. ‘All this happened a very long time ago, it’s in the past.’
Melanie sprang up, shaking his hands off. ‘My mother almost got killed because of Victor! Victor who’s been calling my mum a whore and a home-wrecker... got away with arson and attempted murder! Even if you all sided with Hope over her marriage, you should’ve had the decency to tell me everything about my mother! You all seemed to have forgotten everything that happened to her while she was still here... all because you all cared more about Hope! Everybody including Victor, allowed me to keep thinking Carly was  some interloper when it’s obvious she was a huge part of your family! How could you all do this?
‘It wasn't deliberate,’ Roman tried to explain. ‘We didn't mean to keep it from you, it’s just...’
‘I don’t want to know your reasons, Roman.’ Melanie adjusted the strap of her purse on her shoulder. ‘A lot of hurt and misunderstanding wouldn’t have happened at all  if I’d known all this. You all knew Mum better than I did but you just decided to go ahead and pretend... and judge.’ She shook her head. ‘And you’re all still doing it. The whole time my mother wasn't the one who changed, it was all of you.’
She slammed the door behind her, ignoring Roman’s protests.
Roman sighed, sinking back into his chair, rubbing his forehead.
She was a huge part of your family! Melanie angrily pointed out to him.
She sure was, he thought sadly. And we chose to ignore it. We’re all guilty of that. But now’s the time to put things right.


Frankie Brady finally arrived by evening, accompanied by a sweet faced blonde. Melanie introduced herself and Frankie kissed her on the cheek before going to sign the papers.
‘Can you take me to see Carly, please?’ the woman asked her.
Melanie looked at her curiously. ‘You know my mum?’
The blonde woman nodded. ‘We were rather close when I was here, yes. I worked as a waitress at The Wings but I was also a volunteer here.’ She held out her hand. ‘Molly Scofield.’
‘Melanie Jonas,’ Melanie shook her hand. ‘I’m Carly’s daughter.’ An old friend of mum’s... great. I’ll get more out of her. She thought.