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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hey folks!

Right now, I'm on a trip of a lifetime- 10 days' vacation in Dubai! It's more than I ever dreamt possible and I'm so excited to be here. I'm travelling with friends of course, it's the only way it could be afforded in the first place. Like  I was earlier warned, almost EVERYTHING here costs an arm and a leg, but goodness... it's all so beautiful and exotic! 

Most of the hotels here offer apartments so the four of us are currently chilling out in a nice one at THE PEARL RESIDENCE with a well equipped kitchen, a sitting room and two bathrooms! One has to simply be careful at spending and once you remember not to be extravagant, you won't have a problem. At least the breakfast buffet is free! 
Dubai's lovely and the people are so nice and friendly, and you feel right at home. The architecture is breathtaking... I couldn't take pics fast enough on my mobile as we drove to the Dubai Mall today via Shuttle Bus... 



We were too wiped out after the 7 hour trip from Lagos so all we did yesterday after a rest to buy groceries, mostly bread, tomatoes, oil  and fruit- we brought some instant noodles, dried pepper, onions and yams and rice  from home to cook on the electric stove. But today, we took the bus to the mall and what a mall! 

The Palms in Victoria Island back home cannot hold a candle to this place- it was like entering a fantastic city- it had an aquarium of all things (the fish included nasty looking stingrays) 

Several restaurants and cafes....


Boutiques of almost every well known designer label in the fashion world... 

A Dinosaur Fossil display; the guide there told me it was found in Wyoming in 2008 and over 150 million years old... 


Toys stores... and I can't believe I saw this in one of them... 

And several bookstores, in the largest one called BOOK WORLD, I found and bought a long searched for book...

Then my battery went down so I could'nt take pics of the indoor theme park with games and rides, the cinemas and other parts of the mall. I was sad to leave... but it's a day and sight to treasure! 

More soon... I hope! 

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