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Saturday, December 25, 2010


As long as Bo & Carly's supporters keep the faith and show their support; Bo and Carly WILL have the long term love story they were cheated of and more besides! I for one am  going to disregard spoilers and firmly believe the DAYS writers will things around for the better. Bo and Carly are the ultimate iconic couple and worth fighting for, we are not about to give up on them. This video is a 'lost' Carbo montage which was carefully edited. It sums up what we all believe and want for Bo and Carly. Happy viewing and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well, no doubt Monday's episode where Bo and Carly exchanged a very painful goodbye brought tears from loyal Carbo viewers and answered my question of whether Bo was going to tell Carly where he was going and why, yet also emphasising that he didn't really want to leave her at all- the pain evident on his face.

Carly's maturity and compassion was definitely stretched to the limit when she readily urged Bo to go ahead and help Hope however he can; I can't even begin to imagine just how many women in Carly's position have the courage to do what she did; she didn't even accuse him of putting Hope ahead of their relationship. And being human, she cried bitterly after Bo closed the door behind him probably wondering  2 things; if he'll come back to her or if he'll EVER come back to Salem at all- by breaking Hope out, he'll he on the run from the law as well and by being with Hope during that time spelled reconnection/reconciliation.  

I said it before and I'll say it one more time- this storyline is stupid, no... it's now BEYOND STUPID, unfair and cruel. This time last year Carly came back to Bo's life and they'd made each other so happy all 2010, you would THINK that the writers could at LEAST have given them a blissful Christmas together but nooooo.... major angst, the worst I've ever seen on DAYS and they are pushing Bo back towards a woman who only decided she wanted him back AFTER he moved on to another. I haven't felt this bitter since their '93 breakup and it's definitely forcing me to start ignoring this show again; I started watching DAYS again(and I'm NOT the only one) specifically because I heard Carly (Crystal Chappelle)was coming back and so far, the viewers are still being denied a proper Bo and Carly story!

But that's not the only thing bothering me now; the next question... Carly loves Bo so much but isn't at all sure things will be the same between them because their goodbye in his office seemed like a breakup to her and bearing in mind Jennifer's warning about Hope always going to be a huge part in Bo's life. Bo on the other hand had already told his interfering/judgmental sister that Carly was his future despite his history with Hope. But will he have the same view when he and Hope return to Salem? 
Whether this is a breakup or being on a break; personally I have no idea and I don't know how long this separation will last.  Bo didn't say anything like 'wait for me,' 'I'll come back to you,' or anything like that but it's clear he loves her as well; it hurt him to leave but felt he had to do his duty. I don't want to be negative or anything so I will assume that Bo and Carly's goodbye is more of a 'for now' and not 'forever',and  that while on the run with Hope and sorting out her dilemma, he would at least find a way of letting Carly know that he loves her and will be coming home to her. What would console Carly now while Bo's away would be the presence of her august brother Frankie or (like the Carbos still wish for) a child fathered by Bo- at least she would have a major part of him with her.
 But what we really  want is for Carly to have him when he comes back and start all over again. And they will... because their supporters believe in them and won't stop fighting. NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Since  Bo's going to  be away for a long time, the next question is what's going to happen to Carly; will he even get the chance to say goodbye to her and explain anything at all before he leaves?
One spoiler I read indicated he's going to give his daughter her Christmas present early; NOTHING about him and Carly- who he STILL professes to love. Will Carly continue keeping faith-  like she did back in 1992 when he was missing for two months- or move on with her life with someone (I HATE say it) less complicated than Bo Brady? Will she... Will she... Will she... (so many of them) but I think the real question is, Will she finally have a happy ending???

This is a very stupid story line. Considering Bo and Hope have been on-off and off-on over the years I assumed that  Carly Manning was brought back after 16 years  to be a much  more stable companion for Bo and even the Bopes have to admit that Bo's never been happier since his rekindled relationship with  her. Of all of Bo's exs (Megan Hathaway, Britta Englund, Billie Reed) Carly has no devious bone in her body and like I said in my last post, she does NOT deserve to be treated this way and I'm not talking about Bo, I'm talking about the DAYS writers who can't write a proper storyline to save their lives! They are either clueless or simply delight in making such a lovely character fall from one misfortune or the other; it's bad enough that the former writers ended her memorable relationship with Bo back in 1993(well, that time they had excuse thanks to the behaviour of Robert Kelker- Kelly a.k.a 'Fake Bo'- but it was still very painful) with  the current writers giving us this garbage; just when Bo and Carly seemed to be settling down and begin their future, they make Bo run around helping his ex wife, I'm not saying that he shouldn't but NOT with guilt resting on his shoulders and making his current lady uncomfortable and insecure. Any woman in Carly's position is bound to gradually lose faith and call it quits. So far, she's handling all this in a mature, stolid way but she's looking at a Christmas alone, wondering whether or not her man will return still in love with her or be reconciled with Hope who he obviously still cares a lot about.
Much as I HATE to say it, if Carly is being used as a means to force Bo and Hope to reexamine their feelings , then a more devoted man should be given to her. And I DON'T want it to be Daniel Jonas; basically he's a good man but  is not exactly deeply in tune with her like Bo(heaven knows no other man is)- I'm not going to forget the way he behaved towards her after she told him Mel was their daughter. Not Roman Brady, Bo's brother; he's alone but that would be too weird.

My candidate for Carly, if he was still on  the show,  would be  Marcus Hunter(played by the late Richard Biggs). Back in the day, he was her close friend and confidant and they had a whole lot in common besides both being doctors.  The DAYS team have done stranger things in the past, why not recast the character and bring him back to Salem. Maybe, alternatively  it could  make Bo jealous enough to find his way back to her, especially if she happened to be pregnant with their long awaited child (as we all hope)  , creating a whole new triangle where Bo would win her back and they'll finally be together again.
Which is what we Carbos all want, for Bo and Carly to finally get their second chance. But so far, it looks like Carly's future is rather bleak.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Carly & Bo... How patient IS patient?

Days viewers know the spoilers by now:

-Bo leaves Carly to help Hope

-Bo decides to break Hope out of jail

-Daniel finds out Bo left Carly

Big question: What's going to happen to Bo and Carly's relationship???

The main subject of discussion; while Bo and Hope are on the run, what remains for our Carly- will she remain compassionate and open minded or will she assume the worse and let Bo go?
As a longstanding Carbo fan; I'm in a postion to say that Carly's been nothing but patient and selfless since her first arrival to Salem back in 1990. Her fateful first encounter with Bo was'nt pleasant- she found him very rude until it was revealed to her that he was the grieving widower she'd heard about and went out of her way to be kind to him but that did'nt mean she stood any nonsense from him either- she gave as good as she got. She nursed the hope he would eventually come out of his shell and love her, or at least admit that he loved her; overlooking his sullen, unfair behaviour towards her and his constant rejections. But then she was forced to take a drastic step thanks to a third party interferance (Victor and Emmy) forcing  Bo to realize once and for all that he needed Carly in his life and had to stop living in the past.
And now??? Carly had more things to contend with; Melanie and half of Salem's hostility towards her, Bo's initial indecision about whether or not he was in love with her or Hope, Bo's preocupation and worry about Hope after she was arrested, which any other woman wouldn't put up with for a minute. Is Bo so confident about Carly's patience that he would risk destroying what he has with her by going on the run with Hope? It's not easy kissing off 25 years but it's clear he loves Carly... yet anything can happen between him and Hope, who he still addresses as his wife. And how will his old friend Leo fit in this very weird scenario?
Carly's a woman hard done by and  deserves to have some stabilty in her life; the only time she had it was when she and Bo and Shawn D were a family. To put it bluntly her life crumbled the minute she discovered Nicky was her son; she had to put up with his hostility towards her and her efforts at making up for the lost years only drew her away from Bo- their last encounter before Vivian injected her with morphine had been a fight over Nicky. All she ever did was try to be there for her son... as well as Bo, not at all knowing the boy was taking advantage of her patience and selflessness. And they fell apart, for 16 years. 
 Carly IS being taken advantage of, she's done nothing but show support for Bo and it looks like she's not going to have a happy ending for her kindness. I want her and Bo to have their second chance but the writers and KC are being so cruel! What does it take to give this woman her man at long last; they obviously need each other; why prolong the angst to prove some stupid point? No bias- she is everything Hope is'nt- mature, supportive, selfless; the bond she has with Bo still remains deep despite the long years of separation and no children with him.  He and Hope shared 3 children but their marriage was nothing but dysfuntional- falling out, getting back together and falling out over again. And DON'T get me started on his relationship with that scheming cow; Billie Reed.

Carly's  been more than patient but I think this patience she's about to exercise now  is carrying things too far- it unfair, UNFAIR! The writers CANNOT continue doing this to Carly; will she be able to wait for Bo that length of time? No doubt she will, but what will happen when he comes back- a REUNION or HEARTBREAK???

Friday, October 22, 2010

Best CARBO 2.0 Episodes


Since Carly's (Crystal Chappell) return last year, I've had my pick of favorite 2009/2010 episodes featuring  her and Bo and I have to admit until the infamous one when they got er... reacquainted in more ways than one, I was on pins and needles because I had no idea how it was going to play out and my main concern was Carly NOT getting hurt. But right now, the princess and the sailor's love is going on strong and all we want is for them to have their second chance; definitely in more ways than one!

Despite the current angst in DAYS right now, I've complied a list of Bo and Carly episodes( carefully edited of course) and pasted in this post for once. ENJOY!

When Bo and Carly remembered a very special night, thanks to a significant parchment (this was the episode that prompted me to add the CARBO label to this blog)

Carly's sudden confession

Carly's  hot  flashback...

When there was NO MORE denial...

Bo's promise to Carly

Bo and Carly's special date

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Good news for the Carbos, Bo and Carly once again won the Soap Opera Pulse No. 1 couple of the week and Peter Reckell(Bo) and the lovely Crystal Chappell were voted favorite actor and actress; the viewers are dead serious about wanting this couple to have the second chance they deserve and aren't going to stop the fight till they get it.   

What being mostly clamoured for right now is Bo and Carly to walk down the aisle and have a wonderful married life afterwards as well as a child of their own at long last- I want them to have that but first the Carly Hate must stop; Bo and Carly won't have much of a love story if everyone in Salem- especially Bo's family will still treat Carly like a leper. And in today's episode, Mel- still angry that Carly had covered for Chloe actually said, 'She can never be my mother.' The writers are getting more stupid by the day; why make Mel hate her mother again and say those cruel words?
So far, Carly's bore everything with calm dignity but I can't wait for her to finally lash out at her prosecutors, especially that ungrateful brat and make them take a good hard look at themselves. 
Also, I would REALLY like for the writers(though I'm not holding my breath) to bring back Billy Warlock, the actor who played Carly's younger brother who was adopted by the Brady family. Not only will be be another ally to Carly but it may force the family to realise they haven't been fair to Carly at all- I mean... they can't expect Frankie to treat his own sister like they have been doing. 
But in the meantime, our love for Bo and Carly remains strong and we'll continue to fight for them- with all we've got- message boards, polls, video montages, emails, tweets- because they are more than worth saving! 
Join us in the fight at SAVEBOANDCARLY.COM  and enjoy this Bo and Carly campaign video by my good friend Jessi Griffith... 

Saturday, October 09, 2010


For blog visitors who wish to read the TU O NADIE (No One But You) snippets; recaps of ALL the  episodes are in this blog. To read in sequential order,  click on these. ENJOY AND DON'T SKIP!!!

P.S: After the final episode, please click on the three last links to read posts on Tu O Nadie's 3 (and equally good) remakes!









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Friday, October 08, 2010


Before I start venting, an important announcement; while I welcome comments from my visitors- I DO NOT and WILL NOT accept negative or rude comments on ANY of my posts; particular under the label 'Carbo.' Which means Bopes... and  get the message loud and clear; don't ever VISIT this blog again if you know you're going to be rude, negative and hateful about Bo and Carly- shey gbo?(Do you hear?) Moving on.

Besides Bo and Carly getting the love story they deserve; a major change has to be made and that's the Carly bashing. I'm not talking about the Bopes... they are more than prejudiced against our Carly and blind when Hope is concerned(boo hoo...)   we Carbos( who are not at all blind but are merely facing  the real facts)  cannot do anything about those haters but we can petition the DAYS writing team to stop with the Carly hate currently going on in Salem. Like someone pointed out; Carly is NOT the bad guy here; Bo and Hope have had more than enough problems over the years, long before she even returned- therefore she does not deserve to be treated like a leper by the people she was so very close with back in the day: Caroline, Julie, Maggie, Justin, Roman, Abe, Lexie... Kayla is the worst one and I was really furious at the way she badmouthed Carly recently- considering they'd been like sisters a long time ago. And I DON'T understand the reason for the hate- they all know Carly very well; she doesn't have one conniving bone in her body, there is no way she would deliberately break up a happy home... oh, I forget... there WAS NO HOME when she arrived! No, no... the Salemites refuse to blame Hope for the crumbled  marriage and and unfairly made Carly the unfortunate scapegoat.
 Or... is the actual reason for the hate is because she broke up with Bo? Bo was probably too heartbroken  to tell everyone what had actually happened that fateful day but it's not as if Carly was happy about it either; I clearly remember how she cried when they said goodbye(an episode I NEVER want to watch again; she  LOVED him but Lawrence and Vivian had got her all confused at the time and while Bo did an unselfish thing wanting her to be with her son, I felt that he should have made a better effort to keep her and what they have.
Either way, the writers have to put a stop to this nonsense- Carly does not deserve to be treated this way at all, especially considering all the good heroic things she did in the past; being involved in the environment, organizing the rallies again Jencon Oil, handling the Medicvan project and don't the present writers rememeber or know she'd climbed down an oil well to rescue Shawn Douglas or nursed Bo when he was seriously ill or saved other patients with that same virus???
And now she's about to get more undeserved hate; from her own daughter Melanie who just found out that her soon-to-be stepmother cheated on Daniel. I didn't want Carly to be the one to tell Daniel about  the affair because then everyone will call her a busybody/home-wrecker but now I wish she'd gone ahead and done so- now Daniel and Melanie will hate her for NOT telling them; thanks to that cowardly big mouth Chloe who 's obviously adopting the principle of 'I go down, I'm taking you with me,' (horrible girl). Carly is not getting a good story line- more and more angst, more and more hate. Considering the rest of the Salemites aren't exactly as white as snow themselves  it's uncalled for and unfair. If the writers want Carly Manning to lose her popularity among the viewers, it's NOT going to work. Besides getting her and Bo the long term love-story we want them to have, we should also petition that the Carly hate must stop once and for all, unless they plan to give her an episode where she takes a bullet for Bo; thus making her everyone love her again. I don't care how they do it, the Carly hate MUST STOP!

Thursday, October 07, 2010


 I don't think I can take this much longer; I'm honestly fed up with the angst in DAYS, the procrastination from the DAYS writers and above all, K.C a.k.a Ken Corday. From what I've seen in the polls about who's the ultimate woman for Bo, it's more than glaringly obvious that the viewers WANT Carly to be that woman and the clamour for her and Bo to have what they were cheated of; a long term love story(and a child of their own) is increasing by the day. How much more requests and petitions must the fans send that will convince them to give Bo and Carly what they deserve?
And it's not like the viewers don't have valid reasons for wanting Carly.I can't speak for the other Carbo fans but I'm not prejudiced against Hope, not at all. She's Bo's first love... true enough, but let's face it, she and Bo     were not getting along long before Carly came back; more of incompatibility than third-party interference ruined their closeness, not to mention mistakes; the biggest one when she walked out on Bo with their Ciara- 'needed time to think' she said, if I'm not mistaken. She couldn't care less about Bo's feelings; I winced at the pain on his face when he tried persuading her to move back, she admitted that she still loved him but kept referring to the bad things that had happened to them and Bo insisted that they moved forward, for the sake of their love. But NO... Hope then went on to coldly  remind him that he had refused to listen to her opinions during the worry over poor Ciara and then talked about discussing 'visitation rights' before walking out on him again. 
Then Carly unexpectedly came back to his life the same way she did back in 1990, when he was sinking in despair over Hope. Helping her with her problems distracted him from his and with bated breath from the viewers, we all saw  a re-connection thanks to the spiritual bond they still had between them; warm, comfortable talks and laughs and smiles exchanged as well as an emotional kiss. Naturally Carly fell in love with Bo all over again(though she did admit to Bo much later she'd often thought about what would have been during the miserable years with Larry) and after a while he too realized he was in love with his princess as well. 

Which is what we are saying; Bo and Carly are in love again; why then drift away from a promising storyline to the 'Night-time Hope' story? What I really hate about the story that most people(the Salemites who once loved her and the Anti-Carly Squad in the real world) don't seem to get the idea that Hope caused her own problems in the first place and they treat her like some abused precious baby and blame Bo for what happened and heap a lot of guilt on him. As for Carly, everyone in Salem had treated her like dirt LONG before anything even happened between and Bo; refusing to believe she didn't come to Salem to steal Bo. The marriage was already on the rocks  but clearly they are looking for a scape-goat and so far she's said nothing to defend herself. It's not fair this is going on in the show at all, Carly hate within and out, especially after the infamous episode when she and Bo made love for the first time in 17 years- she was labelled all sort of horrible names! Personally, I knew it was inevitable Bo and Carly  would give in to the passion they'd been holding back but I wasn't pleased all the same; for one thing it was WAY TOO SOON and second, the writers did a bad thing making them have sex when Bo's still married- it made their  physical reunion rather sleazy; I have a strong suspicion that the writers did it on purpose to either give the Bopes more reasons to hate Carly or make her lose her popularity.
Well... ENOUGH OF THIS! These days, Carly is more or less holding Bo's hand as he wallows in guilt at Hope's situation. I'm not saying he shouldn't help her but he and Carly should stopped being blamed for something that wasn't their fault in the first place. We Carbos cannot continue to tolerate this stupid story line; Bo and Carly are the ultimate couple; Bo needs some stability in his life and Carly has made him more than happy than he's been in years. The writers need to do more research and view old clips of Bo and Carly in the prime of their love and STOP treating it as if it's forbidden and new. Their relationship is deep, spiritual, passionate and above all... MATURE. Which is why they deserve, no... EARNED their second chance. And if it takes millions of letters, tweets, montages and more Sno'balls to make K.C and the Days Writers(who don't seem to know what they are doing currently) to see how much we love this special couple and want them to have their long term story, so be it... we won't stop fighting. They HAVE to give us what we want unless they are prepared to lose a lot of viewers because I personally will stop watching DAYS if Bo and Carly separate again. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!!
Join us in the fight to save Bo and Carly by visiting SAVEBOANDCARLY.COM  But first view the Bo and Carly montage below....

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


The first time I actually came across her name was in a magazine article when she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in the true-life film HOTEL RWANDA she'd starred with Don Cheadle in 2004. Born to a Nigerian father and a Jewish British mother, Sophie worked hard to get to what she has today; a flourishing acting career and a household name & it could'nt have been easy for her considering she was of mixed heritage like Halle Berry. One of the things I like about her is being a bookworm(like myself) and the way she becomes the character she portrays. Like in HOTEL RWANDA where she played Tatiana, the Tutsi wife of Paul Rusesabagina -to prepare for the role, she actually traveled to Belgium to met the real life lady, in order to study her character and mannerisms, how she met Paul etc, but of course did'nt make her relive the horrible days of genocide back in Rwanda when Paul hid more than a thousand Tutsi refugees in his hotel to prevent them from being slaughtered by the militia.

I remember seeing her(to my surprise) as an African princess in ACE VENTURA 2:WHEN NATURE CALLS, who tried to seduce Jim Carrey- it was one of her earlier works, back in 1995. But what thoroughly impressed me was what I watched just recently; the 2007 Oliver Twist mini series, where she played the character, Nancy. I was so psyched at her performance; she was brilliant, realistic and what I like best was her portrayal- this Nancy was a lot softer towards Oliver as opposed to the diamond in the rough Nancys in the past adaptations. She assured Oliver- after listening to his talk about the mother he never knew- that whoever she was, she must have been beautiful, cheering him up considerably.

I like and admire her very much- which is why i just had to post something about her. She may be half Nigerian, but I consider her a true credit to this country. May she continue doing us proud.

N.B: Her upcoming film is the biopic, SKIN.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


In all my years of watching soaps, I haven't seen such fan love like the one Bo Brady and Carly Manning are receiving, especially from the fan sites www.theprincessandthesailor. and, even; so many Bo and Carly montages made by adoring fans- which I would describe as  VISUAL votes and petitions that Carly's the woman for Bo and we are not going to rest until they have the  long term love story they deserve. And it's not just the fact they are perfect for each other; they only had THREE YEARS together  and it's not fair at all!

Right now, the fall preview's not good at all; apparently Bo and Hope will be reunited and Carly will be alone again and since she blames herself for Hope's breakdown, she'll humbly step aside; already she has told Bo she will gladly leave Salem again for his sake and it's not right for the writers to do this; Bo is obviously happier and more himself around this lovely lady- why should he be forced to chose being dutiful towards Hope who made him so miserable than with Carly who he loves so dearly?


Ken Corday, the executive producer (and a lot of things I want to call him, thanks to the ridiculous storyline Bo and Carly are getting these days), isn't getting it AT ALL; Carly may not be Bo's first love like Hope but she  is Bo's mature love, the real woman he deserves to be with and PLUS, a lot people started watching DAYS again because of Bo and Carly and a lot of people will LEAVE if they are split up. This couple have  been cheated of a lot of things and they deserve this second chance! Join us in the fight to keep them them together and visit the Bo& Carly thread @ Sony and make your voice heard; that BO AND CARLY should remain a couple!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


 stands for:

C-  compassionate & caring

A-   affectionate & alluring

R- romantic & rosy

L- loyal & loving

Y- Yang to Bo's Ying

Click here  to  cast your votes for Bo and Carly; join in the fight  to save our couple! Also; visit and as well as Bo and Carly's thread @ Sony  and  Bo & Carly supporters forum @ NBC   and leave your supporting  comments!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Since  Carly's sudden return last year after being away from Salem for 16 years; a lot of talk has been on about not just about a brand new future with Bo but of their past, which mostly forms the basis of why Carly and Bo SHOULD have a future.
Considering Carly is Bo's second great  love, their love was way past white hot passion- past physical chemistry,  their love then and now is   what I would describe as  spiritual.
Look at it, they are from completely different backgrounds, yet they were always in tune, SO alike in spirit. They liked  the same things, thought the same way and despite both being pretty stubborn, they always talked things squarely, actually talk about things from the inner  depths of their hearts and, I'll say it once again, always rescued each other- which is not fair at all that they only had three short years together.


I'm not speaking out of bias against Hope but she's not completely in tune with Bo which is the reason why they had so many problems over the years and why Carly came back to find Bo bitterly unhappy once again. Back in the day, she was never threatened by the memory of Hope; unlike Hope who was jealous of Carly's history with Bo before anything even went on with Bo; automatically jumping into the conclusion that Carly had returned to take Bo back after leaving him.
 Carly's request for help made Bo feel useful and needed  again; Carly's independent, has always been,  but she ALWAYS made him feel needed and never criticized him or make him feel he'd failed her in anyway. Like the Ying/Yang philosophy, Bo and Carly are opposites(at least in background) yet compliment each other so well, two souls merged into one to make a whole.
Yeah, these two more than deserve a second chance. Carly was never happy with any man except Bo and it's time Bo had some real stability in his life by having a far more mature lady like Carly to share it with him. With a love like this; it's not to late for them to have the long term married life/ love story they were cheated of. It's only fair that Carly and Bo should be a super couple again; they ARE the ultimate couple and until the producers see the light, would have to cope with the low drop in ratings.


Sunday, August 15, 2010


CARLY: I can’t remember everything that we said,
 or everything that happened... but I do remember the silences. Those times when you’d just look over at me, all of a sudden all of my problems, all of my worries just disappeared.

BO: I remember. 

CARLY: You know... they say this is what Heaven is, the place where all that is not music is silence.

BO: That’s pretty.


CARLY: What?

BO: You...

CARLY: What about me?

BO: Everything. Everything about you. I 
just don't know how else to put it.

CARLY: You put it just fine.

BO: You think so? 



BO: You said you were hot, Dr. Manning? 

CARLY: Was I? 

BO:(chuckling) If your patients can see you now.

CARLY:Well, speaking as a doctor... I happen to think that the greatest foreplay is a GOOD FIGHT.

BO: I wasn't angry.

CARLY: I was...

(Bo chuckles) 

CARLY: So if you know what's good for you Brady, I suggest you not provoke me again. 

Bo: I know what's good for me. Come here...



BO: You haven't changed a bit, have you?

CARLY: No, I'm much worse.

BO: And if I recall correctly... when you're bad, you're... so much better. 


BoI just want you to know you've done so much for me. When I first met you, I was afraid to love. I thought I'd just let the pain and  hurt and loss that was inevitable... that was my fate. But you changed that. You made me see that things could be different. And it's because of you, because you changed my outlook that we're here today, on top of the world. I love you Princess. I love that smile, that face, the way you laugh. I love the way you think, the way your mind works; the things you think about. Your voice... it comforts and soothes me. I love you and I would be honoured to be your husband.

CARLY: I am very grateful for every person who has played a part of your life, for everything that's happened to make you what you are today; wonderful, strong, kind and good. And most of all, mine. You know I told you once what my favorite definition of Heaven is, a place where everything that isn't music is silence. Well, that's what you've give me; the joy of music and the peace of silence. You've given me Heaven on earth and the only thing that could possibly make it better would be being your wife. 

BO: Well hold on Carly, 'cause life's about to get a whole lot better.  

JOIN THE TEAM CARBO; fight to keep them on the screen, they more than deserve another chance! And follow Carbo fans @ THE PRINCESS AND THE SAILOR COMMUNITY. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010



ALSO...CLICK HERE  to vote on which  of  Bo and Carly's classic moments  you would like to see again; and there are MANY of them!

                           Let's take a quick peep down memory lane...

1991-  Carly  at the cabin, spending quality time with Bo and little Shawn Douglas. After Shawn Dee slipped out of the room...

BO: there isn't going to be an addition to anything except for my dinner; once he's asleep, that fish's history!

CARLY: No way, No way; you forget after he's asleep, YOU have other fish to fry. 

1991- After Bo's recovery from the virus and Carly began annulment proceedings; Bo asked Carly to meet him at the Wing's ball room, which she did, wearing a spectacular black dress and found Bo looking ever so handsome in a tux...

CARLY: Hey. 

BO:  (taking her hand)  You look even  more incredible than I'd imagined. 

CARLY: So do you. 

Later...(Bo lifts her in his arms)

CARLY : What are you doing?(giggling) 

BO: Sweeping you off your feet.  

CARLY: Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?

BO: Great minds  think alike. 

CARLY: I'm beginning to get that impression

BO: Well, let's see what I can do to help you  along...

1991- Carly and Bo just made love on the beach in Cancun...

CARLY: I've never been so happy... in my whole life

BO: That's  two of us, princess. 

CARLY: Yeah... you know sometimes  it feels more than  happiness;  I don't know... I kind of feel weightless, you know like I've cast of this burden I've been carrying all my life. I didn't understand it, I barely knew it was there. I'm not making any sense. 

BO: Yes you are, (kissing her) you make plenty of sense. I think everybody feels that burden sometime during their life; it's called loneliness. But you... are never ever going to feel that again. 

1991- In the middle of the annulment proceedings; Carly slipped off  to meet Bo on the roof of his sister's loft...

BO:  D'you wanna dance? 

CARLY: "Do you wanna dance?"  There's no music. 

BO: Well... we gotta  to learn the steps first. 

BO: Well?

CARLY: I really have  the steps down...

BO: Yeah, well... now we have to um... work on our rhythm. 

Then Bo brings out a radio and they dance to "ONE DREAM"

1992- Bo and Carly celebrate New Year's Day. Bo brings out the bell she gave him and they ring in the New Year, eight times.  Well... at least Carly tried to but Bo kept planting kisses on her neck. 

CARLY:  That was only seven.

BO: Hmm?(kissing her, lowering her down)

CARLY: It was only seven.

BO: What? 

CARLY: It was only seven! (Bo takes the bell from her and it falls with a clang)

BO: Eight. You satisfied?

CARLY: I'm satisfied.

BO: All's well, Princess. 

CARLY: All's well...

1992- Bo and Carly return to the boat after having dinner with Bo's parents and Bo gives Carly a surprise present...

CARLY: What is that? 

BO: You sure do ask a lot of questions.

CARLY: I have a curious mind.

BO: Yeah... and a hell of a body. (holds out the present, a white lace teddy

CARLY: WOW! (laughs) is that for me?

BO: Ah... No, it's for Barbara Bush. But I just thought you could try it on for me.

CARLY: Well, what happens if  it does fits?

BO: (leering) Then it's yours,  Barbara'll have to do her own shopping...

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Friday, August 13, 2010


When they first met  back in 1990; Bo was mourning Hope's untimely 'death'; a cold, bitterly unhappy man until Carly made him smile again. When she returned to Salem after a 16 yr absence, she once again found Bo the way he was when they'd first met, only this time the cause being Hope leaving him, taking their daughter with him. Before you know it, Bo and Carly's became closer and their old love resurfaced with full force.


-While Hope's his first love since she was 17, Carly came into Bo's life when he was an adult and a single father; she made him love again and brightened the darkness he lived in.

-Bo and Hope's families are linked in several years' friendship; Carly and Bo are very alike in personalities and spirit. They've always been emotionally connected and like the same things.

-Carly is Bo's  voice of reason. While he rescued her from bodily harm, she rescued him from getting into  scrapes (Bo has a bit of a short fuse)

-She's mature and compassionate. Years back,  she never allowed Bo  to blame himself for something that wasn't really his fault. When her love for him rekindled, she didn't demand knowing his feelings for her; she waited until he realized his love for her had returned as well. Currently, she's  urged him to support Hope who's facing charges for assault and attempted murder- thus stepping aside.

-Carly NEVER,  EVER questioned Bo's methods of doing things.

-When she and Bo had disagreements, they talked over it squarely and NEVER referred to the subject again.

-She's from a blue-blood aristocratic family but she's
NOT spoiled; she's stubborn but compromising.

-They may have had only three years together but she knows and understands Bo's actions and feelings FAR more than Hope does. Bo is more himself around her and can talk the deepest things from his heart and she'll actually listen.

-She never sat back and let him do all the rescuing;
she LOVED/LOVES working hand in hand with him.
She  takes responsibilities in matters pertaining to her life.

-She was the person who taught Bo about the importance of moving forward rather than dwell in the past.

-She thinks more about Bo's needs(and others)  than hers; she's selfless.

If these points don't convince the DAYS producers, nothing will.