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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Since  Carly's sudden return last year after being away from Salem for 16 years; a lot of talk has been on about not just about a brand new future with Bo but of their past, which mostly forms the basis of why Carly and Bo SHOULD have a future.
Considering Carly is Bo's second great  love, their love was way past white hot passion- past physical chemistry,  their love then and now is   what I would describe as  spiritual.
Look at it, they are from completely different backgrounds, yet they were always in tune, SO alike in spirit. They liked  the same things, thought the same way and despite both being pretty stubborn, they always talked things squarely, actually talk about things from the inner  depths of their hearts and, I'll say it once again, always rescued each other- which is not fair at all that they only had three short years together.


I'm not speaking out of bias against Hope but she's not completely in tune with Bo which is the reason why they had so many problems over the years and why Carly came back to find Bo bitterly unhappy once again. Back in the day, she was never threatened by the memory of Hope; unlike Hope who was jealous of Carly's history with Bo before anything even went on with Bo; automatically jumping into the conclusion that Carly had returned to take Bo back after leaving him.
 Carly's request for help made Bo feel useful and needed  again; Carly's independent, has always been,  but she ALWAYS made him feel needed and never criticized him or make him feel he'd failed her in anyway. Like the Ying/Yang philosophy, Bo and Carly are opposites(at least in background) yet compliment each other so well, two souls merged into one to make a whole.
Yeah, these two more than deserve a second chance. Carly was never happy with any man except Bo and it's time Bo had some real stability in his life by having a far more mature lady like Carly to share it with him. With a love like this; it's not to late for them to have the long term married life/ love story they were cheated of. It's only fair that Carly and Bo should be a super couple again; they ARE the ultimate couple and until the producers see the light, would have to cope with the low drop in ratings.


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