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Thursday, August 12, 2010


The battle's still to keep Bo and Carly together;
posts, votes, tweets, fan made montages and emails to NBC from
loyal Carbo fans. And it won't be over until the apparently stubborn (or heartless) producer and the DAYS writing team stop with the nonsense and face the fact that the Carbos will NOT be silenced.

Carbos' general demands as as follows: 

-That Bo and Carly be finally free to have a wedding at last(which means Bo must be officially divorced from Hope)
-That Bo and Carly get married in Mexico; where they had their symbolic wedding back in 1991- at the El Castillio.
-That Bo and Carly have a long term love story: they only had three years together as opposed to Bo's twenty  five years with Hope
-That (and very important) Bo and Carly have a child together; Carly has a son and daughter from two different men, Bo has four- three from Hope(one sadly deceased) and one from Billie Reed.
-That any child of Bo and Carly will be raised by them and NOT stolen, switched or killed.- Zach was switched then killed, Chelsea was raised by another couple, Ciara was kidnapped, Nicholas was stolen and raised by Carly's enemy Vivian and Mel was forcibly given up and raised by a pig who pimped her out.

Days Of Our Lives is the only daytime soap left in NBC and marking its 45th anniversary this year and if the executive producer, Ken Corday (I call him K.C when referring to him in other sites) don't want to experience DAYS early demise; he HAS to wake up and listen; Carly and Bo have MANY fans, Carly is far more popular than Hope- her breakup with Bo back in 1993 broke a lot of hearts and a lot of people(including me) stopped watching. I was shocked last year when I read she was coming back and started watching DAYS again and she's the reason why most viewers have resumed watching it.
 Right now, I can't stand the ridiculous storyline; Carly and Bo have fallen in love all over again to Hope's chagrin(I'm usually on the side of the wife but this time she's to blame; she's the one who walked out of her matrimonial home in the first place). Hope decided to deal with the matter by taking some questionable sleeping pills which gave her a multiple personality and she began attacking and mugging several guys- the D.A, Mayor Carver, E.J Di Mera, her nephew Brady, her in law Justin Kiriakis and her brother in law Roman. But the grand finale was attacking Bo himself by first drugging him then dosing him with petrol but luckily he was rescued before she could set him on fire and well... you can imagine the panic Carly was in.
To cut a long story short; Bo got a confession from Hope after Ciara and Theo mentioned the stolen wallets by video taping her during her 'dark state' (when she almost stabbed him) then played it for her when she switched back to normal Hope. She's behind bars now, determined to pay for her crimes and the whole of Salem blame Bo and Carly's affair as the reason for Hope's breakdown. Once again; 'poor little Hope'... oh, boo , hoo!!!(PAH!)
Bo blames himself, Carly blames herself and urged him to focus on helping Hope and Ciara as they were 'family'. Bo thanked her for her understanding and hugged her- after they voiced their love for each other, sadly.
WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT- because it looked like they were saying good bye which gave me a lot of withdrawals- I didn't start watching DAYS again only to get disappointed; if they split Carly and Bo for good- I'm never watching it again and so says other viewers. It's really NOT fair at all; 16 years apart and their being treated to a lousy story line after everything they've been cheated of; it's annoying, frustrating and ridiculous and I won't be surprised if DAYS ratings haven't started dropping already.
But if KC persists, the Carbos are determined to continue the fight, against him and the Bopes. So, BRING IT ON, THIS COUPLE'S WORTH SAVING!!!


  1. Totally agrre they need to keep Carbo together!
    They are dool's supercouple!

  2. Yes thank you for the site lets fight to keep Bo and Carly together! They haev so much chmistry they are dool's Supercouple!

  3. thank you for the site we need to fight for Carbo!I will forward your site to carbo supporters! Bo abd carly are the most amazing super couple !

  4. Bo and Carly are what defines true love; NBC is ridiculously stupid for letting them go. They need to do whatever they can to bring them back!

  5. They should have a television marathon CARBO, just to see the number that would be watching; the world misses them. OR someone should create a show in which they are the main couple, a new soap, that stems from them AND even though we have all aged, they should have their dream child and of course there would have to be extended family; the children of Shawn Douglas and Belle, Nicholas, Melanie, and Ciarra. Man, what a money maker! It could be called Dreams Come True. I think we could get this together! That would be a dream come true!

    1. that's a lovely idea, i can already picture it! :)


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