Friday, August 13, 2010


When they first met  back in 1990; Bo was mourning Hope's untimely 'death'; a cold, bitterly unhappy man until Carly made him smile again. When she returned to Salem after a 16 yr absence, she once again found Bo the way he was when they'd first met, only this time the cause being Hope leaving him, taking their daughter with him. Before you know it, Bo and Carly's became closer and their old love resurfaced with full force.


-While Hope's his first love since she was 17, Carly came into Bo's life when he was an adult and a single father; she made him love again and brightened the darkness he lived in.

-Bo and Hope's families are linked in several years' friendship; Carly and Bo are very alike in personalities and spirit. They've always been emotionally connected and like the same things.

-Carly is Bo's  voice of reason. While he rescued her from bodily harm, she rescued him from getting into  scrapes (Bo has a bit of a short fuse)

-She's mature and compassionate. Years back,  she never allowed Bo  to blame himself for something that wasn't really his fault. When her love for him rekindled, she didn't demand knowing his feelings for her; she waited until he realized his love for her had returned as well. Currently, she's  urged him to support Hope who's facing charges for assault and attempted murder- thus stepping aside.

-Carly NEVER,  EVER questioned Bo's methods of doing things.

-When she and Bo had disagreements, they talked over it squarely and NEVER referred to the subject again.

-She's from a blue-blood aristocratic family but she's
NOT spoiled; she's stubborn but compromising.

-They may have had only three years together but she knows and understands Bo's actions and feelings FAR more than Hope does. Bo is more himself around her and can talk the deepest things from his heart and she'll actually listen.

-She never sat back and let him do all the rescuing;
she LOVED/LOVES working hand in hand with him.
She  takes responsibilities in matters pertaining to her life.

-She was the person who taught Bo about the importance of moving forward rather than dwell in the past.

-She thinks more about Bo's needs(and others)  than hers; she's selfless.

If these points don't convince the DAYS producers, nothing will.


  1. Bo & Hope out grew each other! Carly and Bo have a mature a passionet love! tehy need to keep them togehter!


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