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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Since  Bo's going to  be away for a long time, the next question is what's going to happen to Carly; will he even get the chance to say goodbye to her and explain anything at all before he leaves?
One spoiler I read indicated he's going to give his daughter her Christmas present early; NOTHING about him and Carly- who he STILL professes to love. Will Carly continue keeping faith-  like she did back in 1992 when he was missing for two months- or move on with her life with someone (I HATE say it) less complicated than Bo Brady? Will she... Will she... Will she... (so many of them) but I think the real question is, Will she finally have a happy ending???

This is a very stupid story line. Considering Bo and Hope have been on-off and off-on over the years I assumed that  Carly Manning was brought back after 16 years  to be a much  more stable companion for Bo and even the Bopes have to admit that Bo's never been happier since his rekindled relationship with  her. Of all of Bo's exs (Megan Hathaway, Britta Englund, Billie Reed) Carly has no devious bone in her body and like I said in my last post, she does NOT deserve to be treated this way and I'm not talking about Bo, I'm talking about the DAYS writers who can't write a proper storyline to save their lives! They are either clueless or simply delight in making such a lovely character fall from one misfortune or the other; it's bad enough that the former writers ended her memorable relationship with Bo back in 1993(well, that time they had excuse thanks to the behaviour of Robert Kelker- Kelly a.k.a 'Fake Bo'- but it was still very painful) with  the current writers giving us this garbage; just when Bo and Carly seemed to be settling down and begin their future, they make Bo run around helping his ex wife, I'm not saying that he shouldn't but NOT with guilt resting on his shoulders and making his current lady uncomfortable and insecure. Any woman in Carly's position is bound to gradually lose faith and call it quits. So far, she's handling all this in a mature, stolid way but she's looking at a Christmas alone, wondering whether or not her man will return still in love with her or be reconciled with Hope who he obviously still cares a lot about.
Much as I HATE to say it, if Carly is being used as a means to force Bo and Hope to reexamine their feelings , then a more devoted man should be given to her. And I DON'T want it to be Daniel Jonas; basically he's a good man but  is not exactly deeply in tune with her like Bo(heaven knows no other man is)- I'm not going to forget the way he behaved towards her after she told him Mel was their daughter. Not Roman Brady, Bo's brother; he's alone but that would be too weird.

My candidate for Carly, if he was still on  the show,  would be  Marcus Hunter(played by the late Richard Biggs). Back in the day, he was her close friend and confidant and they had a whole lot in common besides both being doctors.  The DAYS team have done stranger things in the past, why not recast the character and bring him back to Salem. Maybe, alternatively  it could  make Bo jealous enough to find his way back to her, especially if she happened to be pregnant with their long awaited child (as we all hope)  , creating a whole new triangle where Bo would win her back and they'll finally be together again.
Which is what we Carbos all want, for Bo and Carly to finally get their second chance. But so far, it looks like Carly's future is rather bleak.


  1. Personally, I'm not a CarBo fan. I've only been watching the show since Carly's return and I have never liked her and Bo together. I understand he loves Carly, but Hope is his soulmate. I don't like Bope either, but I'd rather them be together than CarBo, even though Bope is complicated. You said that you wouldn't want to see her and Daniel hook up, but I would like for that to happen actually. He's a great guy and they match perfectly. Chloe doesn't deserve him. She's a slut and her and Phillip deserve each other. She had his baby. Daniel and Carly share a bond, they have a child together and have been good friends for a long time. He acted like an ass toward Carly when he found out Melanie was his...which I hated him for, but he forgave her and now their a family. I don't really care who she ends up with if she decides to start seeing someone else. I just want her to be happy, not with Bo. She shouldn't be involved with him since Hope is still #1 in his heart. He'll always be there for her. Carly doesn't deserve to be trapped in a love triangle.

  2. Great post Amina. I hate the Days writers too. I've always loved CarBo,I remember bo and hope in the mid 80's and I wasn't a big fan. I'm not worried about CarBo, I don't think this re-re-union is not going to make much difference.Days is a business and I'm counting on that.


  3. I'm looking forward to seeing this actually play out especially once Bope gets back because I refuse to believe that this is the end of CarBo. Love like theirs just doesn't die overnight. Now I suspect Bope will reconnect with each other while on the run because...well that love will always be there between them too. They have a long history. But I'm gonna try and look at this not just as a fan of CarBo but as a writer who wants to keep the audience watching. They know that this triangle, if written right, has the potential to be really good. It would keep the audience watching,boost ratings.Keeping the tug of war going between who Bo should be with could be good for ratings because both sides are so evenly matched when it comes to the CarBo fans vs. the Bope fans so to just end it with CarBo now would be just plain stupid. When Bope comes back I expect this triangle to really heat up. I know Crystal tweeted that she was really excited about what was coming up in regards to Carly so I know she's gonna bring it, whatever that may be. I am a diehard CarBo fan but like she said you can't have a story if there is no conflict. This is CarBo's story and hopefully the writers will keep it going and do it justice. Show that Bo still loves Carly very much when he returns. I want to see the torment of him being torn. I would also like to see him even get a little jealous. Bring in a new guy. Let him see her trying to move on and realize what he's missing out on and is Hope really the one he wants to be with. That is the triangle I'm hoping to see and hopefully that is what we'll get. I also know they're way ahead in what they're taping and CC has hinted that her and PR have been taping scenes together so I'm gonna keep the faith and stick around a little longer and see how this all plays out. I'm not ready to give up on CarBo...not by a long shot!!


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