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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well, no doubt Monday's episode where Bo and Carly exchanged a very painful goodbye brought tears from loyal Carbo viewers and answered my question of whether Bo was going to tell Carly where he was going and why, yet also emphasising that he didn't really want to leave her at all- the pain evident on his face.

Carly's maturity and compassion was definitely stretched to the limit when she readily urged Bo to go ahead and help Hope however he can; I can't even begin to imagine just how many women in Carly's position have the courage to do what she did; she didn't even accuse him of putting Hope ahead of their relationship. And being human, she cried bitterly after Bo closed the door behind him probably wondering  2 things; if he'll come back to her or if he'll EVER come back to Salem at all- by breaking Hope out, he'll he on the run from the law as well and by being with Hope during that time spelled reconnection/reconciliation.  

I said it before and I'll say it one more time- this storyline is stupid, no... it's now BEYOND STUPID, unfair and cruel. This time last year Carly came back to Bo's life and they'd made each other so happy all 2010, you would THINK that the writers could at LEAST have given them a blissful Christmas together but nooooo.... major angst, the worst I've ever seen on DAYS and they are pushing Bo back towards a woman who only decided she wanted him back AFTER he moved on to another. I haven't felt this bitter since their '93 breakup and it's definitely forcing me to start ignoring this show again; I started watching DAYS again(and I'm NOT the only one) specifically because I heard Carly (Crystal Chappelle)was coming back and so far, the viewers are still being denied a proper Bo and Carly story!

But that's not the only thing bothering me now; the next question... Carly loves Bo so much but isn't at all sure things will be the same between them because their goodbye in his office seemed like a breakup to her and bearing in mind Jennifer's warning about Hope always going to be a huge part in Bo's life. Bo on the other hand had already told his interfering/judgmental sister that Carly was his future despite his history with Hope. But will he have the same view when he and Hope return to Salem? 
Whether this is a breakup or being on a break; personally I have no idea and I don't know how long this separation will last.  Bo didn't say anything like 'wait for me,' 'I'll come back to you,' or anything like that but it's clear he loves her as well; it hurt him to leave but felt he had to do his duty. I don't want to be negative or anything so I will assume that Bo and Carly's goodbye is more of a 'for now' and not 'forever',and  that while on the run with Hope and sorting out her dilemma, he would at least find a way of letting Carly know that he loves her and will be coming home to her. What would console Carly now while Bo's away would be the presence of her august brother Frankie or (like the Carbos still wish for) a child fathered by Bo- at least she would have a major part of him with her.
 But what we really  want is for Carly to have him when he comes back and start all over again. And they will... because their supporters believe in them and won't stop fighting. NOT BY A LONG SHOT.


  1. "this storyline is stupid, no... it's now BEYOND STUPID, unfair and cruel" I couldn't agree with you more!
    I agree with your post and as usual I enjoyed it very much.Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone!


  2. Love the post Amina!! The writing has been very trite but hopefully they'll pull it together by next year. Crystal seems really excited about what's coming up for Carly and so I'm gonna stay hopeful that it's something good especially for CarBo. BTW Happy Holidays : )


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