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Friday, October 08, 2010


Before I start venting, an important announcement; while I welcome comments from my visitors- I DO NOT and WILL NOT accept negative or rude comments on ANY of my posts; particular under the label 'Carbo.' Which means Bopes... and  get the message loud and clear; don't ever VISIT this blog again if you know you're going to be rude, negative and hateful about Bo and Carly- shey gbo?(Do you hear?) Moving on.

Besides Bo and Carly getting the love story they deserve; a major change has to be made and that's the Carly bashing. I'm not talking about the Bopes... they are more than prejudiced against our Carly and blind when Hope is concerned(boo hoo...)   we Carbos( who are not at all blind but are merely facing  the real facts)  cannot do anything about those haters but we can petition the DAYS writing team to stop with the Carly hate currently going on in Salem. Like someone pointed out; Carly is NOT the bad guy here; Bo and Hope have had more than enough problems over the years, long before she even returned- therefore she does not deserve to be treated like a leper by the people she was so very close with back in the day: Caroline, Julie, Maggie, Justin, Roman, Abe, Lexie... Kayla is the worst one and I was really furious at the way she badmouthed Carly recently- considering they'd been like sisters a long time ago. And I DON'T understand the reason for the hate- they all know Carly very well; she doesn't have one conniving bone in her body, there is no way she would deliberately break up a happy home... oh, I forget... there WAS NO HOME when she arrived! No, no... the Salemites refuse to blame Hope for the crumbled  marriage and and unfairly made Carly the unfortunate scapegoat.
 Or... is the actual reason for the hate is because she broke up with Bo? Bo was probably too heartbroken  to tell everyone what had actually happened that fateful day but it's not as if Carly was happy about it either; I clearly remember how she cried when they said goodbye(an episode I NEVER want to watch again; she  LOVED him but Lawrence and Vivian had got her all confused at the time and while Bo did an unselfish thing wanting her to be with her son, I felt that he should have made a better effort to keep her and what they have.
Either way, the writers have to put a stop to this nonsense- Carly does not deserve to be treated this way at all, especially considering all the good heroic things she did in the past; being involved in the environment, organizing the rallies again Jencon Oil, handling the Medicvan project and don't the present writers rememeber or know she'd climbed down an oil well to rescue Shawn Douglas or nursed Bo when he was seriously ill or saved other patients with that same virus???
And now she's about to get more undeserved hate; from her own daughter Melanie who just found out that her soon-to-be stepmother cheated on Daniel. I didn't want Carly to be the one to tell Daniel about  the affair because then everyone will call her a busybody/home-wrecker but now I wish she'd gone ahead and done so- now Daniel and Melanie will hate her for NOT telling them; thanks to that cowardly big mouth Chloe who 's obviously adopting the principle of 'I go down, I'm taking you with me,' (horrible girl). Carly is not getting a good story line- more and more angst, more and more hate. Considering the rest of the Salemites aren't exactly as white as snow themselves  it's uncalled for and unfair. If the writers want Carly Manning to lose her popularity among the viewers, it's NOT going to work. Besides getting her and Bo the long term love-story we want them to have, we should also petition that the Carly hate must stop once and for all, unless they plan to give her an episode where she takes a bullet for Bo; thus making her everyone love her again. I don't care how they do it, the Carly hate MUST STOP!


  1. ITA! The Carly hate in Salem is ridiculous. The current writers do not seem to have a clue. Thanks for the good read!

  2. I agree too! Carly is such a decent character and the writers aren't making the best of her (or Crystal Chappell for that matter!) Am totally up for stopping the Carly hate!

  3. Love the post...the Carly hate is bad. You would think that after about a year of it that she would have at least SOME friends...and I don't mean Chloe who has done her wrong in so many ways.

  4. IMO TPTB don't know how to handle a brilliant actress such as Crystal Chappell. They also know she has a very strong fan base. Maybe they are doing this to try and weaken her fan base? But, it's not going to work. The more the Salemites hate Carly, the more I love her. The Carly hate needs to stop!


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