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Thursday, October 07, 2010


 I don't think I can take this much longer; I'm honestly fed up with the angst in DAYS, the procrastination from the DAYS writers and above all, K.C a.k.a Ken Corday. From what I've seen in the polls about who's the ultimate woman for Bo, it's more than glaringly obvious that the viewers WANT Carly to be that woman and the clamour for her and Bo to have what they were cheated of; a long term love story(and a child of their own) is increasing by the day. How much more requests and petitions must the fans send that will convince them to give Bo and Carly what they deserve?
And it's not like the viewers don't have valid reasons for wanting Carly.I can't speak for the other Carbo fans but I'm not prejudiced against Hope, not at all. She's Bo's first love... true enough, but let's face it, she and Bo     were not getting along long before Carly came back; more of incompatibility than third-party interference ruined their closeness, not to mention mistakes; the biggest one when she walked out on Bo with their Ciara- 'needed time to think' she said, if I'm not mistaken. She couldn't care less about Bo's feelings; I winced at the pain on his face when he tried persuading her to move back, she admitted that she still loved him but kept referring to the bad things that had happened to them and Bo insisted that they moved forward, for the sake of their love. But NO... Hope then went on to coldly  remind him that he had refused to listen to her opinions during the worry over poor Ciara and then talked about discussing 'visitation rights' before walking out on him again. 
Then Carly unexpectedly came back to his life the same way she did back in 1990, when he was sinking in despair over Hope. Helping her with her problems distracted him from his and with bated breath from the viewers, we all saw  a re-connection thanks to the spiritual bond they still had between them; warm, comfortable talks and laughs and smiles exchanged as well as an emotional kiss. Naturally Carly fell in love with Bo all over again(though she did admit to Bo much later she'd often thought about what would have been during the miserable years with Larry) and after a while he too realized he was in love with his princess as well. 

Which is what we are saying; Bo and Carly are in love again; why then drift away from a promising storyline to the 'Night-time Hope' story? What I really hate about the story that most people(the Salemites who once loved her and the Anti-Carly Squad in the real world) don't seem to get the idea that Hope caused her own problems in the first place and they treat her like some abused precious baby and blame Bo for what happened and heap a lot of guilt on him. As for Carly, everyone in Salem had treated her like dirt LONG before anything even happened between and Bo; refusing to believe she didn't come to Salem to steal Bo. The marriage was already on the rocks  but clearly they are looking for a scape-goat and so far she's said nothing to defend herself. It's not fair this is going on in the show at all, Carly hate within and out, especially after the infamous episode when she and Bo made love for the first time in 17 years- she was labelled all sort of horrible names! Personally, I knew it was inevitable Bo and Carly  would give in to the passion they'd been holding back but I wasn't pleased all the same; for one thing it was WAY TOO SOON and second, the writers did a bad thing making them have sex when Bo's still married- it made their  physical reunion rather sleazy; I have a strong suspicion that the writers did it on purpose to either give the Bopes more reasons to hate Carly or make her lose her popularity.
Well... ENOUGH OF THIS! These days, Carly is more or less holding Bo's hand as he wallows in guilt at Hope's situation. I'm not saying he shouldn't help her but he and Carly should stopped being blamed for something that wasn't their fault in the first place. We Carbos cannot continue to tolerate this stupid story line; Bo and Carly are the ultimate couple; Bo needs some stability in his life and Carly has made him more than happy than he's been in years. The writers need to do more research and view old clips of Bo and Carly in the prime of their love and STOP treating it as if it's forbidden and new. Their relationship is deep, spiritual, passionate and above all... MATURE. Which is why they deserve, no... EARNED their second chance. And if it takes millions of letters, tweets, montages and more Sno'balls to make K.C and the Days Writers(who don't seem to know what they are doing currently) to see how much we love this special couple and want them to have their long term story, so be it... we won't stop fighting. They HAVE to give us what we want unless they are prepared to lose a lot of viewers because I personally will stop watching DAYS if Bo and Carly separate again. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!!
Join us in the fight to save Bo and Carly by visiting SAVEBOANDCARLY.COM  But first view the Bo and Carly montage below....


    I agree 100% ,thank you Amina for writing what I'm thinking. People are tired of Bo and Hope, I'm tired of them and I know that MANY are speaking out.I feel bad for the Bo/Hope fans,I think they're living in the past. It's time for a change!

  2. I agree as well. I think Bo and Carly were made for each other. It would just be the ultimate if the two resurfaced in Salem and came forward with the claim that they had been spending all this time, (that they haven't been on DOOL), in Europe together and finally wanted to just come clean with everyone. Bo and Carly will always be my favorite couple.


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