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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Good news for the Carbos, Bo and Carly once again won the Soap Opera Pulse No. 1 couple of the week and Peter Reckell(Bo) and the lovely Crystal Chappell were voted favorite actor and actress; the viewers are dead serious about wanting this couple to have the second chance they deserve and aren't going to stop the fight till they get it.   

What being mostly clamoured for right now is Bo and Carly to walk down the aisle and have a wonderful married life afterwards as well as a child of their own at long last- I want them to have that but first the Carly Hate must stop; Bo and Carly won't have much of a love story if everyone in Salem- especially Bo's family will still treat Carly like a leper. And in today's episode, Mel- still angry that Carly had covered for Chloe actually said, 'She can never be my mother.' The writers are getting more stupid by the day; why make Mel hate her mother again and say those cruel words?
So far, Carly's bore everything with calm dignity but I can't wait for her to finally lash out at her prosecutors, especially that ungrateful brat and make them take a good hard look at themselves. 
Also, I would REALLY like for the writers(though I'm not holding my breath) to bring back Billy Warlock, the actor who played Carly's younger brother who was adopted by the Brady family. Not only will be be another ally to Carly but it may force the family to realise they haven't been fair to Carly at all- I mean... they can't expect Frankie to treat his own sister like they have been doing. 
But in the meantime, our love for Bo and Carly remains strong and we'll continue to fight for them- with all we've got- message boards, polls, video montages, emails, tweets- because they are more than worth saving! 
Join us in the fight at SAVEBOANDCARLY.COM  and enjoy this Bo and Carly campaign video by my good friend Jessi Griffith... 

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